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Waves of Bliss Publishing

There are two series of books available:

Path to Enlightenment Series


The Path to Enlightenment Series is now available to purchase in our Gifts Store. This new series of books is to pave the path for the true seekers and the sincere students of Enlightenment. The tools presented are intended for all who are willing to serve in discipleship of the Masters and in service to the Light.

“Nasrin Safai and the Ascended Masters offer timely and relevant insight into the nature of the Higher Realms of Light to which Earth and Humanity are ascending. They show us “how” to release ourselves from fear-based living in all of its myriad subtle forms. They teach us how to evolve our consciousness and restore communion with our Divine Source to uplift ourselves and the world. Safai carries the legacies of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Baily, Agni Yoga and other seminal teachings into the 21st century.
— Tonia P

Gifts Book Series

This special series of books are compilations of the teachings of the Ascended Masters and Angelic beings channeled by Nasrin Safai. Each Master adds their own light, love and flavor as they teach us to apply the laws of the sublime into the world of the mundane to enhance our lives, to guide us to find our purpose for this life and to live life in joy, peace and harmony.

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Infinite Light Crystal Gallery

Purchase Crystals2009 will be an auspicious year for all of us as Lord Shiva and Master Thoth, two extremely powerful Great Beings are the Guardians of this year. These crystals and grids were given to us by Lord Shiva and Master Thoth so to help us feel their presence during 2009. The crystals offered on this website come from an owner operated mine. From the point it was mined until it reaches you, the crystal is handled by only a few people. The mine owner/operator mines and packages the crystal, and Nasrin with the help of the Masters and the Divine Mother charges it especially for you.