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Nasrins Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School

We are beginning the transition to a 13,000 year cycle where the Divine Feminine takes the reigns as the Masculine Force which has been calling the shots for the past 13,000 years gives way to the  Divine Feminine. The Feminine Creative Force has come forth in the form of our own Divine Mother to help us understand and begin this transition. Since 2010 she has been bringing us all great healing and offering  us the opportunity to serve the Divine Feminine by anchoring the Energies of the Divine Feminine into our bodies, our world and our Reality.

Each month Divine Mother gives to us meditations and informs us on what is happening now and what to expect in the coming months and years. This section of the blog is for comments or questions you may have regarding the monthly newsletter and these messages and Meditations.


Dear H,

Thank you for your account of your experience with feeling overwhelmed about the courses. This is something I will explain even more in our upcoming Hear Thy Soul session. You have it right: you simply set the intention that the exercise is repeated daily for a period of 33 days, and it will be taken care of. Meantime, you may focus on actually performing the exercise for as long as it has a pull for you to do it — as in, somehow you are reminded to do it, and the time and the energy to do it becomes available.

It is my experience that we will be reminded to actually put time and energy into each exercise, only for as long as it is absolutely necessary. It is as if the Universe knows when it is done — as in anchored into our beingness and available to our Body System/Light body and posted on our Personal Body Grid. And I feel that is when suddenly we notice a couple of days or more have passed, and we have not even thought of or remembered it, and the pull, the focus is gone.

That is the sign, I believe, that it is done. Our Guides and the Deities would otherwise be reminding us to continue and to clear our conscience. We can specifically request that Divine Mother, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, our Guides and Guardian Angels, continue to watch over us and direct us to complete each exercise until it is fully anchored. We can specifically ask that the highest level of Anchoring be accomplished.

Thank you for sharing and affording me a chance to elaborate.

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you for the 8/8, 2013 Gateway Portal Channeling Meditation! I got to listen to it this morning, and it answered a lot of questions I had, but was not aware that they were questions. For one, I was glad that you mentioned about always doing the latest meditations and not worrying about finishing the requested number of times for each previous exercise.

I felt overwhelmed with all of the meditations coming up and having to catch up to them. Especially if you had to practice them for 33 days! I figured I would concentrate on the one I was involved with at the time and move on to the next one when I was feeling the need to move on. I was up to the second part of the 5 Body System calibration and was feeling pretty good about it. Then I heard you tell us that we have to keep up to date with the latest one, as the previous ones were already anchored.

Well, that made a lot more sense, and I felt that was the right thing to do. The meditations do not have to be “manually” done by us, and we did not need to catch up! That made me aware that the frustration I was feeling was really the void to feel as though I was staying behind, completing the past meditations. I enjoyed doing it, mind you, and I felt I had to “hang” on to one so as not to feel so overwhelmed by all the new information. But now I feel that with the new guidance we were given in this past 8/8 meditation was the right one.

Thanks again, H

Dear D.D.,

Thank you for the feedback, and you are most welcome. “Path to Enlightenment I” is also autographed. Glad you are enjoying the books.

Saint Germain is very special to all of us, and there are many meditations in the chapters of the “Path to Enlightenment” books, which you now have.
We also have some amazing courses at the PTE Mystery School with Saint Germain, a treat for later when you are done with the books

Enjoy them all and thanks again,

Dear Nasrin,

I recently ordered all of your books when they went on sale. I got them all and began to read. I just recently discovered you had personally autographed “Gifts” I to me. Thank you! How Kind! Also thank you for the Tiger’s Eye. I now wear it along with some items from Peru around my neck.

I am reading the meditations in “Gifts I” and have had some great experiences, including some Ascended Masters showing up to me in physical form as dragonflys! Specifically, Master Saint Germaine in Violet with deep violet eyes, Archangel Michael in Blue, and Master Hilarion in Orange (the dragonfly was orange with orange eyes and instructed me to look up the Chohan of the Orange Ray.)

I have a very strong connection with Master Saint Germaine. I look forward to providing you further updates, and thank you for your work and your books and this website!


D. D.

Dear G,

Thank you for your feedback. I am glad she likes everything, and more so I am glad that you are happy.

Love, Nasrin

Hello dear Nasrin,

This email to tell you that my friend received her gifts today. She was absolutely thrilled and very touched by your so beautiful birthday card, the blessings and by all that you wrote.

Through Skype, she showed me the earrings and the necklace, which she wore; very beautiful on her! (And she, too, liked the box.) She told me that she feels a very big energy from the stones.

I love you.

Dear Nasrin,

Just a follow-up comment about the Isis courses from the Mystery School. It’s amazing because I’ve been thinking along the same line of those courses and working with Isis’ energy and Egypt again. I guess I should have mentioned it to you.

What has “sparked” this interest is greater discernment of the different registers of energy. Isis embodies empowerment and alchemy, of course. Isis holds many of the veiled mysteries of our world, until humanity is ready to open to and embrace them fully. So the Christ Consciousness is more of a foundational energy for humanity to embrace unconditional love, brotherhood/sisterhood and the awareness of Oneness. The Isis register at the next “level” builds the power where, working through the heart (of Christ Consciousness), we begin to create significant, if seemingly magical transformations on a vast scale.

I feel that it may be propitious to work with further Isis initiations and activations. Absolutely! Goddess Isis may be nudging us along to further her own divine mission through us. The Isis energies/register is an important bridge for our world into the New World.

Lots of love, C

Dear A.L.,

Thank you for sending me the picture. Very interesting. I, too, was thinking of those courses we had with Goddess Isis lately and feeling that we need to follow those and go on that journey with her in the follow up courses, and you sent me this! Very interesting. Will post for everyone to see.

Love, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

More than a year ago you gave a course entitled “Isis Reveals the Mysteries of Egypt Part I and II” from your PTE Mystery School. During meditation, we went 20,000 years back to Egypt to a great temple of Isis. Remember we had to take one of these creatures to give us a ride to the location of the temple. They had the body of a Lion, human head and wings? I just found this statue on the Internet, and it freaked me out. The statue looks just like it! But in a good way.

For more than a year, Winged Isis keeps letting me know her presence. Sometimes I hear a bird singing really loud, then it gets more like screaming if I don’t look out the window. Then, when I see her, she looks at me and then flies away.

Love you Nas. Just wanted to share that thought,
A. L.

Dear G,

How wonderful! Thanks for reminding me about Mary Magdalene’s day, too. That is such a blessing and my pleasure!

Love and the best of all things to you my, dear,

Dear Nasrin,

Oh!!! You are wonderful and so generous!!! Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart. I am really very touched by what you are doing, Nasrin!

Yes, today is a special day. You are right, and this is also “la Sainte Marie-Madeleine” (St. Mary Magdalene’s day). The energy of this beautiful ascended master is so sweet and full of Love.

A lot of Love and bisous, (Kisses)

Dear G,

Absolutely, I will send it to her and bless it with Divine Mother’s energies for her and as a surprise from you will include a set of matching earrings with it, too. This batch are a little smaller, and so the earrings look very pretty. It will be in the box, as you requested.

It is interesting that today is a very important and auspicious day — Guru Purnima, a day to love and revere the spiritual teachers and masters. I will pick her gift today to receive these wonderful energies. You are well connected!!!

Much love, Nasrin

Hello dear Nasrin,

I hope that you are fine. I spoke with R. (who is more than a friend) of what you do. And I showed her through Skype the beautiful amethyst heart that you chose for me. She liked it a lot; exactly, she loved it! (lol)

Her birthday is in August, and she is living in the USA. I would like to send her an amethyst heart, and I should like to know if you could send it directly to her? (I also told her that you would choose the heart and that it would be blessed).


Dear Nasrin,

I will get over to view the Indigo website ( ) soon! I’m just so pleased that it’s now live, and am very excited for the positive impact it will have for those just awakening. I know that this is an invaluable “landmark” on the web.

Much love, C

Dear L.M.C.

Thank you! We will include them in the Indigos Awaken Resource Center.

Thank you for your feedback, and all you do in service. Together we are a strong Core Group. May we continue on this path together and become stronger yet.

Blessings, Jim

Hi Jim,

I am so excited to hear that we are close to the launching of the site. In looking over the list of resources, I thought that adding SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, would be good to add. They offer tons of material on substance abuse and mental health issues.

I know that SAMHSA falls under the Public Health Service of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Humans Services that you have listed, yet due to the extent of Indigos with drug and alcohol problems as well as mental health issues, I thought it would be useful to add SAMHSA.

I also thought I would address these issues of substance abuse on my blog for the indigos as well as for their parents or significant others. When I do I will also include resources for more information.


Hi Jim,

Jim, since your session on 6/6/13 Portal Day, starting the energies of Sanat Kumara back to the planet, I have been amazed at the level of positive change I have seen on many levels. Thank You for your important part in making this happen for our planet!

Divine Mother said to me in a meditation that all roads lead to Nasrin! I feel grateful that I will be helping that to occur with the Indigos I will bring to her site. We are doing our job, I am so proud of all of us!

With Love and Light,
L. M. C.

Dear E.L.E.

You are most welcome to do it whenever it feels right. You have some beautiful art work, very beautiful. We will post it as a blog for every one to see.

You have offered volunteering. We need someone to do the social networking, as in posting on Facebook, Tweeter, Linked-in regularly. Also our new site,, is going to be live by the end of this week. It would be great to bring it to the attention of all the young people and those in service to the young Indiogs — all souls born since 1972 to present — wherever you are, as this is a global message for the Indigos across the Globe.

We would love to include your art in the “Artists review Tab” of our Indigos Awaken site, if you wish to have it displayed for the benefit of others with links to your Facebook site. If interested, please write your bio — a couple of paragraphs about you — and we will post it on our Indigos awaken site. We can talk about volunteering in the above field some more, if it appeals to you.

Thanks again, Nasrin

Dear Blessed Soul/s,

I thank you so much for the invite to partake a class as a gift. I will do that when I come back from Israel, if that’s okay with you. That is in September. Meanwhile, again, thank you for the Light work you do on behalf of humanity, earth and beyond.

I’ve been a ‘lone’ wolf for many years and in 2009 I found you and it was lovely and familiar.

E. L. E.

You’re invited to check out my art. Divine guidance is directing me to spread joy and love thru it. So I Am.

Dear H,

This is very interesting. You are connected to these alternate realities somehow. Definitely worth looking into. Please journal these incidences, mainly so you can see how you evolve and to figure out a road map to teach the methods when you have it all figured out.

I think In the alternate reality I was looking at, through the eyes of the Higher Realms, the outcome of the trial was very different than what occurred; but as Divine Mother and Masters would remind us, there is something to be said about how Free Will gets the last word, even when it interferes with the truth or the good of all. Finding out how the pull of free will — even when mis-aligned (with the Divine Plan) — brings an event into our reality is another important factor in figuring out how to manifest an event or how to prevent it from happening.

On one hand, we know when we focus on something, we tend to bring it into our reality and it does apply in a lot of cases, including the trial. On the other hand, your ability to see the events — even some variation of it — that will happen in the future seem to defy that factor, because you were not focusing on those friends while on vacation, nor thinking or focusing on the tornado in that specific area. It is very interesting.

I am intrigued as to the way your psychic powers or your inner senses are developing. It feels like your Soul is instructing the Conscious Self to remember. Hopefully, you will map it all out and teach it someday soon.

Much Love, Nasrin

Hi Nasrin,

Thanks for the extended reply. There is a lot to think about with all of the possibilities of alternate realities.

It is funny that you mention alternate realities. I have been very much aware of them lately and have been very puzzled by them. Several other incidences have caught my attention about outside events.

1.) When the Oklahoma tornado occurred in the city of More at the end of May, I could have sworn that I had heard on the news that there were tornadoes that hit Oklahoma the week before, to the point that when the news started talking about the More disaster, I thought: Wow! a lot of tornadoes in a very short time. Then I got to thinking. What tornadoes happened the previous week? I asked people if they had heard about other tornadoes happening in Oklahoma the week before; no one knew what I was talking about, or they would say they did not know.

2.) When we were on the cruise in Alaska, I read some kind of a email about some kind of memorial service for someone’s mother. I figured that her mom had died. I read the email quickly from my phone and put it away. I figured that must have been on the Monday when we were in Juneau because that was the only time we actually got decent reception. Any other time, my phone did not get anything. When I got back home, I got only one email dating June 14, and an other one dated a week later about some memorial service. It was about the person I thought her mother had died. Actually, it turns out that she and her husband had died on the 13th in northern Florida when a truck rammed into them from the back. Of course, I was shocked, then I remembered about the email I thought I had received in Juneau. I went back to see it on my phone, yet it was not there. That email that caught my attention would have been the Monday before; the couple had the accident the following Thursday. Can’t figure that one out either.

3.) Last week, I was clicking through different channels, and I stopped on a channel that was showing a movie on a runaway train with Morgan Freeman. The title was “The Unstoppable”. It was late, so I decided to record it.
A few days later, there is an accident with the runaway train in Canada. I thought that was some kind of coincidence. When I heard about another train that derailed in France, I got to think about that movie that had caught my attention again. What kind of a coincidence is that?

The funny thing about these events is that I wished I kind of knew which occurrences that happen are the preludes to what may happen in the future. It is only in retrospect one notices the similarities. Alternate realities? Who knows?

Lots of love,

Dear H,

Thank you for your feedback. I, too, had a lot of emotions over this event. I was watching myself feel those emotions, and wondering why I felt so strongly drawn to watching, listening and moving to the end results. Last night I waited, but then before the final verdict came up, I went to bed.

I was offering my prayers, as I do every night, and it came to me to pray for this case, yet not what I felt should happen, but what was best for all concerned. I asked Divine Mother and Goddess Victory to watch over this whole issue. And I asked them to relieve me of this pull (in desiring) for the verdict to go the way I felt was just. It did not reduce the shock to hear the ultimate verdict this morning, but it did bring me complete detachment. My attachment to the outcome was neutralized after saying those prayers. After offering everything in surrender to the Divine, I felt unburdened and finally fell asleep. It has been an interesting process to say the least.

Thank you for sharing your process and the use of the course, “Healing and Recalibration of the 5-Body System and the Light Body”. It makes good sense to me to do exactly what you did in bringing the healing into all those emotions and using the technique Divine Mother gave us to clear them. I love it when our core group members find ways to use the teachings in practical ways in everyday life.

It is always harder to clean the Physical Body, Etheric Body and Emotional Body. First, because they are the ones most immersed in the muck of our mundane world; and second, because by the time you clean and realign those bodies, the higher ones (the Mental Body, Spiritual Body and the Light Body) get realigned automatically. In fact, the higher bodies hold space and over-light the lower ones, so that the lower ones stay aligned and remain intact. Of course, extreme emotions, extreme stimulation in the Auric Field (where the Etheric Body picks up stuff — stuff which we share with everyone else in the community — and at present time in this age of Information Technology with the whole world) affects our 3 lower bodies and throws us out of alignment.

You might consider adding the exercise we learned from Divine Mother in the above course to your daily Protection Grid. When I put the grounding and protection on in the morning, I bring each of the 5 bodies and the Light Body inside the Tree Trunk. I start with sending the roots from my root chakra to the core of the Earth and wrapping it around the Core Crystal. Then, I bring the Amber Light up all the way up through the Thrones to Divine Mother’s Throne and the Pool of Creation. There, as I am going through the colors and the deities, I envision myself and my 5-Body/Light Body System bathing in the Light of those beloved deities, Great Silent Watcher with Turquoise, Guardian of the Divine Plan with Warm Orange, Goddess Victory with Platinum, Mother of Cosmos with Amber, Mother of Universe and Sanat Kumara with vibrant, Fuchsia Pink, and Divine Mother with Copper Gold, first pouring their Lights into my tree trunk and simultaneously over-lighting my Light Body, Spiritual Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body, Etheric Body and Physical Body, respectively in that order. Then, I envision the Emerald green over the outer layer of the tree trunk for health, protection and abundance, and I’m done!

In that way, the energies of the deities are present inside the grounding protection grid everyday as I begin the day and the 5-Body system/Light Body Healing and Recalibration is in place, too, simultaneously without any extra work, time or energy. When you add the second part of the recalibration — as defined above — with all the deities present with their respective Lights on a daily basis, then the 5-Bodies and Light Body do not get so gunky anymore and clearing becomes easier. Sometimes, you can go a whole week or longer without the need to do the clearing with the Copper Gold on each of the bodies first. It really makes a great difference. I find that I am more equipped to go into crowded places and confused, chaotic energies.

Thanks again for your support and for all you do to keep the light shining brightly. May you receive eternally for all the good you do.

Much love, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

The trial is over, the verdict came in: not guilty. I could not help but feel sorry for the family of this young man whose life was lost so needlessly. I started to feel all sorts of emotions pouring into my system. I knew they were very toxic, but I could not help it. Then, I remembered the course “Healing and Recalibration of the 5-Body System and Light Body” from the PTE Mystery School, and the meditation about recalibrating the 5body system; and how we can use it to clear events right away in order to avoid it being imprinted for good in our bodies and in our world. I also remembered how, on a different occasion, I was able to put a “body” on an emotion and do the recalibration specifically on that particular feeling. I decided to do the same for the Martin/Zimmerman issue.

I imagined all the feelings I can possibly feel about that issue: anger, sadness, hurt, fear, hate. I allowed it all to flow out and as they came out, I would feel them to the fullest and acknowledge them all. I would then put them all into some kind of an energy “ball” to turn them into an entity. That entity is where I would start doing the 5-body calibration.

In this case, I imagined it to be located in the courtroom. I would then start imagining placing Copper Gold Light, emanating from Divine Mother to the ball/entity’s “physical” body. In this case, it looked like the Copper Gold Light was going through and through the physical body. I imagined it getting all cleared. It took a real long time for it to be cleared, but it happened. That whole physical body was then surrounded by a Copper Gold Light Cocoon.

I then moved onto the Etheric body of that ball/entity. Followed the same instructions as in the meditation, and kept moving onto the different bodies until I reached the Spiritual body. I had to go over the 5 bodies several times. The hardest ones to clear were the Physical, Etheric and Emotional bodies. I had to stay there for a very long time in order to clear them with the Copper Gold Light.

I feel I will have to do this over several more times. Eventually, I will move onto the second part of the recalibration.

I myself felt a lot better after doing this meditation on the situation.

I feel all this ugliness and hate that is going on in the news is set up to distract us from our goal, and we all should avoid getting sucked into these emotions. I found out that it was very useful to “ball up” emotions and energies into “bodies” and to clear them that way with the “Healing and Recalibration of Five Body System and Light Body”, that way we not only avoid falling prey to these energies, but we also help dissipate them right away as Divine Mother had recommended.

Thank You Nasrin, one more time, for being here to get all these precious messages to us and to help us get through these challenging times.


Dear H,

Thank you for this mindful pondering and for sharing it. You will figure out the formula (for manifesting), which works for you, I am certain. Very proud of you for the process of self-inquiry. I often wonder in these situations whether we are tapping into an event in the future. Since all alternate realities are sitting together, waiting to be utilized, I wonder if we are looking at the whole scene from an out-of-the-ordinary time perspective, as if we are able to see the present and the various alternate possibilities in the future, events that have a chance to happen one way or the other and then choose. It is a bit of “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” effect. In a sense, that brings up the questions: was the alternate reality, where the wine bottle falls off the rack because of your action, already there? Was it something that was written as a possibility, an alternate reality first? And then you became alerted to it because that possibility, that alternate reality was there or not?

I say this because out of the many times that you may go to a store, or decide to pour something from one bottle to the other, there are only a few times you have that feeling — that feeling as if you are touching something tangible and real, as if you can tell that the breaking of wine bottles off the rack or pouring a bunch of green juice on your clothes is real, tangible, almost as if you see it happen, or it already happened.

While it is worth pondering this, as well as your own thought process, I feel that coming up with that answer helps the manifestation process, too; because if we figure out how to attract the specifically desired alternate reality from the whole, from the continuum of time and space, then whatever we want, we can manifest.

The universal Law for manifestation demands that the design, the idea and further, the alternate reality where that objective is attainable must exist first before we can access it. This is why in all the literature for manifesting the desired reality, there is the suggestion of first becoming clear as to what is wanted, desired and needed, as in figure out the design, the concept and the idea you want to manifest. Then, the next step is to focus on seeing it become manifest, which really is the process of creating that alternate reality within you sphere of influence, within the reachable parameter of your life. Finally, it is pulling it and pinning it down to your world, your life, your reality.

So, did you see the wine bottles falling off the rack to make sure you would not pick that alternate reality, or did you manifest the wine getting caught in your back pack because you were so focused on the possibility? Or both? Is it possible that in essence they are both the same?

I think they are, and we can use the process in our favor when we break down the pieces and figure out how to put them together in our favor. Then, we can manifest every design and idea we choose to manifest.

Thank you for your input. We will post your comments for everyone else to ponder and hopefully offer their perspective on it.

Re: Cilantro. It is a wonderful herb. You can add it to your daily vegetable juice as well as in salads and cooked foods. According to the Chinese herbology, cilantro disperses extra energy and brings calmness. It would make sense that your body was craving it because the problem with the swelling on your lips is excess energy accumulating in that area for whatever reason it does. So listening to the body is a great way to induce healing.

Hope you still juice.
Love, Nasrin

Hi Nasrin,

Last week, I had a series of incidents that got me to think about how things get manifested and decided to share that with you.

I was in my car, trying to transfer some green juice from a thermos to a container. As tight as it was with the wheel, I was thinking something along the line that, “I’d better be careful, otherwise I will spill the juice, and it will be a big mess.” Well, I managed to do the transfer uneventfully, but somehow, a short while later, I still managed to spill some of the juice because the lid was not snapped on completely!

Another incident happened when I was in a store, and I went past an open display of wine bottles. As I approached the display, I was thinking about how awful it would be to knock off all of these bottles with the cart. So I steered far enough around it so that would not happen. Some kind of a product across the lane to the wine display caught my attention, and I started inspecting it. I had forgotten about the wine bottles until I heard some clinking noise behind me: my backpack had touched some bottles as I moved backward. I slowly moved forward and turned around to find one bottle tilted, just a few centimeters from being dropped. I quickly straightened the bottle and moved away.

I kept thinking about these two incidences and wondered what on earth made them happen when I was thinking the opposite. Somehow, my thought and the fact that they got manifested (a real close call in the second incident) were connected. I started looking at the “way” the thought pattern happened: I was “focused” on the intent, not on the happening. I had a clear mind. Again, a certain “focus”. I actually “internalized” the event unwittingly, in this case, because of the possible dire consequences. And then I let go! And guess what? The thoughts got manifested — not the way I wanted them to though.

I figured that I could use this formula for “positive” things that I could manifest as well, so I decided to memorize how the intent of the “thought warnings” were formed in my mind so I can duplicate them for more positive thoughts. As I did that, I realized that my wants have indeed been different: more “whiny”, slight fear in it (is it really going to happen?), more tense, to name a few. There was a whole lot more energy going on when thinking about manifesting these needs than just focusing on a “happening”! The latter had a lot less emotional junk attached to it!

Well, I hope to remember this as I manifest things in my life. I decided to share this with you for the blog, should you decide it was appropriate to post it. I had noticed that someone had asked about something in the line of Divine Mother promising wealth, and the writer was not receiving it as promised. Your answer, as usual, was just great, but maybe these thoughts can complement your answer.

Lots of love,

PS: Nothing to do with the above, but I started eating raw cilantro as often as I can for the past 2 days, and the swelling around my lips started to feel better! looks like I am medictating myself with herbs and it’s working, so I will keep on doing this until it’s all better!

Dear E,

Yes, we would love for you to comment on our blogs, or write your own for our posting. We will post after reviewing your comments. You may write your comments in the comment box just the way you have done or write a direct email to me, nasrin@!

Also, please look out for our new site, which will go live by the end of July 2013. Many resources and blog posts are available, and your comments and posts to that site are also encouraged and appreciated. Thank you for your interest and welcome to our spiritual family.

Nasrin Safai

Dear Nasrin,

I absolutely love your blog and find most of your posts to be exactly what I’m looking for.

Do you offer guest writers to write content in your case? I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on a few of the subjects you write in relation to here. Again, awesome blog! E

Dear N,

Thank you, my love. It is most appreciated. Please don’t feel it is minute. Every little bit helps, and your energy is in it now my love. That is the important part.

I understand how you feel! The glass box is a good analogy. Thank you for your prayers and much love,

Thank you, Nas,

At this point, that is all I can do to set my intentions and pray for you guys to launch the Indigo site and publish your books. I would so like to be part of the indigo site and feel so useless with no particular talent to contribute!

I contributed $200 toward the indigo site this morning. I know it is so minute, but makes me feel useful. I am positive that our intention of having financial freedom soon will be a reality, so we can concentrate our energy and effort on our Divine Mission.

Sometimes I see myself in a humongous box made of clear glass, and I am sitting at the corner exhausted, waiting for relief, waiting for the tall glass walls around me to shatter, waiting for absolution! I know I am supposed to live in the now moment and be grateful and all, but this is the vision I see sometimes!!!

My dearest Nas and Jim, I wish you the very best in all you do.

Dear E.L.E. ~

Thank you. I could only say that it takes one to know one! You are a very special soul yourself, my dear.

Thank you for your email and to offer you a gift, in return, I want you to please go to the curriculum of the Mystery School under the tab of “Homestudy” on our Homepage and pick any course from level One or Two that catches your heart, and I will have our team register you for it for free as my thank you gift.

Much love and appreciation,

Dear Nasrin,

You’re an amazing person, I just thought I’d acknowledge you, as I’ve heard you before and what come from you and through you, which points to who YOU ARE is Divine, Peaceful Love. Thanks.

Also, I wonder what do you need volunteers for?

E. L. E.

Dear A,

Surrender means not even having expectation as to when and how you get the return. Otherwise, it would not be surrender. You will receive the return when you get to the point where you offer everything selflessly without any expectations.

Be patient! No good work, prayer or selfless service ever goes to waste. It is all rewarded.

Blessings, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I thank you so, so much. You are so kind. I am looking forward to being on the free conference call on 7/7/13. Thank you for doing so much for humanity and me and all of us!

Nasrin, if you would be so kind to answer one question. Once and many times on your conference call, Divine Mother said to just give it to me; give your money to me and I will multiply for you. Yet when I do it, it does not happen. Today I found a penny. It was glittering in the sunlight, calling me to pick it up. I did and always do surrender to Divine Mother to multiply for me, but nothing ever happens. Why do they say so if there are some obstacles to prevent that?

I appreciate your time, Nasrin, and thank you!

With Gratitude,

Dear Nasrin,

After taking the course “Hear Thy Soul, Crystal Chamber Phase 3″, I realized that these two courses are related to bringing back Sanat Kumara. Thank you.

With love and gratitude, N

Dear C,

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we do carry a heavy load, and it does make us weary at times. It is good to recognize it and take it easy on ourselves. It is important to realize that there is such a thing as getting burnt-out at spiritual levels, too. This why it is important to pace ourselves and incorporate the Spiritual into the mundane world gradually, but consistently. It is amazing how much the personality aspects and the conscious Self need to do normal, everyday things in order to get grounded. Taking time out to go to do something worldly — even when you don’t feel like it — like going to the movies, or visiting with friends or taking a walk in the nature without being engaged in talking to the deities or praying the whole time, but taking in the nature and the beauty of the world around us, is way to balance the load. The personality aspects do appreciate our efforts to keep them in the loop and feeling included.

I am glad that our group members benefit from my take on things, and it brings me solace to clear the path for all of you. If I can give you the gist of the events as they unfold through each day of the month in a nutshell during our “Hear Thy Soul” monthly Live course, then I am happy because the teachings and the current events from the Higher Realm’s perspective is then dispersed and embodied by all of us together. It serves a great purpose.

Thank you for your love and for all your offerings to your spiritual evolution and on behalf of all. Please remember that Divine Mother loves you without judgment. She knows your heart and feels every emotion you go through. You are and Indigo Light that shines ever so brightly my dear.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Much love, Nas


Thank you for our conference call for the “Hear Thy Soul” course the Crystal Chamber in the 5D Octave yesterday. Everything that you called forth for helping to shift the frequencies in our world is truly important. I said 100% “yes” to each of your requests on behalf of all of us. I realize that we are all carrying quite a load. It affects me because sometimes I do feel very tired — both physically and spiritually. I have never quit, yet I wish the Hierarchy would understand that it all takes its toll.

Mother Earth herself has been through a lot. I feel for her very deeply, and I feel for Sanat Kumara, whom I love with all of my heart. I have never blamed Sanat Kumara for anything, nor Mother Earth for that matter. Yet here we are now giving our all to help them and everyone. We need to help each other. We’ve all experienced a lot of hardship (from the Spiritual Realms to us incarnate), and our world is still in density, though it has shifted quite a bit. I would like to request that the Hierarchy give us the benefit of the doubt when we are working towards fulfilling our divine mission. That would help a great deal when we’re working through more difficult energies and need a little reprieve to help us get past that point of greater density.

I appreciate your taking the time to explain things more during our call yesterday, and also for filling in the basic outline about the Solstice call since I hadn’t yet listened to it. I was able to follow along better that way. I am very grateful for everything that Divine Mother, all of the Divine Mothers, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher and Sanat Kumara have done and do for us. I cannot emphasize that enough. Without their support, I don’t know how I could continue with any reasonable belief that all of this work towards ascension could be accomplished. Yet I am here and committed not only for the duration, but the complete fulfillment of the Divine Plan of our world and beyond.

Please tell Divine Mother that I apologize for any way that I have let her down or failed her. I love her so much. I love Sanat Kumara so much. And I thank you and Jim, too, for everything that you do and have done for me to assist me to fulfill my part in our group effort.

All my love, C


With lots of love and abundant joy, wishing you and Divine Mother a most beautiful and delightful Mother’s Day!! Thank you for helping to nurture and birth the New World each day. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and all of us. I hope that Divine Mother, Goddess Victory and all the Divine Mothers also enjoy this special day in honor of them. May they shower us with even greater Joy, Wealth and Positive Empowerment to create the very best for our world, Mother Earth (she’s a mom, too!) and all of Creation.

Much love, C

Dear C,




Dear Nasrin,

I always have understood Indigos to have incarnated in the late 1980s and 1990s. As a firm GenXer born in 1968, I noticed that GenX is not in Jim’s generational listings, and I am wondering about that. I am not a Baby Boomer, but I do find that I embody the energies and patterns of both Boomers and Indigos as Jim defines the energetic parameters in Surfing Realities.

Actually, from my generational marketing training over the years, I find this stuff absolutely fascinating and am curious about how you arrived at your definitions and breakdowns of age groups.

Great gratitude, C

Dear C,

Thank you for your feedback. I agree. Interestingly, a couple of hours after our 5/5 Channeling session, we saw three cases of these Indigo Souls doing amazing jobs.

One was a young war veteran who devised the same tactics they used during insurgent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to help the police to free an area of a town in Springfield, MA from the drug Cartel members who were roaming the streets with machine guns. The neighborhoods were so afraid of them that no one would report them. One old man was robbed 55 times. With his help, the streets became safe because people began to trust that the police were on their side and started reporting the incidents which led to catching them.

The second one was a hedge fund manager, a multi-billionaire who started the Robin Hood Charity and started Charter schools for underprivileged children from 5 years to High School in rough areas of NY city and suburbs. These young Indigos, attending these schools, have been graduating and getting scholarships to the most prestigious educational institutions.

The third story was about the young Indigos who return from the war with Traumatic Brain Injury and remain undiagnosed. Then the invention of new Scanning Machinery and building of a hospital to house it and to see such patients has helped to diagnose the brain damage and helped them be diagnosed. A veteran Construction and Development company head has offered to build 9 more such hospitals across the United States with his own money and other donations from private individuals. The first of these 9 is presently under construction in N. Carolina.

I felt that Mother was speaking to us about exactly that: focus on all the good these Indigos and those relevant to them are doing. Thank you for all you do for all the Indigos and for our world.


Dearest Nas,

Thank you for our 5/5/2013 Gateway Portal Day Conference call. Helping the Indigos is very important, and I felt that the mesh and our intentions to share with them what we’ve gained assisted them a lot. Divine Mother’s words to see the bigger picture is important, too, since many of the Indigos are doing such beautiful work in radiating Light and higher awareness. I appreciate all that you do.


Dear J,

Thank you very much for your feedback on our Hear Thy Soul session of April 22nd. Yes, the energies of the week were extremely turbulent, and we all needed our cocoon of the group energy and the familiar vibrancy of togetherness within our group setting to bring us back to the heightened state of awareness, which made our journey more effective.

Thank you very much for you feedback on Jim’s grounding meditation and on my talk before the session. I have been seriously meditating and praying over this. I feel it is an issue with an urgency to act on; the urgent need to provide a solid and permanent framework for the Indigo children, and the role we can play together and individually in creating it.

The idea is to provide them with an opportunity to read and engage in acts, which develop their genius in constructive ways, rather than reading about and acting on manifesting that genius in disastrous ways. First with prayers and intentions and eventually in the form of sites and reading materials and courses and study groups, mentored by older or other Indigos who are coached by our teachings in developing compassion and understanding while serving the multitudes.

What is a fact — and proven over many millennia — is that ultimately the Light overpowers Darkness. Yet, before the cost of reaching light becomes higher and the burden of reaching to the light greater, we would want to tilt the scale, deeply in the direction of light. We are to etch the path with markings of Light and understanding of their Soul Mission, so much so that it allows them, encourages them and leads them to place their one-pointed focus in the direction of light and service as they have contracted in their original plan.

In this way we will:

1- Have a better life to live for ourselves and
2- for the present and future generations of souls. Further more,
3- we will also provide these special souls with the tools to accomplish their mission and prevent them from destroying their own chances of success; further
4- prevent them from becoming heavily burdened with karma and karmic entanglements, which would require them to incarnate in series of lifetimes to clean up the karmic entanglements with the souls who are traumatised from their actions
5- clearing the energetic, emotional, mental, Spiritual scars that pollute earth’s Five Elements and rip the Dimensional sheaths, thereby preventing the third dimension in a worse-off position than ever before. Finally,
6- we would be instrumental in allowing these Indigo Souls to continue to be productive in roaming the universe and going to the aid of generations and dimensions who need their aid.

I believe it can and will be done!

Thank you for sharing and for being on earth at this critical juncture, bringing a few Indigos through your own vessel and raising them to be instrumental in tilting the scale in favor of light.

Blessings and much love to you and yours,

A participant wrote re: the April 2013 Hear Thy Soul:

Dear Nasrin,

This was a powerful and joyful meditation. Thank you to Divine Mother, Nasrin, Jim and all who participated. Thank you in particular to Jim. Your Grounding Meditation, and the well-paced timing which you allowed for us to move from this upsetting week in the mundane world to being fully able to ground ourselves today in preparation for a fantastic journey made a great difference to me.

Dear Nasrin, everything you said created a healing within me, which had me calm and ready to fully participate in the joyous journey.

What a great Gift and Joy to repeat this meditation 33 times before the next meditation in the series.

Great Blessings to you all.

Dear L,

There is a great description of the Prayer Beads in our Gifts Store at our Waves of Bliss site. Look under Divine Mother prayer beads and read through all of them. Just that itself is a great meditation, and it will tell you how to do the prayers. Please read through all the different kinds to get the full picture of what they do. The one I am sending you is the Shiva/ Shakti one.

Good luck. Thanks for praying for others, too. That is wonderful.

Love, Nas

Hi Nasrin,

Thank you for the prayer beads. What is the Divine Mother Prayer? I was meditating for the past few days in hoping to clear my mind. I remember about a year before my surgery, a thought came to my mind about hair loss. I don’t remember if it was about me or what, but I do remember it coming in my mind.

Two months after the surgery, I developed “Telogen Effluvium” known as TE, which causes 15% of a person’s hair that is normally resting, into a 25 to 30% resting. It can come on quickly if there is a shock to the body like surgery. There is nothing that can be done about TE. I have to wait it out. I am also treating the dry scalp (which is also causing hair loss) with an oil treatment that Adora told me about.

After dealing with my hair loss, I noticed that I see alot of woman with hair loss. My heart goes out to them because I now know what it’s like. When I say my prayers, I ask, “if any body is going through what I’m going though, I pray they benefit from this intention.”

This is taking a toll on me now, so meditating is helping. I’m going back to do some classes from your website to keep my mind busy.

Thank you once again for the prayer beads. I will wear them everyday. Please let me know about Divine Mother prayer.

All my love,

Dear C.B.,

What a beautiful dream. Interesting that I spent some time with you and Mother yesterday. She gave me a design for something, which is a surprise for you, and you had this dream at night. I feel that the little girl signifies the budding young representation of the Divine Feminine, and as you saw, we — the earth — have to go through mayhem before we get to it.

Even then, it is like walking on thin ice/glass to get there. Furthermore, it requires recognition of the importance of trusting the little girl — the newly budding Divine Feminine — and go through a black hole of sorts to then discover the universe of kindness. This is a great sign to you and a message to all of us.

I also heard Mother, at first glance reading about the dream, say that this is the budding of the — or some other — business venture. If you read the little girl as the budding of the new venture, then a whole new meaning and a new world opens up!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful dream. It is great to get confirmations like these, especially at this juncture where our world is looking more chaotic and out of control. Hope springs eternal!

Love, Nasrin

Hello Nas,

I had a dream last night. I was in a place, looking carefully at my footsteps. Each step was very important as I was walking on “fragile” glass and at any point this glass could break. Around me was utter chaos and mayhem. People were fighting, screaming at each other, many people. I was aware of them, but not paying too much attention as I had to watch my footsteps.

And then from the corner of my eyes, I saw a baby girl. She was by herself, propped against a wall. She had the most beautiful eyes. Dark and all knowing… Similar to the eyes I saw in 1985 in my dream.

I went to her and picked her up, thinking, “What are you doing here by yourself in this crazy place without your parents?” I told her she will stay with me.

As I picked her up and continued to walk slowly, watching my steps, I noticed that she was pointing toward a direction in front of us. When I looked, I saw that it was a black hole inside a wall. I didn’t really feel like going there, but decided to trust her.

When I got to the wall/hole and stepped in, I entered a beautiful universe. It looked like a galactical showcase, endless galaxies.

I looked at my feet again and saw that there was a downward staircase, similar to DNA. A spiral. I stepped down and music filled the air with each step. Music like I have never heard before. It was a symphony, and it played to the stars and colors around me.

Halfway down, I saw a group of people. Among them was Huguette, and a beautiful lady came. She said they had been waiting for me. She said that the world above was dying and that we were leaving and going to a new land. I asked where, and she pointed for me to see and the walls around us turned into this land that was so foreign, and yet familiar and beautiful. I saw high rocky mountain peaks, covered with snow and geisers rising from the ground — rugged, majestic and magical. There were people there already. They seemed serene and at peace. I asked what is this land, and she said, “Tierra Bonte”.

I woke up.

In french “Bonte” with an accent on the “e” means kindness.

Just wanted to share. C.B.

Hi Nas,

My package arrived today with the two Wall Charms. Both are truly exquisite. I’m just amazed by the designs and the radiant energy of each. Warm orange gems! This is the exact color that I “see” when I think of the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan. I love that color paired with the violet. And then also the green marble, violet and warm orange together. These are so lovely. I will find a very special place for each one.

The angel wing elements bring in the angelic energy. Each charm has a unique feel and signature!

You have a way with the crystals and stones, bringing out their qualities and what they have to share. Thank you so much, Nas.

Love, C

I highly recommend the new Thrones of the Divine Feminine Series. This is the zenith point of our work with Divine Mother, Goddess Victory and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine.


Dear Jim and Nas,

Thank you for all your work with me and my family. I continue to wear the jewelry (from Waves of Bliss) with great results. I also wanted to let you know more about my background and work with the Indigos. In graduate school in the 70’s, I studied with Ken Keys, author of Handbook to Higher Consciousness, The Hundredth Monkey and several other books. I also studied with Shakti Gawain author of Creative Visualization, Living in the Light and several other books as well. When I had studied under her for three years, she said to me that it was time for me to study under her teacher Shirley Luthman, a channel for the Universe whom we called Her. I studied with Shirley for over 30 years until her transition two years ago. She taught many of the concepts that Seth gave when he came through Jane Roberts. I have had many, many teachers along the way, including Abraham by Esther Hicks and Eckhart Tolle, the Power of Now. I came across your book Gifts of the Masters of Light, Gifts lll in 2006 in a new age bookstore. I went back the next week and bought the four books of yours that were left on the shelves, and I have been a General of yours ever since.

I have worked with Indigos for years and in many settings. As I mentioned before in the field of addiction. I also worked with the most severe cases of mental health issues for San Bernardino County. The criteria for them to be on my case load was that they had been in a mental facility inpatient in the last six months at least twice. It was a new program as inpatient services for children and teens at that time was costing the county hundreds of thousand of dollars. My job was to keep them out of inpatient hospitals. In the time I was there I had only one inpatient commitment of a client. The program was a huge success. I realize now it was my ability to work with the special indigos and to teach others, including their parents, how to best deal with their issues and help these kids. I look forward to working with both of you and feel honored to do so.

Love and Light,
L. M. C.

Dearest Nas,

I’m practically speechless. The Harmonious Relationship Prayer Bead Necklace and two sets of earrings are just beautiful. This delightful and precious gift from you and Divine Mother is truly amazing. The heart energies are so smooth and strong with this ensemble. I love the red heart pendant and the beautiful red coral beads. I can’t say enough or even adequately all that I feel and appreciate for your generous heart and how lovely these pieces are. You completely suprised me!!!

I know I’ll enjoy wearing this necklace and earrings, and praying on this necklace, too. What amazes me is how I can already feel a shift in my energy with this jewlery on! Yes, it’s quite powerful for relationships and all love-filled intentions.

Thank you with all of my heart. I’m so eager for our movement ahead and to help create the 5th dimension on Mother Earth for all.

Much love, C

My Dear L,

Thank you for this lovely email. It is perfectly fine that there is a gap and the wire is showing. These are meant to be used everyday to wear, but also to say the prayers on. So you would need some room to pray on each bead and have room to separate one bead from the other.

These necklaces are much stronger than they seem, and they are meant to be worn all the time. Just remove it when you take a shower, but you can wear it all the time and enjoy the energies. If at any point it breaks, it would be a good omen because it needs to be recharged. It is as if it takes its fill and needs to break loose whatever pain it has picked up on your behalf. You may then send the pieces to me for restringing and energizing at no extra cost, just the shipping cost. Most jewelers will charge a lot of money to restring them, and they would not know how to recharge the energies. Write to me and Happy 60th birthday to you, and may it be the best year yet!

Much love, Nasrin

Hello Nasrin,

I thank you so much for the Divine Mother Prayer Bead Necklace, Peach Pearl and Italian Onyx, and also for the matching earrings and crystal. What a nice surprise! I am going to be 60 soon during the Chinese year of the snake (that I am).

I certainly needed the love more than I thought. Thank you, again.

However, the wire of the necklace has 3\4 of an inch loose – the pearls separate and make a space where we can see the wire only for 3\4 of an inch. I hope I am making myself clear. I am French. Please tell me that there is no danger for it to break, and that I do not need to return it to you. The energy that came with the necklace – Divine Mother’s – was easily felt. A grace in itself. I like the necklace so, so much. I want to wear it each day. It fits perfectly with the colour of my skin.

So just let me know.

Blissful blessings,
L from Montreal, Canada

Dear Nas,

You and Divine Mother have made this 2/2 Portal Day extra special for me. The portal day call earlier was filled with tremendous warmth and light. I enjoyed every moment of ingesting the sacred fire and receiving the warm orange light. Divine Mother was so nurturing. It was just what I needed.

And my package with my green prayer beads arrived today as well. They are absolutely stunning and so beautiful, Nas! Thank you for them and also for the beautiful matching earrings. I love the ensemble both appearance-wise and for the energies they hold. This is the most gorgeous and “abundant” set.

I’m looking forward to many, many prayers on this precious mala. You have made this portal day a true treat and delight. Thank you for your prayers, too.

All my love,

Hello my darling, L,

Thank you for this lovely email, and I am sorry for the delay in writing. I am so very glad about your meditations with your Angel. It is truly wonderful.

I am so very happy that you are enjoying the prayer beads and offering prayers on them. Divine Mother told me to make matching earrings as I was making your Prayer Beads and getting ready to send them out to mail; so the very first earring set that I made for these Pearl and Italian Onyx set of beads went to you. Since then, I have made more, and in fact I sent you three more, which I think look really pretty and are very potent energetically.

The earlobes carry the end points of many meridians which relate to organs of the body. That is why the ears and the earlobes are used in acupuncture to bring accelerated healing to the organs and to raise the energy in those organs. The balance can cause the organs to return to normal function. Wearing these earrings with all the special energies imbued in them is a great way to bring the balance to the body and raise the vibration of the organs and the body as a whole since the vibrational frequency of the beads are emanating so close to the ears and connect with the organs through the meridian endings.

Thank you and much love,

Dearest Nasrin,

Thank you for sending the individual audio. I just finished listening it again and, as the first time, I love being in the 5th dimensional energies. I am practically living in my residence in the 5th dimension and spend my nights there by my personal alter with my angel. This Guardian Angel has been helping me in many ways and has given me many templates that have been amazing.

I love the Pearl and Onyx prayer bead necklaces and have been wearing the one you sent with the earrings all the time. As soon as they arrived, I said my prayers to Divine Mother over and over that day and into the night. It was a suggestion by my Angel. As God is my Witness, I have never felt so much joy, love and well-being. Thank you Nasrin, and I would love to buy the earrings for the other two necklaces as well.

I would love to do some fundraising by selling the Prayer beads. I believe in them! Let me know what to do.


Hi L,

Sorry. Something is wrong with the server and we can not upload the audio, but by now you have been sent the individual audio for the Seven Guardian Angels of the 5D Octave course. The transcript will be up in the next hour or so.

Hope you have received your Pearl and Onyx prayer bead necklaces and enjoy their energy. I wonder if you would be interested in doing some fundraising by selling some jewelry. We have had good response when members of our group attempt to sell these to their loved ones, co-workers and associates. The prices are reasonable, and the energy is palpable. If this interests you especially with Valentine’s day approaching, which provides a good opportunity for sale of jewelry, please let me know.

My second question is with regards to maintenance of our site. We are looking for someone to manage our site and upload the audios, program the courses and prepare/change the graphics on the homepage/banners, etc. We need someone who can handle these energies and enjoys the work. I understand you have a role in the high tech world. Could you think of anyone who might be interested in helping us out?

Thanks for all your support and all you do, my dear Linda May. It is so good to have your energy in our group.

Love, Nasrin

Beloved Nasrin,

You touch my heart with your kindness, that My heart is still vibrating with JOY! This is a miracle. My desire was to attend your wonderful programs and classes. Yes I want to attend.


Dear T,

Thank you for requesting this important information. It will benefit many to know and understand the significance of this move:

Fourth Dimension is the Astral realms. It is polluted with the disembodied souls who have not found the light or have not been able to let go of the worldly possessions and connections, together with souls ousted from higher dimensions who are hiding in the dark recesses of the Fourth dimension with others.

This move is as important for clearing the 4th D of all pollution and restoration of the perfection originally intended for the 4thD as it is for the Third dimension. Our move to energetically open to the energies of the 5D octaves will help both the 4th and the 3rd to receive the healing necessary to return to the pristine state of their perfection originally intended for them in the Divine Plan.

Third Dimension was originally intended for the Three Kingdoms of Minerals, Animals and Plants, who possess a collective consiousness and not individuated personal intelligence. It was not intended for human population whose inteligence allows the individualized sense of separation from all, thereby creating division and chaos in the fabric of this reality. Disobeying the Divine laws eons ago, Human Souls chose to roam these lower realms and ended up stuck here.

As Spirited Individual Souls, we belong to the higher, more Etheric realms, and the 5D is the lowest of these. Our elevation to the higher realms is a right we have finally chosen to remember and exercise once again recently, much to the pleasure of the Hierarchies; and the dispensation for our move has been received by our Guides, the Masters and Aspects of the Divine Feminine who are spearheading this project through their Grace and our merits — those of us who have chosen to serve to make this move a reality for ourselves and for the others who will in time follow suit.

This is a project which had been in the making for a very long time, and the coming forth of highly evolved Souls — the so called Indigo souls, of who you are one — has had a great effect in the positive outcome, in the raising of our vibration and the awakening of the memories of who we truly are from within our DNA structure. This remembrance is helping us to claim what is rightfully ours; what we have forgotten, because eons of time has transpired since our forefathers chose the Third dimension as their stomping-ground and deprived us from the right to be Spirited Beings of Light.

Thank you and all the Indigo souls for your light and your service.
Blessings and love, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

Can you please tell me why we are moving into the 5D octave and bi-passing the 4D octave? Have we been given special dispensation to do this?

Thanks, T

Hi J,

Thank you for your questions. Your first question regarding avoiding psychics. These energy healers you refer to feel genuine, and I don’t feel you need to avoid them. I would not call these people psychics, per se. The definition I would give to the so called “Psychics” is the people who take your money to read and predict the future and manipulate you through fear. These do not seem to be that kind at all.

Your second question regading spiritual Masters and teachers — at each point when the student is ready, the teacher will manifest, and when the student had learnt what she/he needs then they can move on. As the karma of a relationship comes to a close, then opportunity would open up for a new teacher/student relationship. I would not consider this relationship which you had with that teacher a Guru/disciple relationship, but a teacher/student relationship. There is a huge difference between the two. Teachers come and go, but the Guru stays with you throughout the lifetime and even from one lifetime to the next.

Now this should bring you to the question:

How do I know when I find my Guru?

The answer is that you would know! Your Soul would tell you when you have founds the right one.

In the relationship where you are a member of our group and a student of our PTE Mystery School, you might find that the ultimate Guru is Divine Mother, and I am her vehicle to bring her messages and her energy to the world. It is possible that the Guru is in the ascended realms, and it does not make her/his powers any less potent, if not in physical embodiment. In fact, it actually frees them to do more. This is also evident, as you observed, with your Dr. Z.; his guru, he found, was/is Babaji.

It does not seem to me that Dr Z, himself, has reached the Guru status, nor that he has actually received the initiations necessary to be a Guru. The status of the Guru is someone who has the power and the lineage behind him/her to pull a bunch of others over the bridge of Enlightenment and accelerate them through their spiritual evolution in each lifetime. It is a very important role and should be looked into carefully.

A true Guru does have those powers, and it is generally evident to the disciple, although perhaps not at first because the ego of the disciple gets in the way of seeing the truth and causes resistance and struggles; but over time when the ego is stripped of its power through the grace of the guru, the disciples can fully perceive the power and the grace of their guru.

Thank you for your questions. These are very important and appropriate questions, and I will have them posted on the blog and courses for the benefit of other seekers.


Questions from a participant re: the course The Only Way Out Is In:

Hi Nasrin,

I was just listening to the video of a course from PTE Mystery School, “The Only Way Out Is In” and came up with a couple of questions:

In the second series of the class on Christ Maitreya, you mentioned avoiding psychics. I currently listen to some free metaphysical spiritual internet programs and they sometimes have guests on that are energy healers or quantum energy healers and send energy while on the program and also clear energy blocks while on the program. They feel like very reputable and evolved persons, so my question is since you said to avoid psychics, would this apply to energy healers as well? I ask because I have been a recipient by participating in their free energy processes.

Secondly, you mentioned Gurus. Before I met you, I was studying with Master Dr Z. He downloaded treasures to us. He is teaching Tao and one of his guides he discovered turned out to be Babaji. After a number of years, I began to become discouraged because he began concentrating on Karma and Karma clearing, etc, at the same time I discovered you and eventually I found I no longer was a fit with Master Z. My concern is after listening to your program, did my choosing not to concentrate on studying with him affect me in anyway since I received the downloads through him? I now prefer and love working with you and Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine and the other Beings that you work with. I am familiar with almost all the Beings you have discussed over the years, and it feels like my fit is working through you.

Thank you so much.

Love & Blessings, J

Dear A,

Thank you, my dear. May this be a very happy new year for you. I am glad you are happy with everything. Nasrin

Dear Nasrin.

I am looking for a way to express my huge gratitude and appreciation for all that you gifted me with. I got the package on December 29th.

I was on the live call channeling on Dec. 21 (Solstice Celebration). It was truly great! A treasure chest by itself. The books are amazing treasures for a lifetime (when everebody is gone after the holidays) just to immerse myself in the books. I do not know which one to read first. Thank you, Nasrin. Thank you for the most beautiful work (amazing how much you accomplished in the short time). Truly incredible!!! Thank you for the prayer beads. I don’t know how to use them. I use rosary beads. These are different. What do we pray on these kind of beads?

I pray for you, and your project/mission everyday when I use meditations or grids or anything from your website. You are so blessed to have an opportunity to serve so much and contribute to healing so many and this beautiful planet Earth! Thank you, again!

May this New Year be even more blessed for you and your team!
Much, much love,

P.S. As I said, I can’t thank you enough. Not only did you gift me with beautiful gifts, but you provided gifts so I can gift to others. Incredible !!!

Thank you, my darling C. This is such a beautiful picture. Happy Solstice and a wonderful New Year to you, your children and grandchildren, too.
Much love, Nasrin

My dear and beloved Nasrin,
You are really a Cosmic Divine Mother yourself!!

May the Blessings of our Divine Mother and all the Cosmic Mothers,
all heavenly Light Beings rest upon you and your personal family for ever and ever and ever!!!

I wish you, my beloved, a beautiful and unbelievable New Dawn of the Golden Age that already has been started now and will go on into 2013 – 2014 and further!! I will never and never forget you, dear Nasrin, and I am so glad and deeply, deeply grateful to you for all those beautiful courses from the Divine Mother forwarded to me!!

I can say: I am very, very Happy!!!

All best wishes to you I can imagine, dear Nasrin, also for Mother Earth and whole humankind!!
With great Love,

Dear H.S.

Glad you got the books. I have to tell you that everyday there is a reason to think of you and to send you prayers and good will. Thanks for spreading the books. Also, thanks for spreading the jewelry. There is so much merits gained from your service in doing this act that we don’t even know or understand. One of the ways that Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine are anchoring the energies is through Gems. They have found the fastest way for the spreading of the Divine Feminine energies on Earth and through the 5 Elements to be through the mineral Kingdom, that is the crystals, precious and semi precious stones.

The beads used in the jewelry I make are furthur charged with the Divine Feminine energies and usually Divine Mother guides me with each desgn and charges each individual piece for the person who receives it. Once it connects to the person who wears it or keeps it close — in the case of the Prayer Beads and items which are not worn per se — it establishes connection and further raises the vibration of the wearer/keeper, but also further raises the vibration of their environ.

The merits earned by all who participate in this endeavor is then magnified for them and furthermore magnified for you who bring these to them. It is a fascinating way the Divine Feminine is expanding their light and a fun way for all of us who love jewelry!

Thank you for all you do.
Love, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I got the books today. Thanks a lot! I will be giving them away as gifts. I am also finding myself using the necklaces and earrings as gifts. These are the ones you have made and sent to me for sale to fund raise for the Indigos Awaken site. It’s very convenient and practical. I will send you a check as soon as I feel I am done with the “shopping”.


Dear D,

I love the passenger next to you story. It is wonderful. I want to hear the full account of it when we are together next. These are the kind of stories which could make their way into the new series of books — a story of one of our group member’s encounter with a newly awakening soul and then an exercise to pray for or work with that soul to help them on their future path through distant soul healing, etc. It will be helpful and entertaining, too, especially for people who are new to it all.

I am happy for him and for you. I see many many people coming to you in this way in the future. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to teach many young souls about holistic dentistry and the Soulful aspects of this work which has been missing for so long? You would be great to etch this new possibility into our reality.


Dear Nasrin,

When I flew over New York City on the plane, we could see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and other parts of Manhattan. I started anchoring all of these landmarks to the Earth’s Core and to the Pool of Creation. The following evening, we ended up going to this restaurant that was very exclusive, and the instructor had gotten us in because of some connections. It was full of supposedly very wealthy thirty-something people. I thought of anchoring that place with all these indigo people hanging around. On my way back to Florida, I was reading a book they gave us on epigenegic orthodontics. That passager next to me started a conversation because he noticed the book talked about dentistry. As a matter of fact, he himself was a 1st year dental student at NYU. What are the chances? I did get to talk to him about holistic dentistry. I told him to follow what they are teaching him in school, but to keep an open mind on the holistic aspects of dentistry. I have his email address so I will send him websites to look for.

Dr. D

Dear H.D.

As for the stone, Carnelian, it is a very healing and Sacred Stone. St. Francis of Asissi loved it and many other scriptural figures are known to have worked with its sacred potencies. Looks like you are constantly attracted to these warm firey colors. I love it. Nasrin

Hi Nas,

I jumped on some jewelry that did look like that Warm Orange color in Carnelian. A stone that I had never heard of. It was also very calming. I can’t explain it. it was just beautiful. H.D.


I have 12-12 off, and I and many of my prayer partners will be with you on
the call. I am very excited. I am also grateful to have the 21st off. Those are very high Portal days as well. I am so grateful for the gift of prayer and the freedom to pray. How beautiful.

Also, I am honored to find homes for your most beautiful, precious
books. I thank you and our Divine Mother. I love sharing, and I am
truly blessed to be asked by you. Thank you so much, D.B.

Dear D,

As for you and surgery, Divine Mother says that if you choose the surgery route, it will be greatly successful and something you can put behind you with no problem. There are also other reasons why she feels the surgery is beneficial and that has to do with uprooting the karma of this event which seems to run in your family. It is as if your going through the surgery will remove the problem from the energetic timelimes for the entire family and Soul Lineage.

Finally, it has been my intention to send you a box or two of books to give away and for the energies of the books to be anchored in that state even while they sit in your house and until they find their homes. You need not send any money for this because it is a gift and you already put some money in the donation box, which will cover shipping cost. I will have them sent media mail which takes a couple of weeks to get there, but you should have them by around Christmas and feel free to send/give to all our group members and anyone you feel would benefit.


My Dearest Beloved Nasrin,

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the love you are and the love you share. I had tears of joy. I am not only ecstatic about the course gifted, but also for your prayers. I pray for all your path, mission and projects to be God Victorious. Thank you so much for the sacred ashes that you are sending, and I am blessed to receive such a beautiful message from our most precious Divine Mother through you.

I have been a little nervous about my surgery, but now I am actually ecstatic and so blessed to know that the Karma from the energetic timelines for my entire family and my Soul lineage will be removed. I am so grateful for this, and I not only thank our Divine Mother, I thank you with all my heart.

Many blessings, much love, light and gratitude. Thanks again for everything. We love you. D

Dear K,

Yes, my darling. We have traveled this long and hard path together. Happy 12/12/12/ to you and missy too. Love you! Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

Thinking of you on this day!! I never thought we’d really make it, but here it is: 12/12/12 and the long-awaited “December 2012″. Wishing you many many blessings and expressing great, great gratitude that we have traveled together in our journeys this lifetime.

I feel like everything I was “messaging” the universe for these past ten years is now on delivery during this amazing 2012. Again, I almost can’t believe it’s really here. Wishing all of us on this Earth “the best”!!

Sending you much love my special friend!
Love, K And happy 12/12/12. See you tonight!

Dear D,

Hey there. Happy Holidays to you all.

Yes, it holds a degree more significance. Matching up those numbers makes this an auspicious year. There are more significant birthday landmark points however. The 33rd year is always a big life changing year for everybody (good example; Jesus). There are other years that are big that coordinate with your astrological chart, so they are different for different people. We are all on a cycle. My cycle is 10 years. The biggest life changing events happened to me in those years (when I was 20, 30, 40, etc.) Others may be a 7, 8 or 9. You can determine this by looking at your life and noting when significant events happened and see if you can identify your cycle. Every 8 years or whatever. Then see if this year is the year your cycle hits. If you are on a 7 or 8 year cycle, this is a significant year relative to your soul growth. If adjustments are necessary, they can come in relatively big shifts and some significant changes may unfold.

Also, 56 is an 11 neurologically (5+6=11). That is a Lord Shiva number. Lord Shiva was known as the destroyer of karma for Hindus. (Karma means what goes around comes around. )So, this could be a year to resolve and release old karmic entanglements; things that may have held back progress in certain areas of life for years. Old karma that we all carry can be the reason things seem to chronically come up when least expected and get in the way of gaining ground in certain areas of life. While this Shiva energy can be abrupt and a little harsh at times, it is usually effective and when the dust settles, the path becomes clearer.

The best way to deal with a Shiva year is to be accepting of any setbacks (they may be obvious or very subtle and almost unperceivable). Roll with the punches and look inward for the reason there is a shift in the flow of something that had been proceeding nicely. Best advice; which is always true: Bless any set back and move on without resentment, anger or frustration and things will smooth out quickly. Fight it and the problem tends to magnify itself and linger.

Since your birth year and age are matching up, whatever other forces are active will be slightly magnified. This year (2012) is a very significant year as well which will do the same thing, magnify whatever forces are active in your life path.

All in all, have a great year and enjoy the ride.

Hope this was helpful. Jim

Dear D,

Yes, there is. It empowers you further. It is like a doubling up of the energies. Also, 56 is an 11, which is a high power number. According to the teachings of Pythagoris on the impact of numerology, each number has certain qualities, so you add up the numbers 5+6=11, and 11 is a master number. So you are doubling up on that master number this year because it is your birth year and your age. Good luck. Nasrin

Dear Nasrin and Jim,

Quick question. Is there significance in the year you were born and your age matching up? Example: I was born in 1956 and I am age 56 this year. Thought you two might know. Hope it is the merriest of Decembers. D

Thank you for our quartz crystals. Bruce asked “what should I do with them….love on ’em!”. I said YES! K

Dear N,

What do you refer to about the millennial generations? The Indigo souls description is in our site under Project Awakening. A new book about these souls is being published by us and will be out in the next month or so.

The souls born since 1972 in four sets, one decade apart, all collectively called the Indigos, but each carrying a significant soul Mission to lead us to the New Aquarian Age and take us out of corruption (those born from 1972-82 are the Indigos; from ’82 to ’92 are Star Souls; from ’92-2002 are the Crystal Children and those from 2002 to 2012 are the Children of Pure Light). They have made a contract to accomplish a task which has its own hardships bercasue the darkness of our 3D is immersed in causing obstacles for these special souls to succeed, as you yourself have experienced through your lucid dreams, which indicates the trouble to free yourself from the grip of the darkness, but also which indicates in your last dream that you are indeed powerful and able to oust the darkness and conquer!

Good Luck to you, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

Can you inform me on the indigo souls? And yes I am. Does this have anything to do with the millenial generation?


Hi N,

I am so proud of you and what you did. I get from connecting with you that you are a young person? Perhaps an Indigo Soul aged under 39?

Interestingly, In Sept/October of this year we performed a ceremony to empower all the Indigo Souls and to create a protection layer around them all to help them protect themselves and to release themselves from any darkness that may be atracted to them.

It seems to me that somehow you energetically picked up that empowerment from the Planetary Grid — everything we do in our courses and group ceremonies and meditational exercises is posted on the Planetary Body Grid for the benefit of those who are able to consciously or subconsciously connect to it. Seems we have one such candidate in person. Welcome to our Spiritual Family! I would love to hear more from you and work with you. Thank you for allowing your soul to empower you and to guide you to our site. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Much light and Blessings, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

About a month or so ago, I had a negative dream. In my dream, I suffered from sleep paralysis while an entity stood peering over me. I was incapable of moving and felt the fear and anxiety I usually feel when being oppressed by negative entities. To protect myself when I was a child before bed, I used to imagine myself laying in bed, only I would be looking down at myself. I would imagine a combination of blue and white light (this being the closest combination to the true color for I cannot describe it with the colors we are able to see with the naked eye), pulsing out of me and protecting me whenever I was scared. Now, during this dream, while the entity was peering down, I felt the fear and overcame it. I broke free of being incapable of moving and seeing myself in both the third and first person simultaneously, I was able to pulse out that brilliant light from a source I can only describe as my soul (residing where my heart would be) in a magnitude I was never able to do when conciously imagining it. The being was stunned and let out a shriek. Being curious, I googled to see if others had similar experiences and was directed to your website.

I was curious about your opinion and was hoping you would be able to give some insight.


I want you to know that we love you with all our hearts. There are quite a few of us that go on your call each month on the 1-1, 2-2, etc. Gateway Portal Channeling day calls from our prayer group. You are most precious and we love you so.

Thanks again for your most beautiful and great generosity of heart.

Hi D,

Thank you very much for all your kind words and for spreading the wisdom through the books to others. The State of Michigan really needs all the help it can get, and it is great that you all are doing your work through groups and circles.

Much love, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I want to thank you and tell you how grateful I was to receive extra books with the last set I ordered. I love sharing and just sent three out today. I sent them with your love, light and blessings.

Thank you, again. That meant the world to me. D

Hi A,

It is my pleasure. I welcome you. I know exactly what it is like to start all over again!

Today is the 333rd day of the year, and the full moon. Prayers sent out today are very important, so try to sit with Divine Mother and ask her for everything you want. I will pray for your access to a lovely new computer with high speed internet. Feel free to write to me and tell me a little bit more about yourself, and how much of the spiritual teachings you already know: about the chakras, 5-body system, angels etc., and who you have studies with so far? The more of a solid foundation you have, the better you can absorb the teachings and this information helps me to start you with the right courses.

Divine Mother desires you to participate in the live teachings and classes. I will do that for you. It is also important to help you build a solid foundation and take some of the preliminary courses. You will be informed by email when the new courses are included in your email box, and you become a member. g

Good luck and many blessings,

Beloved Nasrin,

You touched my heart with your kindness, so that my heart is still vibrating with JOY! This is a miracle. My desire was to attend your wounderful prograns and classes.

Thank you, Nasrin, for your generous offer. I would love to attend PTE courses, classes or whatever you can offer me. I am so greatful to you. This is the best gift I got this year or for long time. You are so great.

Thank You again!

With Gratitude and much love,

Hi Y,

First,I am very happy that you are back safe and sound. Second, thank you for sharing the wisdom of the Masters, through our Gifts and PTE books with others in Australia. That land is in deep need of healing, and the younger generations of people are awakening fast and furious lately. It would be beneficial to provide them with tools for healing and guidance to greater light. These books do share precious wisdom, which is dearly needed at this point.

Finally, it makes sense that you had a remembrance of past lifetimes in your experience with the chapter where you meet Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, in the temple of Wisdom. And the crying bout is, as you say, the remembrance of that reunion with someone very precious and special, a father figure, a mentor, a Spiritual teacher and master and the beloved all collected into one. I am happy for you. Please keep in touch.

Much love, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I want to share with you the joy that you have spread by sending me your books and the extra copies! I have lately been coming across more and more people that are spiritually connected, and I have given away a few of the extra copies. Your books are always received with great joy and excitement and everyone who has received one knows how precious it is!

My trip went very well and I managed to stay well protected by practicing meditation every day and following your advice. My favourite meditation, so far, is to the temple of wisdom and meeting with Sanat Kumara. The first time I did this meditation, I cried and cried. It felt like reuniting with a lost part of myself once again. Thank you!

Love, Y

Dear A,

Thank you very much for your kind words. You, too, are a magnificient being of light yourself, otherwise you would not be drawn to this work. Happy Thanksgiving weekend and Happy New Spiritual year, which started in November.

My dear Anna, I would like to offer you a gift of taking a couple of courses from our PTE Mystery School as our gift. Would you be interested in taking some of our online courses? I would like to offer you some of the ones which are particularly important for progress on the spiritual path, but also for bringing abundance to our lives. Let me know if you have access to a computer. The audio can be downloaded, and you can listen to it anytime, and the text can be printed so you can easily read it even when you do not have access to computers.

Much love and thanks again, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

Happy Happy Thanksgiving To You! Thank you for all the magnificent work you are doing and thank you for sharing it with me! Last call was absolutely Magical. Thank you. All your work is so beautiful, and expresses who you are!

Keep Shining Your Magnificent Light!

Much Love and Blessings on this Beautiful Holly Day,

Re: the November “Hear Thy Soul” call:

Hi Nas,

Thank you for our HTS call yesterday. It was so wonderful. What Divine Mother presented with commanding a new Divine Plan that goes beyond all former Divine Plans is especially important. I’m so glad she brought that forward. Thank you, again. Let’s call for, command and create the best for all beings. Love, C

Dear C,

How wonderful! Thank you and all of the same to you eternally. Thank you for all your wondeful wishes. Love, Nasrin

Happy Diwali to you, Nas!

Many blessings to you from Goddess Lakshmi and Divine Mother for great abundance, both spiritual and material! It is the Festival of Lights, so I wish you Light in your heart and all that you do as we usher our world and all humankind through the ascension portal into the New World. Today is a Full Solar Eclipse as well (11/13/2012). There are some websites offering live feed viewing from Queensland, Australia. The amplification of the positive energies of the Divine Feminine is incredible!!

Love you!

Dear N,

No problem. Happy Diwali to you, my darling. it is a wonderful feeling that we start a new spiritual year with Goddess Lakshmi today (13th Nov 2012). When you get a chance do the meditations in the course “Return of pure energies of Abundance with Lakshmi”. I will make sure the crew have sent it to you.

The 108 names of Lakshmi in that course is to be repeated daily. You can follow our recording of us singing the 108 names of Lakshmi, until you get used to the intonations, and then you can do it on your own if you like. We sing the names daily since a couple of months ago and things are changing in terms of abundence for WOB and the Mystery School. The 108 names are very potent when used after the meditation in the course to release the old stagnant energies of lack and and imbue Lakshmi with the new energies.

Much love to you, Nasrin

Dearest Nasrin, Happy Diwali :)

Thank you so much for looking at things in such a positive way. It makes me feel at ease. Things are going to change gradually. :)

With love and hugs, N. N.

Dear N,

This is wonderful. How lovely about your daughter. I love the story. Yes, she is an indigo who is awakening. Victory will make you victorious. I love it that you kept that statement from Victory and learned it by heart. So wonderful. love Nasrin

Dearest Nasrin,

I received the second packet. My daughter is an indigo child and becoming awakened to her Divinity! She keeps asking me questions and wants to know what is her mission and why she is here?!!!

I keep wondering if Goddess Victory’s faith in me is a test to appreciate what she has bestowed upon me and the enormity of the task in my hand; to believe it and anchor it. I keep repeating in my head what she said during her last meditation. She said, “With my power and your light we will clean and cleanse the Five Elements victoriously!”

With much love, N

Dear Y,

Glad you got the books. Sorry to hear this misrepresentation of information from a Reiki person no less!

I am a Reiki Master and know different kinds of Reiki. We never learned or taught anyone to spin chakras counter-clockwise. When you spin counter, you spew your energy and deplete yourself. It is most detrimental for the body and the soul. Thank you for connecting.

Enjoy the books! Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

The books have arrived, and I have begun to read the first book. I feel so blessed to have found you and have access to this divine material.

I have one question with regards to the chakras. In traditional reiki, I’ve learnt that the chakras spin clockwise and anti-clockwise alternately and that this is different for men and women. In the 3rd meditation, we learn to spin them all clockwise. Personally, I find this easier but was wondering what the difference is?

Much love and appreciation,

Dear J,

OK to answer if all born since 1972 are Indigos. The younger they are the more the chance that they are all Indigos. Those born from 1972 to ’82 have a 70% chance of being Indigos, ’82-’92 have an 80% chance, ’92-2002 have a 90% chance and 100% of those born since 2002 are Indiogs. Nasrin

Are all souls born since 1972 Indigo souls? J

Thank you my darling. I do understand!

If you are interested to read more, I am happy to send you books if you feel they will help to strengthen you and your spirit will lift up. We also have group Channelings monthly, which are free and many participate from around the world, via telephone and read or listen to it after we post it on our site. I invite you to participate if you feel it helps you to be part of our spiritual family my darling.

Thank you again for your loving words.
Much love, Nasrin

Yes, your book gave me much needed reassurance that things would work out. I thought the image exercises were very useful. I’m just very grateful to be back home and to have met so many kind people like your mother.

I hope to meet you in person some day.
Very best, N

Dear N,

How wondeful. I am very glad that you contacted me. I would love to see you some day. Meantime, let me know if you actually benefited from the book and enjoyed any part of it. It is always great to see and hear from new faces, especially those we share some history with. It is always good, too, to hear from someone who joins us — is brought to us by their soul in these wonderful ways.


Dear Nasrin,

I had the pleasure of meeting your mother. She was very kind and gave me your book to read as I passed some difficult days. I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how happy I was to meet Mrs. Safai and come in contact with your work. I hope our paths cross at some point. Please let me know if you are ever in this area. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person.

Sincerely, N. S.

Dear P,

Excellent! Thank you. will connect with you very shortly about some transcripts. Thank you! Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

Yes, Yes, I would love to assist with the transcriptions. The meditations are so beautiful ~ happy to hear they will be included in the book. Just let me know what you are needing in this regard.

I appreciate the Navaratri course reminder. I intended to sign up but have been traveling and time slipped away. I will register today and begin tuning into the energies.

My favorite time to listen to the Gateway Portal Channelings is at night ~ it feels as if Divine Mother is ‘tucking me in’. A wonderful transition to peaceful slumber!

I look forward to being of service and assisting Divine Mother in a new expanded way. Thank you, Nasrin, for this opportunity.

In love & light ~ P

My darling P,

So glad that you are enjoying the Portal Day channelings. I invite you to take the Navaratri 2012 course which Divine Mother gave us last week. She requested that it be offered at $3.00 for everyone’s convenience. Doing that meditation for 9 days and lomger will be one way to clear the path to do more. I will look for the email which has the link and forward it to you. We also have other ways to invite you to serve Divine Mother as volunteers.

Right now, for example, I am working on a Meditation book with Divine Mother. I need someone to help me with the transcriptions of the audios of meditations, which Mother wants included in this book. Are you interested in doing more in this way? All acts of service are appreciated. The more you get involved, the faster you can walk the poath with Divine Mother. Also volunteers will benefit from taking the courses offered at PTE Mystery School at nominal fees.

Repeating the meditational exercises in each month’s portal chanelling is also a means for volunteering to spread Mother’s energies and an enormous act of service. Thank you for being in service. Much love and Mother’s blessing to you,


Dearest Nasrin,

Thank you for your reply. These are very busy times and I appreciate your response.

I know you through your beautiful Gateway Portal Channelings. They are and continue to be a rich source of inspiration in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your dedication to Divine Mother and all you offer to assist in bringing and grounding her radiant energies on planet earth.

In addition to my personal connection and meditations with Divine Mother, I am experiencing a desire for deeper clarity of my mission and work here. I trust that all will be revealed in divine timing.

I look forward to the November and December channellings – very exciting times ahead!

Blessings to you ~ P

Excellent, please do not hesitate to write and please let me know as soon as the books arrive. Thanks, Nasrin

Dearest Nasrin,

I have enrolled in the two courses, and I’m enjoying them so much! I can’t wait for the books to arrive.

Thank you for your support and guidance!

Warm wishes and love,

I am enjoying the books and especially thank you for the extra gift of the 2 CD’s. It is a divine privilege to be aware of this wonderful work.

In the Beloved,
M. D.

Hello C,
Happy last day of Navaratri and Divine Mother Victory day to you, my darling.

Yes, they are very beautiful. I agree with you. I say, “Pray for us Seekers” instead of “sinners”, and it is true to my heart because we are all seekers seeking solace and enlightenment.

Please follow with the Navaratri 2012 course, which is a short course Divine Mother gave us last week on the first day of Navaratri. It is a wonderful meditation for release of all the Karma we carry on behalf of our Soul Lineage and the Lineage Heads — The Masters — who will also benefit from our work in releasing this unwanted but unknown karma.

Divine Mother also helps us release the fears of the future and the guilt and shame over the past mistakes to the fire, lightening our load. It is a wonderful way to celebrate.

Thank you my beloved,

How beautiful are these sessions of Navaratri!!

Today I did the 5th session about Holy Mary/Lady Nada, and I listened to the prayers of the Rosary.

Mother Mary is my most well-known and Holy Divine Mother from my childhood on. But nowadays I can’t longer say the words: Pray for us “sinners”. I just say: Pray for us, now and…

How do you see this, Nasrin? Aren’t we all Divine Mothers?

Divine Blessings to you!

I am excited to begin this path to which I have been directed. I hope to follow through with the course work to support my entry into Divine service. D.H.

Dearest Nas ~

I received Divine Mother’s precious prayer beads today, and also the three exquisite pairs of earrings. They are all absolutely lovely! I love the pink rose quartz beads you used for one of the pair of earrings, which are so soothing and cheering. I’m enjoying the unique design of each earring set. You are so talented! The earrings with the copper-gold bead and green feels wonderfully grounding. The copper-gold reminds me of Divine Mother.

I can feel Divine Mother’s energies so beautifully in the prayer beads. Thank you so much, Nas. I can feel and see all of the love and care that you put into making the Mala (and the earrings, too!). The prayer beads are simply outstanding. I know that in using them, praying with them, Divine Mother will help me enormously and will incorporate her energy more powerfully into all of my bodies and Being.

Thank you so much, Nas! Blessings to you and Happy Navaratri.
Love, C

Hi, thank you for your interest.

The beads are 6mm round; the circle circumference is 19″ and it is 10.5″ double length. This set of beads are not large enough to wear around the neck.

If you are interested in the wearable kind, we will have the same style with 8mm beads, which would be a Prayer Bead Necklace — A Mala Necklace. The measurements for that would be 24″ circle circumference and 14″ double lenth. Easy to wear when not praying and specifically for use as necklace.

Thanks, Nasrin

What is the measurement of Divine Mother Amber prayer beads? (double length and single circle measure) Thank you, K

Lovely. I can feel calming energy coming from the picture!

Love, Nasrin

Hi Nas,

In honour of Divine Mother’s Victory, we created an additional sacred space in our lounge room, placing together items we had with a fountain, plant and Himalayan Salt Lamp arranged as you see in this picture. The amber glow mixes with Divine Mother’s energy as the waters trickle down around her as she sits in a lotus island with palms growing beside her. Very calming and healing. Our desk and computer where I often work is to the right of this. It is inspired by the Pool of Creation and Mother’s amber glow.

Love, David

Dear D.H.

Thank you for your comments about the Chakra System course. It is great to have feed back from our new members. We hope you join us for some of the live courses like the free Gateway Portal Channelings. The next one is the 11/11, and the information on how to attend through the conference call is posted on our site.

You may also consider attending the Navaratri 2012 course (offered at special $3.00 rate), which is appropriate right now as we are in the energies. All information on our monthly activities are brought to you when you subscribe to our free newsletter. Thank you for joining our spiritual family and may we grow together as we journey the realms.

Blessings, Nasrin

Just completed the The Chakra System I & II. Though I have studied and read much on the chakras, the additional information in this lesson is much deeper and extremely helpful not to mention inspiring.


Dear K,

You are so welcome. I am glad you are enjoying them. Much love, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you for offering the Navaratri meditation for $3.00. Divine Mother has blessed us with such a wonderful gift through this meditation. It is working very well and helping me to release many burdens. In meditation I feel so filled with energy my scalp starts tingling and my hair feels like it is standing up, but I also feel my feet tingling as I remember to ground the energy.

I am very grateful for my relationship with Divine Mother, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher and their many helpers, and also Mother Earth and I am honored that I can help by channeling energy to help Earth and all life on earth.

Thank you again Nasrin for all the good work you, and your helpers do.
Love, K

Thank you. This (introduction to the courses in the Mystery School) is beautiful.
M. K.

Dear Y,

Thank you for your interest and for joining us as an awakening soul; and welcome to our spiritual family. Generally I encourage everyone to start with the books, and I would recommend you do that, too. We have them all at special offer right now.

However, in your case, I would say take a couple of courses to learn to protect yourself and keep grounded, making sure you don’t pick up stuff that delays you progress on the path. As a general rule, people who are newly awakening become open to receive energy and at the early stage of their opening are vulnerable — not yet adept at deciphering energy.

In order to become receptive, a newly awakened soul becomes an empath — sensitive to everyone’s energies and prone to pick up stuff not realizing what — either pain, anger or sadness — is theirs and what is not. Meanwhile, unable to transmute what they may have picked up, they begin feeling heavy and out-of-sorts, not knowing why.

Therefore, I would suggest courses from the Level One courses we offer. I would recommend the “Angels of the Chakra System” course which provides you with Angelic Protection and Grounding with the relevant colored lights for each chakra relating to each angels. These exercises are are enhancing, nurturing and nourishing for your energy bodies, which you are now awakening to their presence and for your soul, which is guiding you to wake up and join others who will help you fulfill your Divine Purpose.

However, before you are able to use the benefits of the above course, you need to understand and open your Chakra System and your energy bodies, your 5-Body System. That requires the knowledge contained in the two series of courses entitled:
Chakra System I & II and
5-Body System I & II

You would need to take Chakra System I followed by 5-Body System I, and then Chakra System II and 5-Body System II and then “Angels of the Chakra System” course. That is a total of 5 courses, to prepare you for a proper awakening with a solid foundation.

Please write to me directly if you wish at the above email and good luck with everything.

Much love and blessings, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I am new to spirituality. I had a look at the PTE curriculum you offer and was wondering where to start. Do I start with reading your books first and then register for the curriculum or is that not necessary?


Hello M,

Kadga Mala is part of the Navaratri Course which is now on special offer at $33, and you should have the email for that special offer where the link to purchase the course is located.

I don’t know what the Puga prayer is. The 1,000 names of Divine Mother, which you can buy from is an audio of the singing of the hymns in Sanscrit.

We also have the prayer beads for Divine Mother, which the special offer went out a few days ago. A Puja- Poo-Ja- is an offering of prayers and ceremony to the deities. A Japa Mala, is the Sanscrit name for Prayer Beads. Do any of these ring a bell?

Much love,

Dear Nasrin and Jim,

Where do I go to listen to the Khadga Mala prayer and also the Puga Prayer.

I thank you so very much.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Hi G,

I believe you have the Navaratri course as part of your membership file. If not let me know and we will register you for it. Starting tomorrow start with the first day and continue until the last day. Each day use your Divine Mother Prayer Beads, which you will have by tomorrow. Enjoy it and pray on it as many times a day as you can especially during the next ten days.

In case you are wondering how to use the prayer beads; hold the prayer beads in either hand. Start at the Guru bead, the bead that is at the head of the circle and pass each of the large beads through your fingers as you say, “Divne Mother, Divine Mother, Divine Mother”. Do one repetition on each of the larger beads until you are back around the circle again. One round gives you 54 repetitions. Two rounds does the 108 which is the sacred number to Divine Mother(1+8=9, Divine Mother’s number). Do it a couple of times a day if you can, especially during these auspicious days.

Much love and thank you for your energies and your service,

Hi Nasrin,

Always good to receive the Newsletter. Praying all is well with you.

Nasrin, can you guide me as to what to do to be a part of the Navaratri Celebrations? Is there a special prayer to say or mantra? Thanks so much.
Be well. Stay warm.

Love & Blessings,

Hi N,

It is wonderful to hear from you. I am happy you have found me and very glad you enjoy my book. There are more books which you can enjoy by going to our Gifts store on our site. They are at special discount price right now. I would be happy to autograph them for you.

Please enjoy our site and write to me again. Our on-line courses are great tools, and you will hear my voice giving the channeling information. We have free monthly group channellings, which you are welcome to join us as well.

Blessings to you, Nasrin

Hi Nasrin!

I sincerely hope you have a chance to read this message. I met you about 5-6 yrs ago in Arizona while in I believe Healer school. I found you to be an amazing person that I feel was put in my path at that time for a reason. How cliche does that sound?! We spoke a while and you told me about your practices, and you really have helped me find peace.

You gave me a copy of one of your books, and I have held on to it ever since. I recently watched a show on TV about a healer and channeler. And I thought about you. I searched your name and found you! I am currently looking at your website to learn more and how to be more in touch!

Thank you for all that you do, N

Thank you for your wonderful words.
I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

The work you have done is fabulous and very enjoyable and thought provoking. I will be in touch shortly and have a wonderful week.

Dr. M. S.

Hi Nas,

The work we did with Divine Mother and Goddess Victory on the Equinox call was phenomenal. I am — and I believe we all are — getting a crystal clear understanding of how all of this is unfolding through the remainder of the year so that we can help everyone to make the shift into 5D effortlessly and gracefully.

The energies were flowing so smoothly as our circuits were upgraded. During the call, I knew I was being worked on.

I’m becoming more and more enarmored with Goddess Victory. She is amazing! I’m so glad we have her vigilant dedication for this project of planetary ascension. Also, I agreed completely with Divine Mother: all of us were in sync for this work. I really enjoyed it in every way!

Thank you,

Dear M,

I Am so glad! Thank you for your feedback and welcome to our spiritual family.

Much love and Blessings, Nasrin

Thanking you for the books; also for the precious heart pieces.
I am enjoying the books immensely and appreciate all your amazing insights.

In the Beloved,

Dear Nasrin,

I listened to the wonderful “Seal of Goddess Victory” course yesterday. It was fantastic! Yes, this course ties in with our Equinox work perfectly! We’ve created a very strong momentum at this critical point in the year, so I am intending to keep that focus and forward motion.

I hope that these energies get anchored easily so that we can continue to do even more with Goddess Victory.

Thank you!
Love, C

Dear C,

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Dear Nasrin,

Since the Fall Equinox Ceremony (on September 22, 2012), all I want to do is sleep. Thank you for a great ceremony.

In September 2008, I had a powerful experience, not easily forgotten. It was my second experience with the “sun”. While driving, a ray of sunshine touched my face, and then this powerful suction vortex pulled me. I had to stop the car.

Long story short, I went to the beach to be near the sun and felt a grand and familiar presence come through (no idea who it was). I wrote down stuff that I did not understand. It took me months to figure out what it said. I believe now that what I was told is connected to this Fall Equinox gathering.

So much is coming full-circle. It’s really wonderful. However, I do believe there will be some rough patches ahead in the 3D world. But I also believe from our vantage point, we will be surfing above those oncoming tidal waves.

Hello our beloved C,

The filaments are usually always gold colored as far as I can remember. However, if you are drawn to see them being Platinum and Mint-Green, then please go with that. This is because we have never before done this work, especially with Godess Victory and for all we know she may be directing you to do something novel and different from before.

Thanks for your presence and for your support.
Much love,

Re: A question regarding the September 2012 Equinox meditational exercise:

Hello To my Spiritual Family,

The filaments that make the cocoon of energy around each of my Five Body layers and my Light Body, are they the platinum mint-green or gold (colored)? I look forward to the next course (Seal of Victory with Goddess Victory).

Love and Light,

Dear H,

Thank you for your appreciation and for your participation in these courses. I am so glad you are a part of these amazing events.
Much love, Nas

Re: the September 2012 Equinox Ceremony, a participant wrote:

I feel so blessed to have been brought to this place in my life. Thank you, thank you. My heart is full of gratitude. H

Dear M,

Thank you. How wonderful! These bits of info are so very important for knowing what to write about and how to connect to the reader. The balance of how much real world implications there are to these spiritual concepts makes the difference between a book becoming successful or sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Much appreciated. Many thanks. God bless you my beloved,

Dear Nasrin:

Thank you for your reply, and I particulary enjoyed reading your second book (Gifts II) and the distinction between twin flames and soul mates.

The part about twin flames running from each other made me laugh and the concept of soul mates is so true. Thank you again for sharing such a beautiful part of your life with me. I appreciate it far more than I can ever fully express. Please give my love to your family and in particular to Shabnam. We are still talking about how much fun we had at the wedding. Talk to you soon and

God Bless
DR. M. S.

Hello D,

You requested information on the Cube shape around the body. There are five energetic bodies surrounding the human body. The sheath around each of these bodies has a geometry called the Sacred Geometry of the 5-Body system. The Sacred Geometry that protects the sheath of the Physical body is a cube. Each sacred geometry containing the higher bodies — e.g. Etheric Body, Emotional body, Mental and Spiritual Bodies — has a specific Sacred Geometry. The exercises to learn about and activate each of these bodies are given at our PTE Mystery School under Sacred Geometry Phase I & II.

Each Sacred Geometry is described with the relevant colored light appropriate to it, and the seekers are requested to take their time exercising each sacred geometry for one entire week before moving onto the next. You may register for these courses and learn more.

Thanks for your interest. Your soul must be searching to open you up to these Geometries and bring their activation.

Good luck and blessings,

Just a quick message of intrigue really. A couple of years ago, you posted a picture of a person inside a cube on your website, which looked like the shape of the aura. I didn’t manage to read the full article at the time, but have since not been able to find any information on a person’s aura being cube shaped. Can you help please?

Many thanks and lots of love in the light of the truth,

Dear C,

This is beautiful, my darling. I read it when I first recieved it and waited to give you a reply worthy of this beautiful prose. I have reread it several times and all I can say is thank you for this Soulful rendition of your journey.

Bless you for being in our group and sharing your journey with us.

Much love,

Comment about the September 2012 “Hear Thy Soul” call:

Good Morning Nasrin,

Thank you for all you do.

Yesterday’s HTS was wonderful. An opportunity to give and receive. The explanations from Divine Mother give such perspective of our dynamic Universe and the roles we play. I have always been pulled and stretched when I would do personal spiritual work. Self-teaching has always been a part of my spiritual pathway…as has service.

Wanting to bring my loved ones along the journey has always been in my core… Understanding the contract that has been active on an unconscious level yet motivating my work, is revealed, giving a container to all my desires.

Am I doing enough?…has lost its edge… I am centered… I am committed… I just need to do my job…

They will discover and follow when it is time…
build those bridges with my beloved cosmic crew…onward…
A contract revealed…a sensation validated…a soul’s desire heard.
Thank you…you wonderful lady
Love and Light,

Dear J,

Thank you, my darling. I wanted to write to you again and tell you that Mother was actually talking to me about you, about these challenges to help the younglings.

What she wanted me to relay to you was that it would be good for you to call Archangel Michael and ask him to cut the cords from all — absolutely all — who are connected to you, including the girls and any other family, friend, loved ones to give you a break and to restore your life force.

When people become needy inadvertently, they extend cords to you, sometimes just to be in your loving energy and bask in it. It is beneficiial to clear these cords often, espcially when you go into these states, just so that you can take a breather for a few hours because when you get this way, you are on overload — your personality aspects and even the soul go on overload and want to check out of your body. The symptoms are well known to you, so please be on the lookout for them. In fact, do this exercise routinely once a week or more frequently if needed for a while.

This same thing used to happen to me as well, especially when I would give many readings and workshops and channelings back-to-back. I would actually check out of the body and pass out for a few seconds. My friends and co-travelers on the path learned to immediately call me and command me to come back to the body. I did not have a road map for recovery, nor did I know how to remedy it, but now I know how damaging that was to me and to my body and I keep grounding and laying protection around me so I don’t end up carrying everyone unnecessarily.

In such times, you need to regroup, and the best way to do that is to have you back fully in the body — all of you and only you, without many, many others’ energies crowding you. Then you get the chance to regroup.

Removing cords does not mean you don’t love them, and they can all reconnect with you in healthy ways. But cords cause drainage of energy and when corded you won’t be able to do much for them anyway. Hope this helps you further, my darling.

Please do the exercise and let me know how you feel afterwards. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for all you do all the time.

Much love and Mother’s blessing, Nas

PS. I forgot to thank you for your concern regarding my health and to tell you not to worry. I am sure if I ended up carrying more, that too was part of the contract. I appreciate your loving concern very much, but do not want you to feel responsible for me. You, too, have a lot to carry. Thanks again.

On the subject of the young one’s energy leaving the earth, I wonder if this was the precursor for their awakening. Sometimes when big shifts are about to happen the Group Soul for the individuals involved calls them into the higher realms for a recalibration. While it is not an easy experience for the person down here, when it happens, the outcome is favorable, as they — the group soul and new personality aspects who are returned — are equipped with new skills to deal with the new recalibrated Self. Very interesting times we live in, although at times hard to cope with as it unfolds! Thanks for sharing this part of the story.

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you for doing a clearing for me. Thank you very much. My neck feels better now (I could feel the need to block energy from the back of my neck).

I do have challenging Indigos to help besides my own two, especially one nephew, and a young Native American woman — and probably more whom I do not know.

I have been working on an etheric level with the younger children, mostly. Suddenly, about three weeks ago, the souls of the 10 yrs-and-under-people withdrew off the Earth. Many, if not all, have disconnected at a soul level from the Earth. They seem to have gone into hibernation. That was a sudden change, which might also have disturbed your inner peace. I had thought of writing to you at the time, but decided not to; perhaps I should have.

Dear Nasrin, I am sorry that you have had inner turmoil for the past few weeks, and I hope that you will be feeling better soon. You are in the cross-currents of very intense energies, and you have accepted a very difficult assignment for humanity and the planet. I am grateful for your guidance and will add my prayers and intentions for you to feel well, strong, balanced and at peace.

Love and Blessings, J

Dear J,

I did a clearing for you and all seems normal now. There was a little cobweb of energy on the back of your neck, which Mother was/is working on, and it is clear. What she said was that each of us are carrying the energy of many Indigo souls, who are unknown to us and clearing their Karma. I believe that is what happened to you. You have a major contract to carry many of them into the 5D octave. It would be good to go back and listen to what Divine Mother says towards the end of the Hear Thy Soul session: “Activating our Scepters with Victory’s Flame, Ph II”. It gets very interesting toward the end when she tells us that we are responsible to help awaken a large number of Indigo Souls so that they in turn can lead us into the 5D Octaves and be the light that our world needs for the change to purity and light as apposed to corruption and untruths.

There are no dark or lower energies capable of sneaking in — through any door — when we do these channelings because we set all those grids at the start of each session and because Divine Mother and the entourage of Beings who are channeling to us, see to it that we are all protected. There may be lower vibes and dark energies coming up to be cleared from within those we have contracts to help. This, I believe, is what happened — more on this in the next email.

Thank you for this service and for writing to me for clarity. I Have been a basket-case myself for the last 3 weeks, and it was good to know why. Divine Mother explained it in the September Hear Thy Soul session, and I got a lot out of it mentally as well as a huge clearing of my energy, which lifted the burdens and lightened me up.

Hope you get to listen when you feel up to it. I will continue to work on you with Mother.

Much love, Nas

Re: the September 2012 Hear Thy Soul course:

Dear Nasrin,

The Hear Thy Soul live channeling this morning was not what I expected. Good energy began flowing into me last night and again this morning, with Divine Mother even reminding me last night. I was in a great mood, feeling very balanced.

I ended the call early, with a headache and feeling disoriented. After doing a grounding and chakra-balancing meditation on my own, I realized that I suddenly have a problem and am trying to get rebalanced. It would help if I knew what this “event” was, who “sneaked in a back door” etc. At first, it sounded like someone’s personal problem. Now, as part of a close group, I have picked up on something, but I’m at a great disadvantage not to know what I am dealing with.

These things happen occasionally; I need to know in what way and when dark energy caused some sort of upset.

Do you have a recommendation to help me feel back in balance? If I know what is going on, perhaps I can be of help to you all.



Hi H,

I am very glad you got the call to listen and to participate in the HTS second session. Mother is putting it all on the table, and it is very interesting to watch and hear the outcome of what we all have been going through. I would say it was all worthwhile, even though we all went through a real hard patch there for a while.

I absolutely love the way your soul and your subconscious has communicated the energy and even the look of the 5D Octave to you in this dream. I love your own interpretation of it. I knew that on top of everything else we have been involved together and with the group, your single-handed anchoring of the intense energies at evey college and especially at the site of the Tampa convention was an immense undertaking; one that deserved a big expression of gratitude which you received via the dream.

What I most love and appreciate about Divine Mother and the Council of the Divine Feminine are their special ways in expressing gratitude when we do something good — their ways of clearly thanking us and making it known to us when they are pleased with our performance. It goes a long way to give us further Life Force and Will Power to do more.

Goddess Victory is on top of the list in expressing her gratitude. She usually comes to me at night when I go to bed and start setting my grids before falling asleep. Sometimes, she comes just to thank me that I chose to light a candle to her on that day and specifically called on her presence when I started cooking; something I do as a matter of course and I used to do before Victory for the Male Masters. I understand how she can be victorious in all things when she is so mindful of all we do and so meticulous in expressing her gratitude. I am grateful we have her and the rest of the entourage of the Divine Feminine.

I know Divine Mother and the entourage are very happy with everything you have been doing for humanity, even the help you give in caring for your medicare senior patients and the love you pour upon them is commendable and fully received by Divine Mother. The time these seniors spend with you is precious to them, even though they may not consciously know the extent of it.

They are just coming to see you as their Doctor. You pour love to them and your energy raises their vibration and your presence allows Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine aspects to connect with them and work through you on them. And you love your work so much and these special souls so very much that in spite of all trials and tribulations, you continue to wirk with them and heal them at all levels. All the more power to you my darling.

Thanks for the lovely email, my darling. I love it.

A participant’s comments about the September 2012 “Hear Thy Soul” call:

Hi Nas,

Happy birthday to me today! Yesterday’s meditation could not have been a better way to end the year. I felt like Divine Mother was talking to me directly. I have been in a still state – just stay still, and we’ll see.

As it turns out, I got “the call” to listen to the 9/9 Portal Day Opening (I missed it last week because I thought it was being held at 7:30 in the evening), and found out that the Equinox was coming up and so was the second part of Hear Thy Soul course. I made sure I signed up for these. I am so grateful and glad I did participate. I was able to understand the urgency of the work we have to do for the next few months.

It also ties in with a dream I had a couple of days ago, where I had to go to a hotel because some work needed to be done to my house. I happened to end up in a 5-star hotel like the Ritz, where everyone was waiting on me hand and foot, and I felt like a queen. I was wondering in the back of my mind how much all this was going to cost, but it did not seem to matter. It seemed like I could stay there as long as I wanted. I knew I needed to go back “home” after a while, but as I was thinking of doing that, I still felt there was no urgency, and I was being given samples of things to enjoy, and I woke up.

When Divine Mother mentioned how we had put our name on a door to a house in the 5th Dimension and returned to the 3rd, and how we were to return to that house with our loved ones, I understood the dream. That was MY way of seeing the 5th dimension! And that I was to be retuning there again! It does not seem like anything else matters anymore, other than doing the work so we can get there. I get that! We still have to manage the mundane things, but it’s all taken care of for us. I get that!

I just did groundings in all the places I happened to be visiting. I think I see this in a deeper level now, with the risks involved, and how fragile it all is.

I can’t thank you enough for your input and all of the Master’s hard work with us!

Lots of love,
DR. H. S.

Thank you very much, C,

I am very happy for you. We have done some amazing ceremonies in Greece. You have a wonderful time and enjoy the company of your grandson and everyone else. We will be thinking of you during the upcoming weeks and connecting. m

Much love,

Hello beloved Nasrin,

I hope you feel very well, like me. I feel very exited! Thank you very much for this excellent 9/9 Portal Day Channeling! I’ll do this exercise (given by Divine Mother) every morning and evening, for I feel it’s very, very necessary at this time with all turmoil in the world.

Coming in two weeks, I am travelling to Greece with a spiritual group of 90 persons. We will visit places known by Saint Paul’s (Master Hilarion) travels, formerly, like Corinthe and others where he preached. My grandson is going with us, so I am in very good company.

I’ll place you, my dear Nasrin, Jim and our group members in this Grid, as well as my travelling company and especially the country Greece, my beloveds, Mother Earth and all humankind.

Be blessed, beautiful Nasrin, by all the Divine Mothers of the Cosmos!!!!!
You are so wonderful!!!
Love you! C

Dear D,

Yes, I am very happy about these two most recent sessions of Hear Thy Soul so far. Thank you for your feedback and for your presence.

Yes, Jim is writing the business plan for the Indigos right now, and there will be three age groups — the young adults, the teens and the little children — so we will have pages for the parents and guardians and family members.

Please don’t ever feel alone. We are in this together, and we have Divine Mother and the Big Guns watching us.


From a participant in the September 2012 “Hear Thy Soul” call:

Hi Nas,

Wow – what a session! That was a very informative class and whilst it did run over, thank you so much for providing it. I had been awake since about 1 am as the energies built for our 5 am dial-in Australian time. I felt it was going to be a big one, but nothing could have prepared us for that!

It was interesting, too, that Divine Mother gave you the green light to announce the Indigo projects. I’m even more excited about both of them (a book by Jim and the Indigo website) now and very thankful to have the energy of the group supporting us with these endeavours. I know that together we can do this. I feel much less alone now and more connected to the energies.

For us here, we now start our day as you head into night, and you, I’m sure, must need rest following that amazing channelling. It was awesome to feel the sunrise as Divine Mother spoke with us.

Thank you again. It helped us so much.


Dear C,

Thank my darling. I will do, but you know they both hear you loud and clear. Thanks for the feedback. I am most happy for the Children of the New Age and all that is being done with great planning and strategy. This will be awesome.

See you at the Equinox call.
Much love, Nas

Re: The September 2012 “Hear Thy Soul” call:


I always appreciate Divine Mother’s candor about matters and that she cares to explain to us about what is happening and why. Also, of course, that she helps us so much so that we can help our whole world to move into the 5th dimension. Yesterday’s call was perfect. Thank you so much. I am working with the Flame of Victory, and feel that the present momentum and plans will take us — and everything and everyone — far into the 5th dimension by the end of the year. Please tell Divine Mother that I said “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart, and that goes for Goddess Victory, too!

Hope you you have a wonderful week, Nas. :-)

Much love,

Dear K,

This is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Much love, Nasrin

Dearest Jim, Nasrin, and Waves of Bliss,

Infinite thanks for the sound file and transcripts of the 9/9/12 Portal Day session. I played it as soon as I received it early this morning. It is so comforting and beautiful.

I now understand why the past 6 months have been so dense and difficult (according to Divine Mother’s explanation of what has been happening within the collective consciousness recently). I feel a renewed sense of direction, and I am so grateful for Divine Mother’s Grid and comforting explanation and words.

As I played yet another of these miraculous sessions, my cosmic heart felt as if it would burst. I also have had head and knee pains all day, as well as exhaustion and no focus. Blessings for this release, and also for the renewed perspective on humanity’s and Earth’s ongoing ascension into the 5th dimensional realm.

May all of you be surrounded by Divine Mother’s Light and Love, and may all of your individual paths be filled with infinite gentleness, support and healing.

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi
Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu

Dear M,

This song is so appropriate for where we are in our journey as a group and as humankind. How lovely! Thank you for sharing it.

Love, Nasrin

Thank you, Nasrin,

I LOVE QUAN YIN! What a grand way to sail into a permanent place in 5D.
It just feels like we are a breath away now and closing in on it faster and faster.

I keep hearing a few lyrics from a song by Johnny Mathis that my Dad used to listen to at night. The music and energy of this song feel like a comet is rushing at you, but it’s not scary just exciting because it feels like something soooo good that we all have been waiting for over a very long time, and it’s just around the corner.


Here are the lyrics to the song or if you want to hear the song here is another link:

“Could be?
Who Knows?
There’s something due any day
I will know, right away
Soon as it shows
It may come cannonballing down
Through the sky
Gleam in its eye, bright as rose
Who knows?
It’s only just out of reach
Down the block, on a beach
under a tree
I got a feeling there’s a miracle due
Gonna come true, comin’ to me
Could it be, yes it could
Something’s comin’, something good
If I can wait
Something’s comin’
I don’t know what it is
But it is gonna be great
With a click, with a shock
Phone’ll jingle, door will knock
Open the latch
Something’s comin’
Don’t know when
But it’s soon
Catch the moon
One handed catch
Around the corner
Or whistlin’ down the river
Come on, deliver to me
Will it be, yes it will
Maybe just by holding still
It’ll be there
Come on, something
Come on in
Don’t be shy
Meet a guy
Pull up a chair
The air is humming
And something great is coming
Who knows?
It’s only just out of reach
Down the block, on a beach
Maybe tonight
Maybe tonight
Maybe tonight!”

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you for our 9/9 portal day channel. It was incredible, and I’m so grateful to you and Divine Mother and for the beautiful, re-potentized Violet Flame with Plum Ray. I was involved in a self-healing/self-clearing session before the call, and I wasn’t paying very close attention to the time. I ended up getting on the portal day channel late, just as you were saying, “Hello everyone, and Welcome!” So I guess that Divine Mother had me doing what I needed to do up until it was time to connect with you and Her.

This was such a powerful call, and I appreciated very much your words about making the most of this time between now and the Winter Solstice, when the Mayan Calendar ends. I wholeheartedly agree that everything we do now will determine how great of an impact we will make upon our world as we pass through the doorway into the 5th dimension at the close of 2012 (beginning on 12-12-2012 and moving into January 2013). It is so important that we keep invoking the greatest, purest Light to incorporate within us and to hold our energies high and to envision the BEST we can imagine with Divine Mother for all people, places and things. The new grid that Divine Mother gave us today will be a great catalyst for the major positive changes and shift we are reaching for in benefit of all. This grid has a lot of energy and “might” to sweep through resistance and move us forward rapidly. I look forward to the Equinox channeling when Divine Mother will bring in the next stage of this work.

I’m so honored to do this work with you always, Nas! I love you.

Much love,

Dear M,

Thank you for all your support, your encouragement and for your presence in these wonderful events.

Much love, Nas

Dear Nasrin,

That was an awesome 9-9 Portal Day meditation and thanks for reminding me of the Plum Ray (in the 9/9 channeling). It felt very strong today.
The original Plum Ray meditation was featured in the March 2009 Newsletter:

I have already signed up for the September Equinox call. You are so right about the books (conversation in the 9/9/2012 portal channeling about the request to buy the books at $5 per book and pass on the books as Christmas gifts to dear ones or to place in your offices and allow them to benefit from the energies held within the books, as the Masters’ energies permeate through the books and wherever they are placed, the books provide the energies to people, places and things in the environment).

Their energy is still incredible after all the years of reading them. I will be ordering some in the next month and then decide where they should go.

I love the Quan Yin meditations (in the Gifts book series) She introduced me to what Bliss feels like. It’s just hard to maintain it in this 3rd dimensional reality, but maybe it will be easier in 5D.

I really like the Goddess meditations (the two courses titled: “Durga and Victory” and “Lakshmi and Victory” from PTE Mystery School at Waves of Bliss site) where they bring their object of power to Goddess Victory. The one with Durga was an awesome class. I would like to do more of these.
I’m beginning the one with Lakshmi this week — just wanted to get past this intense portal day.

Thanks Nasrin for leading the way for so many others.

Bless you and our group.

Dear H,

You continue to be in my prayers. That Mother Mary CD is very soothing, and I wanted you to feel Mother’s love in it. I am glad that you enjoyed the gesture and pray that you feel the healing love from it.

Much love and thank you for responding.

Dear Nasrin,

I recently ordered the CD chants clearing. You included “Mother Mary and the Guardian Angels” CD as a gift.

My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you for this gift. It is an unexpected blessing.

With love, H

Dearest Nasrin,

I wanted to touch base and let you know how amazing the Hear Thy Soul Meditation was (from August 2012) and indeed is. We made it home from our trip early and dialled in at 5am Australian time. The energy from the group and the mediation was amazing. The information from Divine Mother was awesome. It really helped to explain where we have come from and where we are heading.

I shall continue to listen to the audio for a few more days and continue to discover more, I’m sure! I’ll be sure to join the next one too.

Thank you to all.

Love and light,

A participant’s response to the August Hear Thy Soul channeling:

Thank you, Nas and Jim,

I can’t find the words to express all that this call with Divine Mother meant to me. I appreciate so much all that she related and all that she and Goddess Victory have done for us in the intervening months. I’m so accustomed to the “stickiness” of our material realm — not that it’s comfortable per se — yet I never imagined the measures that needed to be taken, and have been taken on our behalf. I am deeply grateful for it.

The shift I felt came somewhat following the portal 8/8 day. I realize that we will need to keep fortifying ourselves, staying focused and applying the tools (such as Divine Mother gave at the close of the call) so that we can pull fully past the mass consciousness drag into the lower frequencies and leap through the upcoming portal. It has been challenging. However, this new plan and our diligence with Divine Mother et al WILL pay off.

So, there’s so much that Divine Mother said that I will review in addition to working with the grid. I simply wished to say how much her explanation and support on all levels has helped me, and that I certainly feel more confident going forward as our “team” has regrouped in greater clarity and strength.

Thank you, dearest Nas. I love you.
Love, C

Hello J,

I fully understand. I would recommend writing everything you can remember sooner rather than later as you will tend to forget the details over time. These journeys are precious. As for the question of whether to follow these deities or not, I would say this is a decision you and only you would have to make.

Once you connect with Divine Mother, Goddess Victory, and GSW (Great Silent Watcher), then you are with the Big Guns and you are in good hands. Finding the next step is between you and them. I would want to see you choose with the help of Divine Mother. I support you in all your endeavors.

For the sake of clarity and to help you understand the state you are in, please know that in the course of the spiritual journey we all go through phases which are called, ” the dry period”. During these times, our connection gets misty and hazy and sometimes completely severed for a while. This has happened multiple times to myself and to many I have witnessed. St Francis of Assisi talks about it in his memoir, ” The flowers of St. Francis”. These are times for reflection while there is a changing of the guards going on in the realms where your guides are connecting with their higher aspects or new ones are being brought in who are in a better position to work with the new awakened aspect of you. Therefore, consider this a temporary event. While some of the journeys we all go through in the course of spiritual awakening do not get repeated. I would love to remember and record all the details of the journeys I went on with Lord Shiva, Goddesses Durga and Lakshmi and wish to have journaled the entries. But I was in a state of bliss and had no foresight that even these states and these journeys are transitory; so journalling was the last thing on my mind. Sometimes I wish there coud be a video camera inside my head to record all the amazing stuff I have witnessed over the decades.

I would therefore recommend not to read too much into “why” right now there is a mist around you. When this phase is over, the mist will lift and you will begin the next phase of your journey, and it will be yet another amazing phase. This time try to record it as it happens.

Good luck my dear.
Love, Nasrin

Hi Nas,

Thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given me. I am very grateful to know you and to have you in my life.

I’ve been going before Divine Mother at the altar and, among my other requests to Goddess Lakshmi, asking her to grant me the skills I had once before and to help me to find my way back to my state of joy.

I’ve had the urge for a while to channel and write down the messages and stories of the deities and map out and describe the realms I have explored so that those who are interested in them can learn about them in ways so that they are safe. But in saying that, I didn’t want to step on any toes or do anything that is out of my place. And that’s why I haven’t acted on many of my urges. I didn’t feel it was my place. Should I follow these urges and act upon them?

Another thing is, when I try to look back at memories from 7+ months ago, all I see is a bright white mist, yet my skills in the mundane have stayed. It is as if my memory in this realm is being obscured and removed. For all other memories of mine in other realms are clear and concise. Do you know why this may be? I know I’m asking for a lot of answers, and I appreciate all the help you can give me. You are a beautiful and an amazing soul.

Thank you so much, Much love, J

Hi Nasrin,

We just visited a college for my daughter. It is called Lynn University in Boca Raton on the east coast. It so happens that is going to be the location of the last presidential debate at the end of October. We were on the very stage where the debate was going to take place! What are the chances? Then it hit me! Get to work girl! So I started to anchor the whole area with the amber colored light and connecting the Pool of Creation and with the Earth’s Core and keep the flow going. I had a hard time doing it at first for some reason, then I felt it was happening. I also called in the Great Silent Watcher and invited all of the Masters who wanted to come along. I intended on anchoring the whole building and the area to get it ready for the debate. That was just exciting. Don’t know if she will be going to this college, but now I know why we ended up going there.


Hello M,

I am so very glad you enjoyed the course. It is a pleasure to serve in this way.

Much love, Nasrin

My Dear Nasrin,

I do not know where to begin. This was so beautiful. I cannot put into words that could ever describe this experience that is filled Love and emotions and Gratitude.

I thank Nasrin for sharing all of this with us.

With more comes more.

Much Love and Gratitude, M

Hello dearest Nas,

Please thank Jim from me for the wonderful 8/8 Portal Day meditation last night. I pray that we do create all that Divine Mother wishes us to and surpass all expections! Anything is possible now. We simply need to continually energize our highest intentions and KNOW that it IS ALL POSSIBLE! We are creating the New World for all Beings with the greatest Love, Grace and Ease. Keep envisioning and invoking the Ultimate Reality with Divine Mother and all of the Masters. :-) I love you.

Love, C

Dear N,

It looks like you were writing to me while I was writing to you. How wonderful. Thank you a million times. I will be in for the next couple of weeks. Very interesting that i was thinking of these exact issues you have addressed in this email. I am glad you could rent the place and keep it for now rather than sell it less than it is worth in this slow market. It is good to own a place after all. So that is great news since you found an ideal place by the water, which is so very very important for you. The pure water ions will clear your energy as soon as you get home from work. Perfect!

Yes, I fully understand what you mean. In spiritual lingo this is called “witness consciousness” and reaching the point of witness consciousness is a great blessing. Some have even called this exact state, “the state of self-reallization”. I am very, very happy for you and proud of what you have achieved. Very glad that the energy in the courses has been the trigger and typing my hand written notes has accelerated you to bring you to this this amazing state. Very happy for you.

Happy Lakshmi day, my darling, and enjoy your new home. I feel the vortex of its energy. It is beautiful.

Much love, Nasrin

Dearest Nasrin,

It is an honor and joy that you include me in your noble and holy work. I am grateful forever.

I have changed so much and am so glad that I can share it with you. It has been about a few weeks now that “me” as an individual disappeared; dissolved!!! I no longer can identify Nadia the way I knew her! I feel like I am some sort of invisible energy in the background, observing amazing accomplishments in Universe and on Earth. Not sure if I am making any sense!!! And also, there is a feeling of bliss and tranquility that I never felt before! But I am sure of one thing, that most of my transformation/spiritual growth/mutation is because of your courses. And I am eternally thankful for that. And also, I feel some of this tranquility and growth was caused by typing your notes. The information in the notes and the energy that was pouring down on me while I was typing was an experience to remember!!! Just amazing! Thank you.

In everyday meditations, I set intentions to be free of mundane job/financial burdens so I can concentrate all my energy and effort on working with Divine Mother through PTE MS. Just a matter of time!

I love you my dear Nasrin,

Dear David,

How wonderful! It warms my heart. I will try to scan the 108 names and send them to you to say daily, too. We will be victorious in gathering the children of light. Of this I am certain. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

Much love, Nas

Greetings my friends,

(Re: During the month of Shravana-20th July to 17th August 2012- Goddess Lakshmi’s month to bring abundance and prosperity in Material and Spiritual realms alike to all of us.)

In honour of Goddess Lakshmi and in celebration of the trinity of love and light that is WOB/PTE MS, Opus Gaia and Hugs, we created a wonderful new altar. It has a lovely large statue in the center that we purchased yesterday especially for this as well as a picture of Lakshmi in a lovely pink flower frame as well as a large pink/red/white pillar candle that Josh and I will light together in the morn. There’s also fresh flowers to honour Lakshmi and a lovely three candle set on drift wood with a green bead lizard. Each candle is for each of our online domains. I’ve also added our cards, prosperity affirmations, the crystal from Goddess Victory as well as have meditated with Divine Mother to bless our combined efforts to help many and prosper through doing so.

A picture is attached. We also picked up a new chi fish tank that will be set up next to it, which according to the box brings harmony.

May our light always shine with the blessing of the Divine Feminine and abundant white light.


Dear A,

Thank you for your interest in our courses. Here are answers to your very important questions:

All of our courses are offered online. They consist of Audio of guided meditations and text. You can listen to the audio and exercise — even download it to your MP3 player — at your own leisure. Once you register for a course, you will have lifelong access to it.

A beginner would start with level one courses from the PTE Mystery School by going to our home page and clicking on the PTE drop down menu or the curriculum: At present, we have our once-a-year summer sale with all level one courses at half-price.

My course recommendations would be:

Start with Area A. If you want to get involved in understanding about what we are made of, how to empower yourself in this realm. Them move to Area B for follow up. These are video courses and of great value. You would however need the chakra system I & II and 5-Body System I & II for a general knowledge before you delve into them.

If you just want to dabble, then go with “Meet Your Guardian Angel” course from subject Area C. It would give you a taste of these teachings, and it is great fun as a beginner to find out about your Guardian Angel. The entire level one is copied below for your convenience. The link to the webpage is:

Level I: Awareness, Healing, General Knowledge and Angels

Subject Area A: Self Awareness and Healing
We highly recommend that both Chakra System I and Five Body System I be taken before moving on to Chakra System II and Five Body System II.

• I:A001:0906 Chakra System I, The Key to the Inner Kingdom CC
• I:A003:0906 Five Body System I, The Gateways of Universal Consciousness CC
• I:A002:0908 Chakra System II Chakras above the body and the Antahkarana Cord CC
• I:A004:0908 Five Body System II CC

• I:A005:0903 Journey to Higher Dimensions with Archangel Michael

Subject Area B: General Knowledge; Embody Your Higher Self
• I:B001:0903 Pendulums, Wands and Crystal Grids
• I:B002:0903 Masters, Living and Ascended
• I:B003:0903 Embody Your Higher Self
• I:B004:0903 Only Way Out is In

Subject Area C: Angels
• I:C001:1102 Meet Your Guardian Angel CC
• I:C002:1103 Guardian Angels of the Chakra System CC

Each month, we send out our free newsletter to bring everyone up to date with the latest events, to offer a guided meditation appropriate for that month and to present the course offerings for that month. Please register for the newsletter by clicking on the newsletter icon located in the right hand panel of our homepage at

We also offer free monthly group channeling events on the portal days 4/4 5/5/ 6/6/ 7/7etc. The next one will be on Wednesday August 8th at 7:30 pm. This is a live event via conference call, which you may attend live by calling into the conference center. The access code and conference call phone number are on the the webpage
or by listening to the meditation, which will be posted within 24-48 hours following the call, and can be found on our site under the Public Group channeling dropdown menu. You may check out the previous months’ channelings on the above link.

Good luck and welcome to our spiritual community,
Nasrin Safai

Dear Nasrin,

With all the studies you have to offer, where does someone who has a small understanding of all you offer start? And what are the courses and where are they done? Internet? Place? If so, what state or location?


Dear Nasrin,

The New Year is this March Spring Equinox 2012 when Goddess of Victory is installed in our Earth Hierarchy!! Beautiful!

I thank you, dear Nasrin, to have met you in this lifetime with all those beautiful channelings from Heaven.

Your beautiful voice, so clearly and softly. It’s a heavenly voice!

Love you! C

Hi Nas,

We’ve had an amazing experience with an awakening soul today. A young lady by the name of Betina, who I have been speaking with through Facebook. She is in New Zealand and moved recently following the Christchurch earthquake. She moved with her four children following the devastation and corruption of the elements. She is a beautiful soul who is very awakened, though unsure of how to proceed and finances have stopped her from purchasing any materials as she has been using her limited funds to raise her children.

After conversing with her, we heard her story and following a meditation with Divine Mother I was asked to provide her with links to WOB/PTE and a $10 voucher to spend at Hugs Across The Cosmos. I provided this with no hesitation. I also linked her in with WOB/PTE MS and suggested she browse your site to learn more about herself and her gift of light. She has since posted links on her Facebook page to WOB Meditation as well as a photo of all the chakras with a thanks to Nasrin’s Waves of Bliss. With her voucher from us, she purchased several eBooks, including the Archangel Michael eBook from WOB. It has moved both Josh and I immensely, and we whilst she did not pay for the eBook, we have made a donation to FAGU on her behalf as thanks for helping her to awaken to her soul into the light.

This is what Hugs Across The Cosmos and our trinity of love with yourselves at WOB/PTE MS and Opus Gaia is all about. Helping those lost souls find a way on the path, albeit with no access to funds to fuel this. Thank you so much to you all in helping us guide those souls like B. We have since given out a few other vouchers, too, and are now running a promotion over the next few weeks offering vouchers to those who are helping spread the word through likes on our Facebook page. Any purchases of the Archangel Michael eBook we will personally return the funds to further the wonderful work that FAGU provides.

Thank you again for all you do.
Love and light,

Dear David and Josh,

Beautifully executed. Thanks for the feedback.
Much love to you both, Nas

Greetings Nasrin!

May your world be surrounded by love, light and abundance always.

Thank you so much to yourself, Jim and the team for all you do in providing the wonderful study opportunities through the PTE Mystery School. I have had an amazing experience with working through “Chakra System I” as well as the “Festival of Navaratri”. I’ve also been meditating with “Anchoring The Divine Feminine at the Niagra Falls Vortex” and am find the connection to the divine feminine amazing. It is wonderful to be able to help heal our divine planet through the wonderful energies created and awakened within, thanks to PTE Mystery School.

Josh has now enrolled as a student, too, and is furthering his journey of discovery with the Guardian Angels of the Chakra System as well as benefiting immensely from the Summer Solstice 2012 Ceremony along with our daily morning ritual of anchoring ourselves in the divine feminine. Indeed he has a meditation on his phone so he can listen to it during his lunch break, too. Naturally, we end each day together with a meditation, too. The connection that we are both finding with multiple meditations daily and indeed by simply being in the light grid when we think of it is amazing.

We have both found that the corruption of Earth is more settled in our environment, too, and whilst the earth continues to produce 2 or 3 earthquakes each day or so around Australia, these are causing minimal damage and are out to sea with no Tsunami warnings. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of the healing of our beautiful planet through the anchoring of the divine feminine.

We look forward to the continued growth of our journey together!

Love and light,


Dear J,

Please do not worry about the Merkaba. We have started it under the guidance of the Divine Feminine and will continue it accordingly. So there is no need to change anything on our part.

The Merkaba is our individual vehicle of light and anyone who can roam the realms would automatically recall how to use it – otherwise we would not be able to roam the realms. No one human incarnate has a patent on how to open or spin the Merkaba!!!! Once activated, you absolutely do not need to exercise a Merkaba field activation. All members of our advanced course are already in that place. Furthermore, as you say it yourself, as a child you have been able to do it without any knowledge or the technique. Therein lies all the proof you need that the techniques and methods are auxiliary preps not necessary to those who remember.

The Merkaba is a light body component. The Light Body Activation helps to form our Merkaba field and bring it into focus, and everyone — incarnate or disincarnate — is capable of activating it and using it without anyone else’s directions. The job of teachers like myself is to facilitate its activation and accelerate the process of its formation and its permenant presence within your light body. I make sure it is done under the guidance of Divine Mother and the Masters; that is why we set up such elaborate Grids of Light and we travel inside the Merkaba field of the deities into and out of the realms. Once seekers reach high levels of initiation and expertise they can do it at will and it stays active permanently.

Seems likely that some teachers get over-zealous about the process. This is said with all due love and respect to Drunvalo, mixed with sadness that the mind and the male mental process gets in the way of seeing the spirit of things and realizing that there is a higher power to which everyone is connected. I am well aware of the Flower of life teachings. Through them, Drunvalo awakened a mass memory within the psyche of humankind which had been dormant for a long time. For that we are grateful. It was however the basics, and we have moved on. The teachings of Merkaba given by Master Thoth continued on through Alton Kamadon in the Melchizedek Method teachings. He was a student of Drunvalo, who was guided by Thoth to take the teachings of the Merkaba to its next step, but had a falling out with Drunvalo as a result.

In the first of the Melchizedek Method teachings, Thoth explains it all in one sentence — a command with only two words: “Merkaba activate!”

This was an instruction at the beginning of the course manual, which was to demonstrate that anyone could activate their merkaba by saying this command. That did more for me then than all the 17 breaths of the Flower of Life teachings and all the following teachings on that subject.

In our channeling sessions, we only deal with group Merkaba field as guided by the deities and our Mother. Each individual Merkaba field activation is done by these deities. Once activated, you all remain in their energies and are enhanced and accelerated through their will and their grace.

That should also ease your concern about who else will make the transfer. It is Divine Mother’s desire to take everyone into the 5D octave. The issue is not whether everyone makes it or not but how soon will the process happen for everyone. It will be sooner for some than for others and even on that matter the Divine Feminine aspects such as Victory and Great Silent Watcher are hard at work to help accelerate the process. Divine Mother has no desire to leave anyone behind. Please be reminded that being left behind does not mean hell and the underworld; it simply means staying where each person is, right here, living this life, doing what they do from day to day. That is the worst case scenario, but even then, it is Divine Mother’s will that everyone be moved to experience the peace and harmony of the higher vibrational octaves sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your service.
Much love, Nssrin

Dear Nasrin,

Drunvalo M. is on his Website saying that he gave the MerKaBa spin direction incorrectly in his original Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life because they were trying to attract men to do this, so changed a direction from feminine to masculine. He now is trying to correct this misinformation so it is done correctly before December 2012. He is also actually telling people that if they do not learn the MerKaBah correctly, they have no chance of moving to the higher dimensions. I heard him on his own Website. One woman called in to ask what about someone who is really good and kind but doesn’t know about his MerKaBa technique, but he said they won’t move on without it.

In the Sacred Geometry courses at PTE is any of the MerKaBa information from his earlier works? I, personally, don’t think he is right because I’ve been able to move interdimensionally since early childhood with various Guides accompanying me, unless I knew about the correct MerKaBa unconsciously. I don’t know what to make of all this.

I actually don’t do any specific MerKaBa exercises. Should I?

Nasrin, your courses have made the accessibility of these Divine connections so much more available to me, and I am so happy that M. sent me to you years ago. Thank you for your diligent work. You have made such a wonderful difference in my life, and thus, the lives of others with whom I connect.

Much love and blessings, J

Hello J,

Yes, it is true that by your merits and due to your services others benefit. The general rule is that first, your immediate descendants and your ancestors benefit from your good works in each lifetime. It is known to extend to cover up to seven generations past and seven generations in the future. In your case, Mother has extended it to all generations and all incarnations. This part is something that is given by grace, meaning through the grace of a deity — in this case Divine Mother — your good deeds of this lifetime have been extended to benefit all generations of your descendants, your offspring and all generations of your ancestors — everyone who has been or will be your mother/parent, past, present and future.

You have heard her correctly, and it can happen although rare. Well done and much gratitude for all you have done to merit this. I say this to thank you personally for my own benefit and for the benfit of all.

Love, Nasrin

Hello Nasrin,

I received an interesting message three nights ago, and I’m not sure if you have heard this before. I have been making a practice of adding many people to my group to take with me, but I was told that not all will make it, even some Loved Ones. I have muscle-tested to check and received the same results.

I was told that any soul who was ever a natural child of mine in any life, and any soul who has been my mother in any life, and any child of those mothers (whether I have known them well or not) will be in the group with me and the many children I am to escort.

I was well into a connection with Divine Mother and in the Column of Light, with balanced chakras and grids formed around me when I received this clear message. I haven’t read this or heard this before. What is your feeling? Is this just my own circumstance? Do you think it was from a true source?

Thank you, J

Hello dearest Nas,

I hope you’re doing well. How is it going with the heat where you are? The temperatures have been record-breaking through so many regions, though I know it gets difficult with very hot weather prolonged. I know Mother Earth and the elements are clearing dross. I did a little work with the energies the other day to help break it up. Sometimes consciousness gets stuck when it appears that circumstances just aren’t shifting. I know that from personal experience!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you. Please have a wonderful July! Divine Mother loves us all. You’re always in my heart. Love, C

Thank you C,

Yes, please do invite your friends and guide them to do the grounding and teach them the meditation. You absolutely can do it with pleasure. I feel confident that you will hold space for your like-minded friends and co-hearts to learn and repeat these amazing exercises and together through the grace of the Divine, we will change our world for the better.

Thank you for being the spearhead.
Blessings and much love, Nasrin

My Beloved Nasrin,

Wow!!! This Summer Solstice Channeling 2012 is the Ultimate Way to clear and cleanse all 5 elements from dross in just ONE session by Sanat Kumara, with the assistence of all the Great Divine Feminine Mothers and all of us for anchoring it!!

How is it possible? I really cannot believe this!! Yes, we have to repeat it 33 times at least, but still this is a very, very extremely wonderful and miraculous event!! What a loving and strengthening, clearing and cleansing has come to our Planet Earth and humankind! Thank you sooo much, beloved Sanat Kumara!

It’s so extremely important. Not only our waters have been cleared, the fire, earth’s soil, the air and ether, but also all people, animals, plants, trees and minerals will benefit from it, for all are consisting of the 5 elements!! Even our thoughts, feelings and actions will be cleared as well as a consequence!!

I am so very happy that this is really happened that I like to tell this to lots of my friends.

Is it allowed, dear Nasrin?? Can I invite them in my home to read this transcript, after grounding together?

I am waiting for your loving anwer.

Lots of Love!!
An extremely happy C!

Some food for thought:

“A birth certificate shows you were born.
A death certificate shows you have died.
A photo album shows you have lived.”

“Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

“A sharp tongue can cut your own throat.”

“If you want your dreams to come true, you mustn’t oversleep.”

“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.”

“The best vitamin for making friends…… B1.”

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

“The heaviest thing you can carry is a grudge.”

“One thing you can give and still keep…is your word.”

“You lie the loudest when you lie to yourself.”

“If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished.”

“One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.”

“Ideas won’t work unless YOU do.”

“Your mind is like a parachute…it functions only when open.”

“The 10 commandments are not a multiple choice.”

“The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime!”

“It is never too late to become what you might have been.”

“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.”

“Friends are like balloons — once you let them go, you might not get them back. Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives and problems that we may not even notice that we’ve let them fly away. Sometimes we are so caught up in who’s right and who’s wrong that we forget what’s right and wrong. Sometimes we just don’t realize what real friendship means until it is too late. I don’t want to let that happen so I’m going to tie you to my heart so I never lose you.”

Send this to all your friends and see how many you get back. Even send it to your balloons that you think have flown away forever. You may be surprised to see it return.

Dear N,

Do this ceremony before you embark on the plane:

Place all family members inside the bosom of Archangel Michael and say out loud:

” Archangel Michael Above us”
” Archangel Michael Above us”
” Archangel Michael below us”
” Archangel Michael within us”
” Archangel Michael to our left”
” Archangel Michael to our right”
” Archangel Michael behind us”
” Archangel Michael around us”
“Archangel Michael Blaze forth your light of protection and bring us to safety from the moment we begin this journey until we return safely back in our home.”

Do this invocation every morning as you arise and every night as you retire during your journey and from this moment on every day of your life for peace and harmony.

Good luck and enjoy your trip. Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I´m writing you from Mexico City. In few weeks I´m having a wonderful trip with my husband and 8 year old child to visit Europe, but you know, I´m really nervous and anxious of flying so many hours in a plane (12 hours).

I love Archangel Michael and I used to call him into every aspect of my life, but can you please help me with some decrees and visualizations for flying safety without fear and negative thoughts, enjoying all my long trip?

God bless you and I send you Light, Peace and Love,

Dear D,

Lovely. I will send some healing your way for your chest cold. There is some grief coming up from some childhood events. Love them and release them to make room for more love. Also, remember those healing sessions to the clients, so there seems to be some residual dross and stuff that you may have picked up. It is good to remember at the end of each session of healing, both you and Josh must clean yourselves up from whatever you may have released for your clients, even when it is a simple Tarot reading and more so when it is hands-on healing. Here is the procedure I suggest:

Washing hands from elbow down with cool/warm salt water-even table salt is fine. And then, a clearing of your chakras with a quick meditation where you envision your antahkarana Cord — a shaft/Cord of Light extended from the top of your head to Divine Mother’s throne — being cleared and bringing Gold Light into you Crown Chakra, then down to the chakras of the head, body, legs, feet and down to the chakra bellow your feet — the Earth Crust Chakra. Then going down the Hara line into the core of the Earth and pulling the Amber light of the Earth up into the body all the way up to the Crown. Then you imagine that it is extending out of your body to encompass your 5-Body system, cocooning your entire auric field.

That would be one round of clearing, which will steer you clear of lower vibrations and help you remove any residue of dross you may have picked from a client.

Be well.
Love, Nas

Thank you, Nas.

It awesome to work with you and serve together with the team. Both Josh & I have been spreading the word today as the new awesome cosmic chariot with beautiful cosmic signage took to the streets for the first time.

We are thinking it could be good to visit some of the towns near here over the coming months and hopefully pass on more of the love and guidance.

I’ll be working on the gifts store over the coming days. Have a shocking chest cold at the moment but still achieving a few things. I tend to just run slower – I never really stop!

Love and light to all,

Exceptional video from NASA of the Venus Transit, which occurred on June 5th/6th 2012. Here’s the Youtube link:

Dear R,

It is most beautiful. I am so very glad that you are pain free. You are in my thoughts and prayers always, my darling.

Love, Nasrin

Dear Nas,

I want to let you know that most of the pain is gone now, and I thank you for your help!!!

Sent you a picture of my blue tree that is flowering in this month, and he smells of honey…..

I did plant this tree when he was a small one, and every year he thanks me with those wonderful flowers. A miracle don’t you agree???

Are you well , my dear??

Think of you very often and will do that for the rest of my life!!

May God give you all HIS blessings,

With love, R

That’s brilliant news!

The crystal you sent from Goddess Victory is on our altar. It was sitting by the candle, but it jumped off the other night and landed at the front of the altar, creating a triangle with jade and bloodstone. I’m sure the energies have jumped-started our flow! We have 10 customers now at hugs and 4 completed orders – all in a week!

I’ve just completed an 8 day candle ritual that I was asked to do by Isis for our prosperity. Eight is a dominant number in our world. Many years ago I cast intent for a new life under the power of 8. I asked for many wonderful things, including a loving partner and life surrounded by loving people, abundance, love and light. This was cast on 8/8/08! The founding date for PTE! I’m know you all are part of this beautiful reality that my life is becoming.

Thank you again.
Love and light, David

Dear C,

Let’s begin by sending a great big “thank you” to your Soul for pulling you to Mother Mary on our site. That alone is a great sign that miracles do happen and that you are being watched. As the saying goes: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear,” and here you are. You will realize, as time goes by and you bgin to build up your spiritual muscles, how much of a difference there is within you. So in terms of short and long term solutions:

1- Intention is King! That means, all you need to do is intend, plan, ask that help comes, that you release your disbeliefs, that healing be effective. As Mother Mary says, Ask, ask, ask. Pray, pray, pray. Intend, intend, intend. You will manifest what you intend.

2- How to ask? just do it! It is as simple as that. Talk to Divine Mother as you would talk to yourself. Address everything to her. Ask her to be a witness to every thought, every action and guide. Call on her a 1000 times a day for every action. Start the day with “I offer this day to Divine Mother”. Start each meal with, “I offer this food to Divine Mother”. Take your shower/bath by saying, “I offer this shower to Divine mother and ask that all my negativity be washed away and Mother’s love to bathe me through the day.” Drive your car while thinking and talking to Divine Mother: “I ask Divine Mother to go with me on this drive,” and then talk your heart out to her.

3- Start every project by first calling on Divine Mother to guide you to do it right, with ease and grace. Be creative! There are a million ways to involve the Divine in our lives. They want to be involved. What true mother wouldn’t want to be involved? They want to help. Our happiness is theirs too.

4- Use Rose Quartz to add the pink, which you feel you need. Rose quartz can be purchased cheap as raw unpolished pieces, which you can carry around or set up as a chakra grid kit on your body. See the definition of a Crystal Grid Kit and instructions by looking at our grid kits in I am certain you can find Rose quartz easily to make yourself a grid kit. If not, we will help you by putting a grid Kit together for you.

5- Use Selenite Wands to clear your energy. Again, you can order them online from others or from us. An individual, a pair or a grid kit for your bedroom would all help clear whatever you release. In the eary phases of healing, there is a lot of release. If the stuff which is being released is not cleared then you are constantly bathing in it. Crystals, especially Selenite wands, are excellent ways to clear the energy from around you and from within you fast and help you move on, by keeping the vibration of your environment at high levels at all times. It will help you move through the dross faster, and it will provide much needed relief. You may read about the significance and the operation of Selenite Wands on our Gift store.

6- BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. BE GENTLE WITH YOUR SELF! It has taken many thousands of years to get us all to this point, and we expect that it clears overnight! It will be fine, it will all work miraculously if you allow it. Let your soul do her job. You are in good hands. Your soul has brought you to those Magnificent healers who are selflessly working to help you. Your soul knows the way even when you have forgotten, and when you have no trust left in you! The trust will build up as you grow and mature in your spirituality and shine your beautiful light. Even the ego will stop worrying. The ego has an important role. It has been in charge for a very long time. Love it, give it credit, let it be your friend. It will do everything you need when recognized, and when the ego learns to trust that the soul has her best interest at heart. We are all the product of the dross, which our planet and the consciousness of all souls have absorbed over eons of lifes. The ego has done its best to cope in lieu of conscious guidance from guides and from the soul. We all have had many thousands of years coping without guidance. It is not easy to now give the reigns to some invisible aspect of the Self and let go.

You are an awesome, brilliant, beautiful being of light. Your Light will shine as it should. It has already begun. Safe journey and welcome to our Spiritual Family.

Much Love & Light, Nasrin

Hi Nasrin,

I came across your website while researching about energy healing. I am currently working with a wonderful woman who is helping me with healing my energy. I was told that I am actually missing two colors in my aura, one of them being the pink aura. At the beginning, I did not believe that these energies exist, but I’ve always felt something is missing in my life. I’ve never been able to keep any relationships even if everything else in my life are going great. This woman helping me is actually the second one who has told me about this complete lack of pink aura and now I realize that there has to be something to it.

I am very grateful that this woman, Anna, is very generous to help me with my situation as she says that I am a rare case. I admit that I do not understand the aspects of energy and spirituality, and that my ego is still fighting against believing them. What do you recommend that can help me let go of my disbelief? I know that Anna’s work is only as effective as me completely embracing spirituality, and I do want to go on that path. I want to help her in whatever way I can. I want to ask for Mother Mary’s help, but I honestly don’t know how to even start. At this point, with the gravity of my situation, I feel that asking for a miracle for my healing is the only way to go, but I do not know how. I do not know what to look for, how to receive, or even how to know if I am indeed receiving the healing energy.

I am touched especially reading ”Mother Mary’s Healing Grid”. It is something that I would like to practice for myself. I want to believe, and I need all the help I can get to in a sense really open my eyes and ”see”.

I would like to ask if you have any insights on this and help getting started on this healing journey?

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, C

Dear one,

It is a pleasure to be of service to you and to all the beings of light. Thank you for your comments. m

Much love and light to you,

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you for all your love kindness and inspiration.


Re: the course “Inner Sanctum”:

Beloved Nasrin,

What a splended Course!!!!!!!!!
No words for it!!

Warm loving feelings from my Inner Sanctum to You!

Hi my darling,

What a lovely account of your experience with the course entitled, “Sanat Kumara at the Throne of Victory” and what a great way to make practical use of these courses. This is exactly what Divine Mother would want us to do with these courses. It is also a way to bring the energies of Sanat Kumara back to Earth and make his loving presence felt.

Thank you for sharing. Most appreciated.
Much love,

Dear Nasrin,

I listened to the course last night for the 2nd time. Each time I listen to it I fall asleep, so I really do not know what is going on. This time, I decided to scan through the summary beforehand, so I can have some idea as to what is happening, then I listened to it and fell asleep again.

I woke up this morning with the urge to ground place where I work and to connect it with the Pool of Creation through the Amber colored Life Force Energy and the AntahKarana Cord. As soon as I imagined the Amber Cosmic Life Force Energy from the Pool of Creation, I could feel a whoosh of lightness and a breezy sensation. I then realized what it meant to make the connection between the Core of the Earth and the Cosmic Life Force Energy.

We are inviting the Masters to come in hordes to change the energies and help us with whatever issues we are having. As it turns out, I am having some issues at work, and I have been trying to deal with it in my own way by doing constant clearing. It did not feel like it really helped, until Nasrin suggested I bring in the Great Silent Watchers. Doing the grounding exercise and bringing in the Cosmic energies from the Pool of Creation really seemed like it did “open the gates” for these Great Beings to come in and lighten up the environment. Today, the workplace was much lighter. I did not feel that heavy feeling. I did not seem to care about the outcome of the issue that was going on. Instead, I looked at it straight on as to realizing that the worst case scenario was not so bad after all, even though I have no clue on how to deal with it. In short, I feel like I placed the burden on the universe and trust that whatever happens will be for the better — no fear.

I found a way as to how to “recruit” help through this great course. Even if I have practiced the grounding exercise with the other courses, somehow it seems like the value “clicked” with this one.

I am so grateful for everyone: Nasrin, Jim, Sanat Kumara, Goddess of Victory, Divine Mother for being so loving and supportive and to allow us to share all this great knowledge. The issues from work have not been all resolved yet, but tapping into all this great knowledge is helping me realize that I am not all alone and that there is always support when we ask for it and when we are open to receiving it.


Hello my dear S,

Thank you very much for the lovely comment you posted on our site. I am glad that you were guided to our site, and that you enjoy the Portal Day Channelings. We will have a wonderful one for the month of June. I invite you to receive as a gift from all of us at Waves of Bliss to make up for the missing May channeling.

I asked Divine Mother what to offer you, and she wants you to recieve a lovely course called “The Angels of the Chakra System”.

Adora will register you for the course in the next few days and help you to start with the Angels of the Chakra System. Let me know how you progress with this course and please give us your comments.

Thank you again for your love and your interest.
Please let us have your postal address.

Thank you and much love,

Dear Nasrin,

I wish you much success. It’s too bad, for people like me around the world, that are so fond of the monthly (free) channelings, to have lost that “contact”. For example, I missed very much the channeling in May, especially since it was such an important month!

Obviously, I would like to take all of the lessons in the mystery school, but that’s not posible for me. I would like to say that these channelings changed my life, and that I was listening every month since 2007/2008 (I don’t remember the exanct date!)

There are many other activities around, but you are the ones I met first and like more. LOL! I will listen to the resumed part of the channelings.
The way that Jim teaches anchoring to Mother Earth and all of the grids is amazing!! And Nasrin channeling, specially DIVINE MOTHER is also great! My spiritual guide is Divine Mother! I love colors and this means of anchoring.


Posted by Nasrin for all Hearts:

Roses for a Special Person ~

You are receiving these roses because you are a special person! Each rose symbolizes a special wish from me to you.

One Rose for Long Friendship

One Rose for Unconditional Love

One Rose for Financial Wealth

One for Everlasting Happiness

One for Success

One for Knowledge

One for Beauty, inner and outer

One for Family

One for Honesty

And the last one for a long and healthy life.

Bless you!

My beautiful friends,

Your love and generosity show no bounds. May it be returned ten fold and more. We received your parcel today. Thank you to all.

Nas, your crystals and beautiful channeled energies are divine – literally! Pure wow. Thank you. They will enhance our journey on so many levels.

Adora, your blends – pure heaven-sent scents! Thank you. Such wonderful energies to enhance and raise our vibrations as well as to clear the dross.

To you all, again, thank you. I am enjoying our work together immensely. I feel a purpose in my life and slowly I climb out of the pit of negativity shaking off the dross as I ascend.

I shall be in touch soon with some more product descriptions, Adora, and look forward to our continued work with both yourself, Nas and Jim. I know together we will help many.

We will also distribute your leaflets as well as use one of each in our binding intent of divine light for our work together.

Talk soon and big hugs to you all.
In service and humble gratitude with love and light,


Hugs Across The Cosmos
Your Cosmic Information Gateway
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Hi Nasrin,

Now I have read two of your books, and they are excellent. I am publishing
“Owning Your Magnificence — A Spiritual Psychology” in July. We are on simaler spiritual paths, my dear Nasrin, that I learned Magnified Healing with, and I think you would enjoy my book.

Love and Miracles,

Wonderful! Congrats to both of you. David, do you see the pattern that is emerging for both you and Josh? This is a unique healing/teaching modality, which is being developed where Divne Mother is guiding each of you individually and both of you together. It combines your unique talents, coupled with the tools from Opus Gaia and PTE. It allows you both to give high-level, fast and productive results to heal and awaken these indigos in ways not yet available otherwise. I am so very proud of you both and of the people you are pulling in to recieve from you.

Well done my darlings.
Love, Nas

Greetings my friends,

Thank you for bringing the light into our world with all you do. May light and love be your beacon always.

Josh and I entertained a friend of mine tonight that I have not seen in over a year. I showed her what charkras were by having her visualize each one, one at a time. I used the teachings from PTE, then had her smell the oil from Opus Gaia as I introduced her to each one. Having her say the words on the label as she smelled and saw her charkra open. It was amazing. After she smelled all the oils, I asked her which resonated with her most. She said root and heart. I then balanced these charkras using the oil blends and healing from Divine Mother. She felt much better after. I did not know I could do this.

From there, she said she wanted a Tarot reading as she had never had one before. Jade asked Josh to do the reading as he did not know her past. I had Josh meditate using the 7th charkra “I AM” Chakra Blend from Opus Gaia, oil blend. He switched on instantly to the energies around him. He delivered his best reading so far. I was very proud.

On behalf of myself and Josh, thank you. Your encouragment, acceptance, love and friendships mean so much. This, combined with your divinely sent talents and gifts has awakened us both to levels we only dreamed of before.

Personally, it is a pleasure and honor to serve the divine, and I look forward to being of future service to you all.

Love and light,
David & Josh

Dear M,

Let the Divine guide you. You would start from what is in front of you and learn about various paths. Then, the one with the most pull atracts you. That is my suggestion. Educating your self is the key. No one can tell you what is best for you but you.

Good luck, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I am from Iran, and really don’t know who is my true way for enlightenment and who is my true mentor.

I need a technic to find it out. M

My beloved C,

You too are the element and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine light. Thank you for participating and for your feedback. Love and gratitude, Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

How can I tell you about my abundant and grateful feelings being part of our group for this wonderful Course! Though I missed selfworth for long in this lifetime, now I feel that this is what I was waiting for here on Earth.
Now I feel to be very close to these Pure Divine Feminine Mothers of Light like Great Silent Watcher, Victory, Divine Mother and YOU, Divine Mother Nasrin!

Blessed YOU are!!

Dearest Nas,

I am happy that Divine Mother seems to be welcoming me. Thank you very much. Your gracious suggestion overwhelms me to the point of tears. Thank you so much, Nasrin. This is the best Mother’s Day gift I have ever received. I continue to pray that you will be blessed and protected in every way, at all times.

I love you for all you are and all you do. J

Fantastic, Thank you. Very well done. We will post it on our blog for everyone to enjoy. Thanks again for sharing your inspiration with us.

To Nasrin and support people,

After reading your last newsletter, the attached poem popped out of me. I am sending it to you as a gift.
Blessings, I. B.

Fiery Light

As the fiery light
fires up intensely
we stand forth
to blaze the trail

That leads us all
into the golden age
long awaited for
through many trials

We hold the torch
as we walk through
the golden tunnel
to the sacred altar

It is a divine march
one of a serious nature
as history is being born
with each step we take

And following us
are the Children of Light
who will reap the harvest
that we have sown

by I.B. April 2012

Thank you again for offering the Gateway Portal Channelings. Also, Please accept my gratitude for your generosity. I truly enjoyed the ”Angels of the Chakra System” and ”Meet Your Guardian Angel” courses. It is such a wonderful gift to have a conscious relationship with my guardian angel!

If you had not given the Spring discount for Level 1 courses I would not have been able to attend. Now I am learning and growing so much from ”The Only Way Out is In” course!

Thank you more than I can say, K

Dear Nas,

I so love the work. Thank you so much for your generosity and your loving work with Divine Mother, The Feminine and the Masters. You are such a treasure. I can’t thank you enough for the work you do. It’s beyond my wildest dreams to be part of the core group. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and Jim and the group too.


You will always be my spiritual mother, and I love you so very much and I know we will continue to work together always! That’s why we were brought together in such a special way, remember?

Nas, what I feel about Divine Mother is beyond words; a complete adoration and devotion only compared to the description of Master Thoth and Ganesha’s blind love for her! I love all the Masters, gods and Goddesses, angels, etc. But my heart is completely hers, no doubt.

Karunamayi is here from tonight, and I’m attending all the events, including the meditation retreat. I found a couple years ago a soul sister, she is part of my soul lineage and has been very active in my healing. Actually, she is like the only person I’m allowed to interact with freely since she is not contaminated with a lot of negativity and thanks to her I’m going to the meditation retreat. And Amma will be in Dallas at the end of June. I always miss going with you to see them; it’s not the same!

After two years of being a vegetarian, I turned vegan three months ago. My body was asking for more grains and vegetables and that’s what I’m giving it! I always think of Metaron’s words three years ago when he said that our bodies were changing and so will our food choices and he was completely right, every step of the way! As always…

Thank you Nas!!!

I feel better day by day. Everytime I meditate, i can see my future clearly and my soul’s guidance and the guidance of Divine Mother and the Masters is better and sharper. I know I’m close to the end of this madness, which by the way, I’m grateful for since it has thought me well. I have spiritually evolved, and I appreciate every second.

I’ve been cleansing negativity that I’ve had since birth, brought from up to 49 generations up my family line. I do not suffer any more of menstrual cramps, my periods are nice, and I’m not in that horrible pain that crippled me for days at a time in bed. I am so very happy, I had the privilege of tapping into the pool of God’s love and the ecstasy was unbelievable. And thanks to our work with the Masters and Divine Mother, I feel compassion everywhere I go!!!

By the way, seven months ago I picked up from the street this litte kitten, starving and in terrible shape. Lucas loved her, and now she took completely over my protection. She is a very special cat. A Shaman. She knows exactly what I need and puts herself or her paws on the part of my body that needs cleansing and she starts purring… Her name is Blanca Nieves (snow white) and she picked up that name, like my kids…

Hi my dear,

Thank you very much for both your emails regarding the 3/3 gateway and the tech team. Just now I was getting ready for the 4/4 gateway channeling and was reciting the Kadga Malas to Mother when my thought went to you. I remembered that I never did respond to your beautiful remarks even though it felt like Divine Mother was speaking through you, and it meant a lot to receive these two emails from you.

Thank you again for being a part of this amazing journey with all of us. You mean a lot to all of us. L&L, Nas

Thank You Nasrin for getting back to me so quickly. I want to take this time to thank your most excellent tech team. They have over the years been absolutely reliable and have many many times amazed me at how quickly they have posted the sessions. I have felt so thankful to them for they have with out a doubt been a major part of the work we all do. Please give them my heartfelt gratitude for all they do for us!!!!!!!!
Love and Light to ALL

This was a beautiful and powerful session. I want to thank Nasrin and Jim for the amazing work that they do each month. I have been listening to the sessions and working with the grids daily. I feel blessed to be a part of this work and will continue to do all I can to help Divine Mother and all the other Entities who have blessed up with their energies and gifts. I Love You All……

Dearest Nasrin,

I have been listening to your meditations since November of 2010, about average 3-4 hours a day!!!! The other day I realized that how soothing your voice is and all this time listening to your voice and meditating with Divine Mother and Masters has become major part of my life!!! I hope one of these days I will be able to meet you in person!!!

Hello my love,

Happy anniversary to us! I’m so impressed that you remember it all. Thank you for the reminder and the kind words. Nas

Hi Nas,

You know — in TWO days it will be 9 years ago that I met you. You did my first reading (in Marlboro) on 3-30-03! I will always remember that date — and that reading!

I am so grateful you are doing the 2012 free channeling sessions. It’s such a kind of “insane” time on this planet… I guess it’s really great in some ways – and really “so much” (at least for me) in other ways. I could write paragraphs about this, but all I know is — I’m very grateful my path has provided me with you – and all the ways your channeling has helped me to understand all of this.

I want to thank Nasrin and Jim for the amazing work that they do each month. I have been listening to the sessions and working with the grids daily. I feel blessed to be a part of this work and will continue to do all I can to help Divine Mother and all the other Entities who have blessed up with their energies and gifts. I Love You All…… ~ L

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you again for the wonderful meditations you bring to us. My life has been so overwhelming. I don’t want to imagine what it would be like without the guidance of Divine Mother.

I am also excited to let you know that I started the “Guardian Angels of the Chakra System” on March 1st. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I love the Archangels, the stones, the colors and the way the energy feels! I practice every morning and night, both for myself and for Mother Earth. It also works well with the daily March “Compassion” meditation. The first few lessons with the Angels helped me improve and strengthen my connection to Mother Earth. I spent extra days on the first 2 lessons. I didn’t realize I still needed to work on my grounding, nor that I was not fully accepting Mother Earth’s love/amber energy. I am now enjoying lesson six with Archangel Raphael and rose quartz in my heart chakra. My heart is mending and I can already feel my throat chakra opening up so that I can write again.

Your offerings are very valuable to me. I will be sending my love and energy tomorrow for Goddess Victory’s Ceremony at the Throne of Victory on Spring Equinox. I have been feeling as though something BIG is going to happen, maybe this is it, or at least part of it?

Thank you again, I am eternally grateful.
Spring Blessings! Love, K

You are most welcome my darling, J. It is my pleasure and a great gift to be able to help a Star Child/ Indigo Soul such as yourself. Enjoy the journey with Mother’s blessing. L&L Nasrin


I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me through your site and through the Divine Mother.

Metatron is an energy that I resonate with. Thanks to your site and meditations, I have come to learn much about him and where he heralds from.
I am very appreciative of all that you and the Divine Mother do to help those, like me, seeking guidance in our journey.

Blessings across thee cosmos to thee,

Thank you for your trust in the Divine. You are a blessing to our community. Much love, Nasrin

A participant wrote about Gifts from Divine Mother, I:

Thank you to the Divine Mothers for this feeling of being Safe and Loved.
Thank you to Goddess of Victory for offering the Strength and Fortitude to Manifest the highest possible conditions for the return of Grace, Purity and Innocence.

I do set my intentions before dreamtime, to weave this Tapestry. This is joyful and empowers my creative sparks.

Also, I am planning to plant many Peony bushes! I want to be surrounded by Peonies.

Thank you, Nasrin.

Thank you for your participation, for your love and your light.

Re: the course Gifts from Divine Mother, I:

Thank you, Great Silent Watcher, for Blessing me with this most wonderful Gift! — your Cocoon of Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power. I am very much one who needs this Blessing.

Thank you, Divine Mother, for Your support, magnification and intensification of the impact. My entire body and my five-body system is rapidly drawing this Blessed Gift into myself and around my self, as it is much needed; it feels positively Blissful.

I highly recommend taking this Course as soon as possible; this is purely joyful, and valuable.

Finally, after years of being told that I need to be more grounded, I truly understand why “grounding” is so vital for our well-being. This will help to continue my work without an overload of electrical “interference.”

Thank you, Nasrin. May you be Protected and Blessed, All Ways. ~J

Dear H,

Fantastic! It does not get better than this. Thanks for this wonderful sharing. Love, Nas

Hi Nasrin,

Shen Yun is Chinese for something like Divine dancing. The manifestation of sublime beauty of heavenly realms that are shown through the subtlest expressions and gestures of Chinese classical ballet dancers.

For some reason, I got tickets to go to a classical Chinese dance last week. The show was only in town for this weekend. I then realized that the time frame coincided with the 3/3 gateway group portal chanelling. I wanted to participate in the live meditation group so there was a conflict. I then figured that while watching the show, I can link with the group and send some light to China through the dancers. After all, I figured that with such a totalitarian regime all the dancers would be like the olympic athletes — very rigid lives and strict discipline. I could intend on sending some light to that whole area.

As it turns out, the whole show was about bringing to awareness the 5,000 years of chinese culture. It included a lot of mysticism on deities, had a dance about Tibet’s oppression, and to my big surprise it also had skits of modern people trying to go back to the spiritual teachings, government thugs trying to take them away, but deities coming to their help and helping them in the fight. This was all done in extremely beautiful classical Chinese ballet format. They actually had opera singers singing songs (translated, of course). “The truth will break open the gates of delusion” was the title of one of their songs.

I was dumbfounded that this was a show from China. As it turns out, it wasn’t. The Shen Yun organization started 6 years ago in New York, and its mission is to spread the awareness of authentic Chinese ballet, and to reclaim and renew the true divinely-inspired cultural heritage of China.

I figured it was completly appropriate that I was watching this show at the same time the gateway portal channeling group was happening and that maybe that organization and/or China was being anchored to the work our group is doing as well. A lot of the beautiful costumes the ballet dancers wore reminded me of Lady Quan Yin.

All in all, I expected an excellent performance, but did not at all expect all this spiritual undertone, especially coming from China. It is fascinating to realize how all of these thousands of years of this beautiful heritage have been erased in the past few decades and transformed into what we know as China now. It is also very nice to see such a powerful movement renewing the awareness, interest and knowledge through such a subtle and beautiful medium.

I intend on listening to the 3/3 audio when it comes out. I am also more interested in the Hear Thy Soul series coming up with Lady Quan Yin even more so after this experience.

Lots of love,

Hi Nasrin,

Here is an update on the migraine situation. Last night, as I was about to go to bed, I was dreading the throbbing that would go on until I’d stop shuffling around. It occurred to me that I needed to ground myself.

So I did the grounding with the amber-colored light going to the earth’s core. It was very hard to concentrate at first, as I wanted to focus on the head pain. After a while, I was able to visualize some flow going to the earth’s core. As soon as that started, I began to feel a comforting throbbing in my throat area. Also, it felt like the first chakra area needed some kind of release and the amber light flow seemed to help that.

So I kept going at it and kept visualizing the amber flow going through. Once in a while that comforting throbbing in the throat would comme by. I decided that I was on the right tract. Some time later, I would feel a slight throbbing in the heart chakra — not as strong as that in the throat, but still very comforting and soothing. Kept doing the grounding.

I figured may be throbbing should make its way down to the 1st chakra and may be get a flow going through my body. Eventually, I did get some slight flutter in the solar plexus, but still not as strong as the throbbing in the throat and the heart area. But that was good enough. I did the grounding exercise for a little while longer. Some time I had to work at getting the amber-colored light because I would see a pale white light instead. But If I focused on the earth’s core, it would come out as amber colored. Eventually I stopped. There was a definite difference. The headache did not stop, but it occured to me to take some motrin. I was taking a prescirpion medicine that was not helping. I also was taking aspirin. Well the motrin helped better and removed all the pain!
I woke up feeling much better with no headache! So cool!

I will have to do more grounding later. I realized I have not been doing any of that in a long while. Even with last week’s meditation, I have no idea what happened because I fell asleep during it and eventually got distracted with the headaches. Well, now I’ll have to do it more.

Looking forward to this afternoon’s meditation.

Lots of love and light,

Dear H,

Yes you did. Amazing!!!

You know when the Shakti moves and something is meant to be, it happens. We did ceremony and no one would be around. We would finish and it would get swamped. That was always the case wherever in the world we went. If it did not work that way, it was the sign that we were in the wrong place or at the wrong time. We would then meditate and clear the energies or go away and find the exact site, and it would be repeated again. Quite amazing.

I think that the Divine providence brought you to this group. It is a perfect match. I am delighted that you have made a folder and further to be your space holder while you process. m

Much love, Nas

Dear Nasrin,

I decided to reread your beautiful response and got more input out of it.

Wow! I anchored all of our work in THAT area? That is impressive and humbling!. I wonder why all these sacred sites don’t all get connected when we do the meditations.

I would love to hear your stories about these sacred sites.

Just curious,how were you able to do ceremonies over the site of Tolum? It looks like it would be closed to the public. I visited the site on a different cruise in 1998, and wanted to sit down and meditate in the area, but with all the tourists around and the time crunch with the tour, there was no way to even think about doing that.

I will have to remember the words electromagnetic vs magnetoelectric.

Someone introduced me to this association called : “International Association of Biological Dentristry and Medicine” about 6 years ago. The members of that association are just amazing. They are all radical thinkers outside of the boxes. They all are willing to share their expertise and everything they teach sounds true — whether it is about the mercury we were taught to place in our patient’s mouths to all other toxins we inadvertently place in their mouths.

I always enjoy meeting them. We are open enough to plan on having energy medicine be one of the topics in one of our mini-meetings. It is really nice to have a group of people who share the same passion as you, especially when it is that specific.

Thanks again for everything,
lots of love,

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you for your feedback. It is always comforting to know things are supposed to be what they are and see a different angle on cataclysmic interpretations of natural occurences or predictions. The glass can really be ither half full or half empty.

I will follow your advice and place all these emails in a folder. It is actually like a journal, and I really feel greateful to know you are an open ear where I can first send them to process while writing.

Lots of love,

Hello Nas,

I’m happy to help you in any way that I can. Also, I feel a great joy in doing the high intensity courses, even though they’re intense! It’s really where the core of the work lies to help create the New Reality we’re invoking and anchoring. I know in my heart that we’ve progressed so far and are close to the Shift, and so much credit goes to Divine Mother and you and Jim and everyone else who facilitates the work that Divine Mother wishes to do. I am just very pleased and honored to be a part of our service so that all souls may be free.

I love you! Thank you from the core of my heart for everything that you do and for being such a beautiful role model, Spearhead, channel and someone very dear to me. May Divine Mother bless you to overflowing and beyond always.

Love, C

Dear H,

Thank you for these musings. let me tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your updates and the way you process everything while you write. It is beautiful to witness.

Now let me add another piece to the puzzle: that cross is also the symbol of St. Germain. There are seven factions of the Seven Rays of which the seventh is the Purple Cross. It is the one for the highest level initiates and the most adept. The symbol itself is worn by St. Germain and is fully present in the framed pictures of him in his sacred retreats over Mt. Shasta and in the mountains of Wyoming. Adepts arrive to greet his portrait and recieve a recalibration from the cross which is displayed over his chest.

Tulum is an amazing sacred site – a true natural wonder as a portal of energy upon which the Mayans created a vortex of light and power. In the 1990’s, we started and ended many ceremonies on the site of Tulum, which we were told is the Crown Chakra aspect of the Mayan Civilizations. Some ceremonies began there and ended at the sacred site of Uxmal which is concidered the Root chakra aspects and otheres started at the root chakra and eneded at the Crown chakra in Tulum. Chichen- Itza, Teotihuacan and other sites make up the other chakras.

I am so glad you took this cruise. Energetically, you anchored everything we have done together in the course of the past few years with Divine Mother and the Goddesses and Masters, and connected it to these Sacred Sites and the Mayan Civilization, which continues to have a great impact in our present civilization and will extend to the end of the present Seed Race in another 3000 years.

I am also amazed that somehow you seem to move in professional and scentific circles, which are spiritually inclined, given that these are all mainstream medical doctors and professionals. I would say that like atracts like — that is you would only be called to gatherings where the quotient of their spiritual awareness and wisdom matches their medical and scientific acumen, which is a great blessing.

Yes the electromagnetic charge is falling, and it needs to fall because Magnetoelectric charges need to replace them, as in the Divine Feminine taking the sacred magnetic to surround and imbue the Electric force of the Masculine. As for the statement that the lava is constricting the Earth, could it be that the lava is cleansing and purifying the corrupted Electric energy of Earth? Perhaps the force with which Goddess Pele — Goddess of Firey Volcanoes and lavas — clears the dross and delinquencies in this way. Time will tell and we will witness.

Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts. It brought back some amazing memories which I would love to share with you Guys some day. You will enjoy the stories of our escapades with our shaman friends from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Finally, please keep these musings in a file. You might consider writing a book sooner rather than later, and these would be precious bits that add a great deal as they bear witness to your Journey.

Much love to you H,

Hi Nasrin,

I am on a cruise on my way to Cozumel right now for a dental seminar. Before leaving, I decided to put on a necklace that has an even-sided cross. Something I haven’t worn ages.

When I got on the ship and met with other people from the group, the husband of one of my colleagues zoomed in on the cross and asked me where I got it. I told him I got it in Colorado years ago and told him I felt it was symbolic of the crossroads between the spiritual life and physical life that we have to embrace here on earth. He told me that was the symbol of the touareg tribe from the Sahara Desert, and said that there are a lot of other varieties like it for other similar tribes. As a matter of fact, he has one with him just like it. So he showed it to me. In that same group, there was another person who had a cross, but one that is for the orthodox christians; the one with the slash bars. So we joked about how this was the meeting of the crosses.

When we had a port of call in Key West, another dentist zoomed in on a medallion that was found in a shipwreck and guess what? It was one with the start of Jerusalem with an even sided cross. So I found all this an interesting coincidence.

I had brought my Ipod with the intention of doing some of your meditations, and I happened to be on the page of the 2/2 portal channel day opening. So I figured I would do it because I had fallen asleep when it was playing live. What a beautiful meditation! And how appropriate it was that I was doing it in the middle of the ocean on my way to Cozumel, and how Divine Mother talked about the Mayans!

The grounding energies felt very different, considering I had to go through the ocean to get to the core of the earth. I felt I was definitely tapping into Atlantian energies. Vast and open. Wow, very cool!

Anyway, I figured that maybe we were all linking the energies of different elements, sand/land from the Sahara and African continent and water from the ocean.

When we arrive in Cozumel, I decided to go on a scuba trip so that I can go deeper with the fishes and spread some more great energies from the Pool Of Creation to the ocean.

I can feel my throat chakra pulsing while I am writing this.

By the way, I have to say that I was very reluctant to sign up for that seminar. It did not make sense for me to spend the money. I tried to get a roommate and did not get one, but I still felt like I needed to go on this trip. Even as I’m was driving to Miami last Thursday, I was very grumpy, which is a very strange behavior for someone on the way to a cruise, even if it is a seminar. Now I see that I needed the space and privacy to do my meditation with no roomate to interfere with.

I will keep you posted on any other experiences on that trip.
Please feel free to share this or any other previous correspondence I send you if you feel they are worth sharing with others. I tend to be shy and think no one else may be interested.

Lots of love,

Update: Back in Miami

I wrote the above last Saturday. The scuba trip went well. It was beautiful down there with the colorful fishes. It turns out that the two others from the group who had the cross went to visit the ruins of Tolum, an old Mayan civilization.

One interesting thing about the meeting is someone who gave a talk on electromagnetic fields and how that can heal us. He also mentioned about the earth’s core, and how it is now being prevented from generating its current because lava surrounding it as it cools off is insulating it . We are getting less electromagnetic energy as time goes on and we also have reached the 600,000 year cycle where the earth’s charges are reversing.
This and the gamma rays from the solar flares are about to cause problems this year.

I find this interesting as it shows a parallel view of the meditations we do with Divine Mother.

That is all for now. I thought all of this was fascinating and figured I would share it with you.


To my new-found friend; you have me in tears of bliss. And you have me speechless. That in-and-of itself is a biggy. What goes around comes around. Be prepared for a BIG blessing coming your way.

So Spirit-willing, we can work together. I would love to work more with you and Adora. May we do more in our Spiritual Growth and Development.

In Bliss, in Spirit, in Joy,
Blessings always my new-found FRIEND. If I was there, I would put the Divine Mother Oil on YOU.

Dear Nas,

I’m glad you wrote about the dolphin beachings. I agree that there’s quite a bit going on now. We seem to be poised on the very edge of that spiritual sword, and I’m so grateful that so many Lightworkers are holding a strong, clear and steady Light. It’s making a tremendous difference, even if we don’t perceive the total extent of that difference right now. I believe we’re now on the threshold of an incredible, undisputable Shift.

Many hugs to you, dearest Nas! Lots of love from my heart to yours,

My dear J,

Thank you very much for the lovely email. Feedback is aways appreciated, especially when it leaves a lasting impression both on you and your work and on all of us at Waves of Bliss.

The energies at this present time, until we anchor the Divine Feminine in the 5D octave on Spring Equinox of 2012, will be skewy and inharmonious. We will go through the ups and downs of the ebb and flow of the Masculine giving way to the Feminine, reluctantly and that reluctance will manifest in our daily lives and our emotional, mental processes, too.

As for the Dolphins — they are the emissaries of the Light of the Divine. They help in many ways, one of which is to offer themselves up — to clear the path and light the way. The other is that once they acomplish the first task, their work here on earth is done, and they become releaved of their arduous task of guardianship of Earth and all souls. Therefore, whenever there is a mass beaching of Dolphins and whales taking place, it is a clear sign that some major events are transpiring and they are paving the path and then relieving themselves from theses cumbersome bodies and the poluted bodies of water in which they roam and through which they spread their light.

It is worth noting that the east coast and MA specifically are cansidered the mental body of the North America and Male in energy, whereas the West coast is the Emotional Body and Female in energy. Clearing that area in MA and the East coast in general is an important precursor for our entry into the 5D Octave and the coming forth of the Divine Feminine. Hence the message you received from Divine Mother to do that specific course with intentions to anchor it in the 5D. I am proud of you and grateful for your hearing and heeding Mother’s request.

While the scene of beached animals is a heart-wrenching sight, we might console ourselves that this is their freedom from the bondage of life and the wheel of Karma and celebrate their Mahasamadhi or Nirvana as we do the passing of the gurus, spiritual teachers, Saints and Masters. It would be worthwhile pondering that we are approaching Maha Shivaratri, the most important day of the year for release of Karma, as it is considered the Lord Shiva day celebrated in a Saptah — the seven days leading to Shivaratri which will be around the 20th of February, depending on what part of the world.

Thank you again and again for all that you do to facilitate these amazing energies and thank you for sharing your fabulous experience. I am most grateful for your service and for your participation in anchoring the energies exactly as Divine Mother wished .

Much L&L to you,

Regarding the course: “Returning to the Source of Your Light: The Seven Rays, Seven Masters and Seven Archangels”

It is Feb 15, 2012 and when asking Divine Mother for guidance this morning, I received an answer, then looked through my class list and this class jumped out as the one I should listen to, rather than a newer class. It has more specific meaning for me now and was just what I needed.

I’ve been out-of-sorts, irritable for no good reason the past few days. Yoga didn’t help me to center. Yesterday, I lost all ambition for a new and exciting project, and I stayed up late doing nothing significant.

This morning, I woke up early and started with a meditation. As I signed into Waves of Bliss website, I caught a Yahoo story about the many dolphins who are beaching themselves in Massachusetts. That’s what I was asking Divine Mother to help me understand, and ask if I could do anything energetically.

Part of the answer was to re-do this course with deeper attention and intention, to strengthen the bridge to the 5th Dimension at this time, to ready myself for my specific role in the transition through these meditations.

I could feel the energy of each Ascended Master, Cosmic and Angelic Beings. With a renewed sense of calm and purpose, I see more clearly how my new contract with Divine Mother meshes perfectly with my mundane activites.

Thank you, Jim, for the truly great grounding and setting up the Grids. The Grids and each Great Being are still with me. I appreciate your time and dedication.

Thank you, Adora, for the wonderful photography, and thank you to everyone who put the video together.

Thank you, Nasrin; without you, I would not have any continuity in my spirituality or my mundane life.

I’ve received pieces of channeled information lifetime after lifetime, often losing the connecting thread and have not, in many recent lives, felt empowered to step into the role of a ‘doer’.

This feels like it’ll be a day of empowered accomplishments!

Love and Blessings,

Dear Nas,

I hope you are thriving and Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother course is exquisite. I just wanted to give you some feedback on some powerful energy I’m getting
since I began the sessions. Of course, there were the usual, sharp physical clearings, which were most welcome and embraced. The work with Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters always is in the realm of the miraculous. Thank you so much again for the privilege and grace of connecting with this sacred, blessed energy.

Love and Hugs,

Dear J

You are most heartily welcome. Thank you for your heart-warming words. May we grow together and serve together for many more decades.

L&L Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

Wow, wow, wow Nasrin! I received the elegant heart that you mailed to me. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I know there was a part of me that wondered if I was really getting deep enough to be really making a difference. The gift gives me confidence.

I also want to thank Jim for bringing up the fact that going deep enough to feel you have fallen asleep is okay. I was thinking it was a hindrance. That was also a blessing to hear. I don’t know how to thank you other than to say, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I Love you, I Love you, I Love You. You are an excellent loving MASTER, teacher and guide. I am so honored to be a student.


Love J

Hello my darling,

How wonderful to get these lovely confirmations so fast and so clear. Thank you for your wisdom, for your light and for this sharing with us.

Much love to you, Nasrin

Hello Nasrin,

So wonderful to hear this audio. Divine Mother says that she and Great Silent Watcher are capable enough to take care of all our personal aspects. Offer it all to Divine Mother. That’s enough! We have done enough and now she will do it for us.

Last weekend, I wrote lots of notelets about this topic to Her and I have put it on my altar, offering it to Divine Mother. All that came to the surface in the silence of my home and heart. I asked Her as well to let me know how to practice the Alchemy of Divine Power in my life. Well, it’s just like a private answer to me.

And of course I am so very, very grateful for that!

Grateful to you, dear Nasrin, and to Jim and the group.
C. J. from Netherland

Re: the course Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother:

Hello Nas!

Thank you for our final session of the Divine Power w/Divine Mother. I heard Divine Mother saying something about getting the information through our subconscious (I believe!). I was again in-and-out through most of the call. I felt the Illuminated Light as being very, very bright. I’ll need to relisten to this session again at some point. You did such an amazing job with this series, as did Divine Mother, Great Silent Watcher, Jim and everyone! I’m deeply grateful.

The effects/results are what counts, and it’s already assisted me and Mother Earth and all of us greatly. Many hugs and much love to you!!

~ C

Dear A,

Thank you so much for this 2.2 Lesson 2 transcript and the other transcripts as well. It’s really a great help for me to better absorb and digest the text of the audio.
So, again, many thanks for this!!

With Love, C

Dear K,

It is important to have the experience even when sometimes it is an affirmation that it is not right for you. It is a lesson in discernment. As for the Male Masters: Metatron, Melchizedek and Archangel Michael, I would agree with you that all masters have the good of our world at heart. After all, they will benefit from our success and lose from our loss. Their job is to serve our world. If we lose, they lose. I don’t see how they would want to destroy us when it means self-destruct to them.

Nevertheless, when in doubt always call on Divine Mother. She is the eternal Mother and therefore the final refuge. When calling any of the higher beings always go to Divine Mother and ask her to intercede on your behalf with whomever you wish to call or to work with. In this way, in your own mind you know that you are in the presence of benevolent beings because Divine Mother will see to it.

Good luck and many blessings,

Dear Nasrin,

I participated in a group meditation that was not right for me. I was fine with the two or three other meditations I had done in the past months with this group. But in this meditation the tone of voice was forceful and demanding and the speakers used some controlling words such as harness and cap-stone. My guides filled my mind with the soothing tones of crystal bowls and what sounded like a chorus of Angels singing. I was also guided to channel source energy in my own way, not as directed in the meditation. The speakers ended the first part of the meditation by chanting the words “om, shanti, om” but they were spoken quickly in loud, sharp tones. I had to stop listening to the unpleasant chanting and focus on the beautiful music inside of me. An abundance of source energy flowed through me and into mother Earth as if to counteract the guided meditation. I put my earphones back in and heard more of the same loud and demanding words sealed with more forcefully chanted words that I was not familiar with. I had to stop listening to them.

The meditation was to be ended with music and I was curious to hear it. Plugging my earphones back in I was able to catch the ending. While the music was more pleasant than the words had been, it still did not feel good to me. It sounded like a whirling of low tones, like the drone of large engines, moving slowly through empty space… After about 50 minutes of speaking, chanting, and music the meditation was over. I was so disturbed by the way I felt that I continued to do my own meditation. I channeled love and healing from the source to Mother Earth with the help of my guides and angels.

What was most troubling to me was the fact that this Humanitarian group used the names Metatron, Melchizedeck and Arch-Angel Michael in this meditation. I don’t know much about Metatron or Melchizedeck, but I feel blessed to have known Arch-Angel Michael for many years. I had recently heard through Internet sources that these three are working to deceive humanity and to steal our energy. I want to believe all of the higher beings only want to help us. I realize humans are competing in the new age movement the same way that the organized religions have rivaled each other. They all say “it’s my way or no way” if you want to be saved. I believe it could be that humans are misusing the names of Metatron, Melchizedeck and Arch-Angel Michael.

On your website I see that you work with these beings. Will you please tell me what you think regarding this situation?



I am so very grateful for what you did. You were drawn to anchor the energies there by Divine Mother. It makes me feel so very happy. Thank you for the group and from myself. Divine Mother is very pleased with what you have acomplished. May you receive eternally from her love and her blessings.


Dear Nasrin,

Yesterday I visited two 900 year-old Basilicas in Maastricht in South Netherlands, where the 3rd Earth Chakra (Child aspect)should be (south Netherlands).

There I ignited the grid from PTE Mystery school course entitled, “Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother” in the Basilicas before both statues at the altar of Divine Mother with child. I offered a 9-day burning candle and performed the meditation and grounding of the course Alchemy of D.P. of D.M. I felt it was very important for Mother Earth and Humankind for 2012.

I felt drawn to it, and anchored the energies at that place, put my intentions there on behalf of all our group members.

It was a wonderful day that I will never forget.

With Love,

Hi Nas!

I’ve been working with the lotus from Divine Mother for myself and Mother Earth re: the course Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother. It’s making a difference. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session… also, installing the Cosmic Beings in those higher empty realms (above 144th dimension)! I remember the groundwork we laid late last year for that. It will be an excellent “build” upon the Divine Power installation. Can you tell that I’m excited?? This will be a fabulous year for all of life in and upon Mother Earth. :-)

I love you, too!! “See” you soon…. Hugs, Christine

Hello M,

Thank you for your feed back on The Chakra System Course. It is fine not to clearly see the colors. The ability to see comes with practice and after the opening of the Third eye. The whole idea of this course and opening of the chakras is to heal the body, clear the chakras and enhance the ability to connect with and see these invisible realms.

Just imagine that the colors are there in each chakra as instructed and call upon Divine Mother and your guardian Angels to make sure everything is implemented according to your highest good. The body has its own consciousness and the Chakras are open to recieve the higher guidance.

After you complete this course, if you wish to work on the opening of the 3rd eye Chakra for greater inner vision, you may consider taking the course entitled Inner Sight, Inner Light. There are two versions of this course: one is a series of Six, the other is 24. The longer version is deeper and more productive. If you decide to take the longer course you do not need to take the shorter one as the longer contains both.

Good luck and many blessings. Nasrin

These classes are wonderful. I am unable to see the colors of the chakras. Any thoughts?

Much Love and Many Blessings


There is a prayer I say 3 times a day that HH Dalai Lama taught us at a teaching conference and ever since, I have had the yearning to be much closer to him and that energy. Now with all the work we are doing with beloved quan yin and the temple above dharamsala, I feel like I know why I am so attracted to HH dalai lama, his work and traditions.

Thank you for being the bridge for us to connect with the divine, Nasrin. That is so amazing. Miracles are so alive and true in my life.

Here is the prayer:

Generating the Mind for Enlightenment

With the wish to free all beings
I shall always go for refuge
to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
until the attainment of full enlightenment.

Enthused by wisdom and compassion,
today in the Buddha’s presence
I generate the Mind for Enlightenment
for the benefit of all beings.

As long as space remains,
as long as sentient beings remain,
until then, may I too remain
and dispel the miseries of the world.

Yes my dear I know DK also known as Tibetan. a very powerful soul who was the source of all Alice Bailey’s Channelings. In its time, master pieces were brought forth through Alice DK. I would say it is a great honor that he wanted to talk to you and engage with you. that means your light was high and bright enough that he could not wait to get your attention.

At the same time I am not surprised that you were not able to connect with Divine Mother after that incidence. These Male Masters are so very powerful and their energies are so electric that it disconnects you from the gentle loving Magnetic energies of Divine Mother.

As a general rule I would be reluctant to deprive anyone from an experience -any expereince- because I feel if it was brought to you for a reason. In this case, however, I would say that you already had the experience and it caused you a disconnect with the most important being in the world right now. There is no being- certainly no Male Master from the 30s, 40s and 50s- who can do more for any of us or for our world at present time than Divine Mother.

I have tremendous respect for Master Dk and for all that Alice brought to humanity. Meantime the heart beat of the planet and the pulse of the spiritual energies are in a very different place now , thanks in part, to what Master DK was able to do during those times over 50 years ago.

I therefore suggest that you call on Divine Mother and sit with her in meditation at her Throne and petition her to bring you complete clarity and guidance. Please ask her that no being be allowed to approach you, to distract you or to delay your Highest Mission. Ask that whoever comes forth be under her supervision to promote the highest intentions for you, for your soul Lineage, for Humanity, for earth and for the Divine Mission of Divine mother.

My personal opinion is that it is best to pay love and respect to all beings who come to us but to lovingly remind them that we are in service to Divine Mother and would appreciate their offer of help- or their requests for help- to be brought directly to Divine Mother. Then Divine Mother can appoint us to work with them if necessary or otherwise appoint them to do things for us if necessary.

Much love and blessings to you. Nas

Hello Nasrin,

The reason I am writing is because an astrology teacher I was corresponding with emailed me a photo of Djwahl Khul, who she calls D.K. I had never heard of him; she channels D.K. She says he is also known as “The Tibetan” from his last incarnation.

I did not expect the photo, and as soon as I opened it, he began to speak with me. I forgot to write it down, but remember some. Anyway, after that, yesterday, there was an evening where I could not connect with Divine Mother.

Do you know of D.K.? Is this a good thing for me to allow him access to me? If not, what should I do?

You are most welcome!

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you for the wonderful meditation in the January newsletter, and thank you for sharing the message of Love from Divine Mother. With our Mother’s love the world is a better place. I am grateful to know her.

Blessings for the new year! Love, K

Hello my dear,

Thank you for participating and may this be the beginning of many more acts of service by all of us on behalf of the Indigo Souls and for the benefit of Earth and Humankind. Happy new year 2012 to you, your children, your grandchildren and all other loved ones.


Dear Nasrin,

I want to let you know how grateful I am to Divine Mother and all of the beautiful, loving beings who assisted in the Project Awaken Global Ceremony for the Indigo Souls. I am so honored to have been part of this powerful event.

I thank you, especially on behalf of the indigo children in my family. Although I did not tell any of my children or grandchildren about the ceremony, I was able to check in on them afterward. They were happy and feeling good that day, and I feel we are all growing closer as a family. I expect to see more positive change for the Indigo’s and for everyone, as the Love and blessings continue to grow.

I am pleased see so many people making an effort to help others this holiday season, many of them anonymously. Even though, like a lot of people I am “financially challenged” this year, I feel like a wealthy woman with the many blessings in my life. Thank you Nasrin, and thank you to everyone involved for blessing our planet and every soul here with your love. And thank you to the Indigo Souls for all that you have done, and for all that you have yet to do.

Eternally Grateful, KG

You are most welcome. Thank you for following your Soul and serving the Light.

Thank you for all that you did for me in my path to enligthment and finding all that I need to achieved it. I am working in service to the light!

With great Love,

To Nasrin:

You were marvelous on the HTS (Hear Thy Soul) Contract with Divine Mother (November 2011). Your intro was a catalyst for me for opening, expansion and empowerment. All that felt poised in me ready to cut loose. I guess I needed permission and reassurance. Thank you. I felt elevated, inspired and free.

Much Love, D

Hello my dear,

I just found this inquiry from you in spam. Sorry. This is a very important issue worthy of explanation:

Yes, that is a common event under special circumstances. It is what happens when you are needed to do work at much deeper levels. It is critical that you noticed you “fell asleep”, although it really is not sleep but an altered state, at the same point during the Guided meditation both times when listening to the event and when listening to the recording.

That in itself is an important pointer, which indicates your body’s response to the higher calling, regarding the issue discussed in the meditation and/or the energy which is being anchored in the process of the guided meditation. You are taken deep into altered states where your wakeful consciousness cannot penetrate.

There are many reasons why the wakeful consciousness is left behind and you experience it as falling asleep. One is that the issue is vaster than what can be absorbed at conscious levels. Mostly events which relate to your entire Soul Lineage of Light and events that span over more than one lifetime. Such events need to be dealt at deeper levels than the consciousness of the physical body can process; the ego personality or the mind can distort or interfere with the process.

Another reason is the need for deeper healing for yourself, your Soul Lineage and for all those who need to be healed including other People, Places, Things, Seed Races, Time Lines, alternate, Probable, and Ultimate Realities and more.

The third is that your presence as a Light Being is needed to be of service. This means that you are called in your entirety, which includes your Five Body System and the Sheath of Light which holds the Five Bodies within, as well as your Soul and Spirit. All of that constitutes your Light Body. When you are called to come forth in your Light Body, you leave the limited consciousness of the Physical Body and go to serve in your higher aspect as a Light Being, a Great being.

What the Physical Body experiences while you are gone assimilates a state of sleep. What is important to do after such an experience is to know how to pull all of your Self – your aspects – together back into the Physical Body. When you are in those Higher states of Altered consciousness, you begin to grow and become vast, much bigger than the physical body. The experience of the Vertigo has to do with that extreme expansion.

When you return from an extended sojourn in the higher realms, there is a good chance that much of you is still experiencing the vastness, and you are not all together back in the body, especially when sleep actually follows the Altered State, because sleep itself is a state of expansion. Therefore you are still experiencing yourself partially as a Light Being, still roaming in your Light body after you come back to the Physical.

It is critical that you pull all your aspects back into the body as soon as you have the experience of being out of sorts. While it is not easy to get Grounded and figure out what to do, that is exactly what needs to happen — gettng grounded and taking an acount of all your Self or selves as in your personality aspects, your Soul, your five body system, your mind, emotions, ego – the whole nine yards.

The best way to bring yourself back together is to first call on Divine Mother and then visualise yourself on top of Uluru, the Ayers Rock in Central Australia and then slide into the rock and acall all your aspects and glide down the Hara Line into the Central core crystal of Earth. Begin to absorb the Amber Light and call all your aspects into the Physical Body. Once again, you may call upon Divine Mother for help and also you may call on Goddess of Victory and Great Silent Watcher. The Great Silent Watcher’s Bubble of Turquoise Light is a great way to nurture yourself and bring all of your aspects under the same umbrella of protection.

The sooner you attend to the grounding of the body the faster you will be able to return to the limitation of the physical Body and feel good again. Isn’t it funny how coming back to the limitation of the Physical makes us feel good and safe? We try all our lives to go beyond the body and feel the state of expansion, those Altered States which some call Samadhi, others call Rapture and Nirvana but when it goes too long we crave to return to the Limitation of feeling inside the walls of the body all together and safe!!!

Joking aside, it is not our Soul’s craving for normalcy, but the body’s. The Body needs to be able to function within that limitation which is its natural state. What will transpire over time- as we continue to go on these journeys to these Higher States- is the expansion which the Soul craves and the physical Body will begin to allow itself. Furthermore, as we experience these states, we activate our Light Body and awaken our Five Body System to the presence and the existence of our Light Bodies. After a while, there will come a gradual realignment of the five Body system with the Light Body. Then all aspects of the body, including our Physical Bodies, become acclimated to the Light Body and accepting of our sojourns to these expanded Altered States.

Until then, grounding ourselves firmly into the body and nurturing ourselves with the Earth energy is the best solution. These Grounding Meditations are great ways to start each day by taking a minute or two every morning as we awaken and before we embark upon the hustle bustle of the day and even each night before sleep to release whatever we may have picked up through the day.

Thank you for this question which will also benefit others and thank you for all that you do in service to the light and as a spearhead for the anchoring of the energies and return to our Divine State of Consciousness ans Great Light beings!

Peace and love, Nas


Yesterday in the early morning (4AM) I could not sleep so I decided to listen to “Hear thy soul with Divine Mother.” (I had fallen asleep during the live session a few days before.)

Anyway, this time I fell asleep again. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but when I woke up in the morning, I had a very strong episode of vertigo and have had it since off and on. This is morning. It was so strong I had to hold onto something.

I was wondering if anyone else is reporting anything.

Re the course: “Stabilizing the 5 Body System of Earth with Divine Mother”:

What a graceful bestowal of divine power. I am lost for words.


Dear Nasrin,

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. So many exciting changes are happening in my life I can hardly keep up. I want to remember to be grateful for all my many blessings.

Thank you so much for all your work and for the guidance you offer. I enjoy your beautiful and effective meditations, and I am thankful to participate in your portal channeling events. I am trying to keep a record of my amazing experiences so I can share.

You give so much to others. Please remember to take time out for yourself and take care of you, too.

Thank you. Love, K G

On the crying part, let me please remind you how important and soothing it is. Crying washes the pain of the soul away. The soul has been abandoned for such a long time and been so lonely and left out. Suddenly, there is remembrance and recognition of the soul by the conscious self and the personalities at it brings up all the pain and all the loss. The process though, is such a lovely thing.

Sometimes people’s hearts dry up and they can not even cry to wash away the pain. When the heart opens and the blessings from the Divine pour in, it softens all hardened parts and allows us to become vulnerable. It helps us to start on the journey of remembering our Divinity and connection to our Divine Aspects with the help and Guidance of Divine Mother and her entourage of Great Beings.

“Enjoy the Pain” was the Mantra that my Spiritual Master whispered in my ears regularly – during my meditations, in visions and dreams – as I went through the many layers of healing release. It is a memory I now cherish and revere while the meaning has taken a long time to sink in!

Blessings and a peace. Nas

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you so much. I am honored to participate. I’m actually speachless! Gotta go cry some more. Thank you again, K

Yes, my dear, this is exactly how it unfolds.

Congrats to you! May this bring even further revelations. This Indigo can benefit from special scholarships we provide to those such as yourself. We also have a program for exchanging volunteering for minimal course fees.

Let me know when you are ready. Meantime, enjoy the fast forward process you are going through!

Dear Nasrin,

I want to thank you again for the meditations and portal channelings that you offer. My life has changed so much in the past months. My nights are filled with dream lessons, and my days are full of awakened awareness and inspiration as I continue to learn and grow.

I am happy to see the Project Awakening for the Indigo Souls. I must ask that you please remember the early Indigos. I will be 50 on my next birthday. Born at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, we are the pioneers, the trail breakers. We were born with determination and attitude, and a keen ability to sense the truth. I have been blessed to see this ”Age” grow to maturity, and I am honored to participate as humanity enters this great time of Enlightenment, Truth and Love!

Unfortunately, this Indigo has no money at this time, so I will miss-out on your classes. Money is not a priority, but until we all wake up, it is a necessity. The universe provides.

Sincerely, K

I would say that this too is Isis, although the Elohim Star Astrea is the Goddes of Synthesis and so is lady Veyga.

Synthesis is your present process. This is all connected and very beautifuly orchestrated. Well done to you and thanks be to Divine Mother and all her wise and caring ways.

Good luck to you in all this wonderful change!

Dear Nasrin,

I am having so many visions. I don’t know which ones to share and which to keep to myself. I am very excited about this one, and I want to share it with you.

I remember dreaming that I was looking at a large sphere, covered with many points of bright white light. I heard a female voice saying “I am the Goddess of synthesis.” Her voice was so powerful that I immediately I woke up. The vision of the many dots of light surrounding the sphere and the image of rainbows that appeared after I heard her voice were still vivid in my mind’s eye.

Will you please let me know what you think about my dream-vision? Have you have heard of this Goddess?

Thank you, K

So very true. That is exactly how I felt when we put this course together and realizing that it is a constant energy which will be with us. I too had an epiphany with the depth and a greater closeness with Victory and Great Silent watcher through this course, and the second one which we will have as the final gift of this 2011 year, in the form of the final Home Strudy course for this year. This one builds on part one and becomes even more potent.

Thanks for sharing.

Much love to you, Nas

Hi Nas,

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just finished Gifts from Divine Mother today and wanted to say what beautiful “empowerments” and gifts she bestowed. Each part was truly amazing and seemed to build upon the next. It’s very helpful to receive these grids of support from such great Beings. I felt especially connected to Goddess Victory. We’ve been working with her for a while now, yet her energies infused me at much deeper levels with this course. I get the sense at this time of “Victory” truly running in my blood and veins! I also feel a similar rapport with Great Silent Watcher and know that staying beyond fear and progressing within my Dharmic Path will be much easier now. I don’t know what it is about this course, but I really feel that its impact is far, far greater than I realize.

Thank you, Nas, and I thank Divine Mother and all the Beings who consented to gift their energies and overlight me and all those participating in this course in a very special and potent way.

Many blessings to you,

It is a pleasure. Thank you for setting the Grid up in the Park. What a wonderful service you performed.

Yes, it was actually requested by one Indigo soul and Divine Mother was happy to oblige. I too look forward to it and to our last gathering of this wondeful year. I feel so blessed to have experienced this year of 2011 in Divine Mother’s protective embrace. It feels so different from all the previous years.

The 2012 feels to be different and filled with Light in spite of all that is going on on the surface for the same reason. Divine Mother will show us the way, and we will have fun following her through the Portals.

Thanks for your lovely email and your support.

Much love and happy holidays to you and yours, Nas

About the course “Project Awaken – Global Ceremony on Behalf of the Indigo Souls with Divine Mother”. Course date: December 18, 2011

Hello Nasrin,

I was thrilled tonight to see this course. In October, I went to the park in NYC where these inspiring, brave people gathered and did one of the grids of light.

I invoked Divine Mother, St. Germain, Quan Yin, Lord Buddha and did the triangulation taught to us.

I also asked the cosmic Goddesses (Victory, Glory and Liberty) if they would come and support this rising awareness and positive momentum. But somehow, when I left the park that day, I did not feel anything was accomplished.

A few weeks ago, I felt rather hollow and sad when I learned they were evicted from the park in such a violent and underhanded way.

Anyway, the offering of this course makes me so happy. I feel to do something and this is perfect!

What’s wonderful is that it’s on my birthday! (So maybe they heard me.)
Thank you SO MUCH!


Thank you, my darling,

All the best to you and yours. May this be another year of acceleration and togetherness for all of us and our Waves of Bliss, Mystery School participant groups.

Much love, Nas

Dear Nasrin,

I hope all is well with you. I want to express my gratitude to you and Jim, for making a difference in my life. I enjoy the meditations and appreciate the loving support you so willingly gave to me. I appreciate so very much your willingness to allow me to be on the calls, to grow, learn and be part of the community. I do miss being on calls. Am intending to pay off the debt, and hopefully will be able to return.

Thank you Nasrin, for being you, and please thank Jim for the beautiful meditations.

Much love to you,

Hello my dear,

We will have the third course as soon as Divine Mother ordains it and St. Germains channels it, hopefully in the first part of the new year. It will happen in Divine Timing as it always does.

Thanks for participating and for your interest.
Happy holidays, Nasrin

When does phase III of the Alchemy of Instant Manifestation begin?


I have attached pictures of my Grid of Light that Divine Mother gifted me with for my new house. It looks lovely.
Thank you! Many Blessings and Joy to you!

Have a great day.

Dear K.,

What a beautiful account. First, congrats on getting such amazing experiences. These are the outcome of many many life times of work and connection with the Divine Feminine.

To answer your question about the Kiss and whose presence you felt, I would say that Divine Mother’s presence is with you all the time, and it is important to constantly call upon her, to envision yourself encapsulated in her energy and her presence at all times. She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and keeping her close will further help the process of Materializing her presence in the physical and brings her energies closer to us all on Earth. This is beneficial for each of us and for all humanity and earth.

Furthurmore, it is Goddess Isis who wishes to be remembered by you. She is the one who Planted the Kiss on your forehead. You are from her lineage and she is clearing the memories of Atlantis from many thousands of years ago as well as the civilization of Khem -present day Egypt. The Grand civilization of Khem is the start of our presnt Seed Race. Many of us have painful memeories of both those eras and have spent many lifetimes clearing those energies while trying to remember its significance and retrieve our powers from those times. We are now moving to another important landmark point where parallel energies to the early days of Khem are creating a “Bleed through” with our world. This means that the portals of time from those times to present day are opening and those such as yourself who were instrumental in those times are remembering.

The Third eye pain and unease is common when this happens. This is because on one hand your blockages are being removed, on the other there is an enlarging / sharpening of the perception through the 3rd Eye that is taking place. All of these cause discomfort, which can easily be removed by the various aspects of the Divine Feminine, such as Goddess Isis and Divine Mother herself when we pay attention and heed their calling: also when we begin to allow them to be present with us and guide us to do what we need to do on behalf of our individual Souls, our Soul Lineages and on the behalf of the Divine Feminine.

Performing the 33 day exercise with the Sphere of Remeberance from our August Newsletter opened your chakras and especially cleared your Third Eye Chakra. Hence the pain and then the gratitude expressed by Isis during the Gateway Portal Channeling with Divine Mother, which we offer to every one on gate way Portal days such as 2/2, 3/3, 4/4/, 5/5/, each month. These Gateway Portal days are extremely potent and important energy days which accelerate our healing and Spiritual Growth and remeberence when we come together as a group to celebrate and participate.

Thank you for your contribution in serving the Light and for sharing these experiences with all of us at Waves of Bliss Spiritual Family.

Blessings and love,

Dear Nasrin, please let me tell you about my exciting “firsts”.

I first started doing your meditations in August, the 33 days of the “Sphere of Remembrance and the Flame of God Unity with St. Germain and Sanat Kumara”. This was a wonderful introduction to the Ascended Masters. I focused on the daily meditation faithfully from July 31st through Sept 1st. Soon after beginning the meditation I was blessed with wonderful changes in my life that gave me the strength to deal with a very difficult and emotionally painful time.

I began to communicate with the birds and animals more than ever before. Little birds in my yard blessed me with a message of forgiveness which I was able to apply to my life with amazing results! I have seen the ripple effect bring healing to my family also. Gratefully I found the free meditation on your website each month and loyally practiced each day.

In October I signed up for the monthly portal event. This was my first opportunity to participate in your live channeling, through conference call. It was a wonderful experience that I am excited to share, and I hope you can help to me better understand it.

At the place where you began to call in the five goddesses to form the “star” I felt a kiss on the forehead. I believe it was a welcome kiss from Divine Mother? She kissed me on the left side of my forehead where I had been feeling pain for several days and the pain stopped after that.

As the Goddesses were called in, I heard a voice say “It has always been a part of you, you have never been apart from it.” I think she was talking about my connection to the love source energy, my Reiki channeling. If you can help me, I would like to know which of the Goddesses spoke to me, and be sure I understand the message.

Thank you, K

I am still eager to be of service if Divine Mother has a specific job. For now I will continue to channel healing energy, make changes, learn, and grow.

Hi M.,

So glad you did. I saw your question in regards to participating in another Mystery School within minutes from when you sent it to me. So I sat with Divine Mother to ask guidance, while in my head I was hearing that you will be directly guided and you do not need answers from me, my feeling was that I need to pray for you and keep connecting to your Higher Self to remind you to directly ask Divine Mother. Everytime I went to rspond to you, my cell or my computer would act funny. Meantime, I prayed a lot for you.

I knew that Divine Mother would guide you to do the right thing. What I love about her style is that she would not deprive us of our lessons and of our process. You are that much more confident and resolved now that you tried that other Mystery School for yourself. If you had not, you would have wondered what it would be like for the rest of your life. Divine Mother wanted you to have the experience. While walking the path is a means to an end, what is so beautiful about working with Divine Mother and the Goddesses is that they have the patience to walk us gently through the path and help us enjoy our journey through the Path. They act as if The Path Itself Mattered as much as the ending, be it enlightenment or spiritual growth and Mastery or accomplishment of one’s Divine Mission.

Divine Mother explained, a few days ago, that we have a Soul Mission which relates to the Growth of our Personal Soul within the scheme of each life time. This mission must be acomplished in relation to our personality aspects and all that we learn in the course of this life time. This would allow our individual Soul and personality aspects to grow from the lessons and events of this life time.

Then, she explained, we also have a Soul Mission, which needs to be accomplished in relation to our Soul Lineage. That is what we, as Spearheads and Torch Bearers of Light have to accomplish on behalf of Earth and humankind. What we do to help entire hierarchies of our higher aspects as Masters and Mistresses of Light and Hierarchies of Thrones depends on accomplishing this Mission.

This can be a difficult Mission that at times weighs heavily on our shoulders and causes us to make hard choices and sacrifices. While we have made an agreement to save our world and promote the cause of the Light within our own Soul Lineage and our Spiritual Hierarchy, Divine Mother wants us to remain mindful of the importance of this single lifetime. She wants us to do everything in our power to promote the cause on behalf of our individual Personality aspects and our Soul; to do what we can to grow and benefit from our life lessons in this life and most importantly to do all that we need to do to ENJOY THE PROCESS; the process of living life, making decisions, feeling, seeing, testing and experiencing the results.

This is vital for our personality aspects to learn from the experience and for our Individual Souls to grow and becomes worthy of taking the responsibility of fulfilling the desire to accomplish the Grand Mission of our entire Soul Lineage.

What Divine Mother wishes for us is to to live life fully in this lifetime while mindful of our bigger mission which is our Soul Lineage’s mission and not one at the cost of another. She wants us to find a way to balance the two, perhaps even juggle both without either one being in jeopardy of being lost to the other, outweighed by the other or disregarded by the other. She wants us to remember that living this lifetime to the fullest is equally as important as fulfilling our greater Mission for the good of all humanity and for Earth. This applies especially to the times when we feel burdened that because we live in critical times, sacrifices are necessary; the times when we are willing to miss the chance of trying something new in case it ends up a waste of time, a distraction or a cause for delay. Lately Divine Mother’s Mantra has been, ” It is all a process, be patient and enjoy the process. Enjoy it as it unfolds. Live your life and offer everything to me. I will take care of the outcome and all that needs to be accomplished on my behalf.”

There is a sense of safety in this. I know you and other members of our group are feeling it too, as we work with Divine Mother and learn about her simple yet extremely powerful and healing ways and her gentle yet productive approach in solving problems.

Well done, and thank you for all that you add with your Indigo/ Star Child/ Crystal Child flavor and the genious of your ways. I am noticing this special flavor from you and other Indigo/ Star Child/ Chrystal soul members of our group. It is fun to watch you all grow and blossom to take us all into a better world which we were not able to envision for ourselves before you, the Children of Pure Light came forth.

Much love and blessings to you.

Hi Nas,

Many thanks to you.

I went to the modern mystery school class, and the feeling was that there was absolutely no reason for me to start over, from the beginning, with a different school when I am already so ahead of the game. The testimonials by other students there were wonderful, but there was really no way of comparing (or no need to compare) the two systems. I have already done so much on the path that I’m on right now. I’ve helped save so many lives, and this service to the planet and to humanity with PTE has been so incredible

I explained the situation to the course instructor halfway through the course, and the instructor happily gave me the money back. She was happy to see my commitment to the existing path I was already on.

I am now at a point in my development in building the 5th dimension, and living my 5th dimensional life, where I don’t need answers coming from anymore outside venues. I feel like my relationship with the 5 elements is already strong, and I’m ready to manifest a dharma that can benefit myself and all those around me. I am excited to see what that is and how that unfolds!

I very much look forward to the December and January courses with PTE, and all the ones that follow. Now I’m off to LW training with Mirabai, which she gives to me for free now in thanks for my sevice. I feel very secure in my path to help others and my path to be of service to other indigos.

Thanks for your ongoing support in all this.

In love and light,


P.S. Feel more empowered than I ever have in my life!!

Hi Nas,

I am coming across a lot of students and instructors of Modern Mystery School lately, which (if you have not heard) is an ancient mystery school that went public 15 years ago. The following people are claimed to be Initiates of this lineage: Jesus, other Biblical figures, Leonardo da Vinci, Joan of Arc, Goethe, Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner, Carl Jung, the Beatles, Sting, Gabriel Cousens and many more.

This makes perfect sense to me. Joan of Arc, Carl Jung, and the Beatles were all catalysts during the profound events relating to my spiritual awakening in 2007.

This mystery school is said to have its lineage tracing all the way back to the beginning of human history on Earth, and the energetic signature of its teachings are said to be enmeshed by the divine frequencies of Earth’s Hierarchies (much like ours are).

Our Mystery School is somewhat different in the sense that we are channeling and anchoring new information and new Hierarchies to represent these new times. The instructor of MMS who I spoke to had a very detailed conversation with me about these new Hierarchies being called in (he was also aware). He was completely familiar with all this, and I was pleased and impressed.

So I am wondering if it would be wise for me to receive Initiation into this school. Because the lineage has been passed down through human bodies since the beginning of time, I am wondering if an Initiation with this school will help me anchor the teachings of PTE MS even that much more deeply into our physical reality working from this Now moment and clearing out issues of the planet’s past. I understand that our work involves working with energies that are completely new to the planet while channeling and anchoring them now. I was wondering if for me to also connect with the old mystery school teachings would help unify a discrepancy among present, past, and future as I hold space for all the teachings to clear all past historical traumas from the planet.

Let me know what you think of this. My vision is one of building a bridge from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension as well as from the Fifth Dimension to the Third (from both directions) conjoining in the middle and reaching its completion at double the speed.

Please get back to me, as I think this coud be magnificent.

Re the course: Project Awaken – Global Ceremony on Behalf of the Indigo Souls with Divine Mother (scheduled for December 18, 2011)

Thank you and Divine Mother for the course on behalf of the Indigo souls. We really need it right now. I’m adding another intention for them to help fight their addictions. We can call in Kali/Durga as well as Hecate… whatever it takes.

As much Grace and Lalita as possible, of course, while keeping everyone calm and safe as they are desperately needed right now. Yes, we can also pray for added layers of protection for those being called to emerge as leaders and organizers in all spheres of life (social politics, legal structures, governments, the co-creation of resource-based economies, even the Indigo military officers may they serve and direct change with love and integrity, and even the new spiritual teachers may they be protected and guided without falling as a result of their own confusion… basically the whole nine yards).

You and Divine Mother wrote the most amazing course description. It was written exactly as I would have asked for it to be worded.



And we NEED to take it to the next level by praying for ALL the Indigo and Star souls who feel called to serve as PARENTS, all those who are giving birth, have given birth, will give birth some day or some time soon. ESPECIALLY those who are pregnant Now.

May all of their physical and energetic bodies be blessed and fully prepared to hold space for the coming of some of the most powerful and special souls that humanity has seen in ages, if ever. I think that will make for a good grand finale. Templates for this already exist. We can invite the Masters and Great Cosmic Beings to upgrade them so they can encapsulate all of humanity.

Or we can just create entirely new templates…

Hey M.,

What a lovely analogy. Thank you for the feedback and for the interesting way you have connected the dots. Divine Mother recently spoke about the importance of creating books that will benefit the Children of Pure Light, the Souls who are coming to Earth, born of the Indigo Children. Some of the early Indigos who are in their late 30s now have young children, and a few even are parents to teenagers. It is appropriate that a higher understanding of the Truths be availble not just for these Indigos but for their children as they will raise their children very differently than their baby-boomer parents, who themselves were children of parents who had gone through war,lack, deprivation and fear. The Indigos were taught by their Baby-Boomer parents to be fearless, to believe in themselves and know that they can acomplish the impossible. Therefore, their children, the Indigos, are achieving the absolute imposible feats of raising their own children fearless and idealistic, but ideas grounded in 5D truths which can indeed be accomplished in our lifetimes, but which also seems unachievable from the 3D perspective.

Wonderful story! Thank you. Nas

A comment about the course: Isis Reveals the Mysteries of Egypt:

I never submitted the requested feedback, as i was still processing it the course. Here it is:

Question:What stands out most from that course with Goddess Isis (which I still haven’t emailed you about) was hard for me to sort through originally. I was given a helmet. This was the most significant thing. Everything else was intense metaphors about dark and light and holding both as equal and all this intense stuff that not every healer is meant to understand. The most significant part was the helmet.

The way it works is like this… In the X-Men comic book series, Professor Charles Xavier, the most powerful psychic mutant on the planet, and maybe in the galaxy, the one who has his own school for gifted “mutant” children with siddhis, creates a technology called “Cerebro” that allows him to psychically locate any mutant on the planet and keep tabs on them, even without their permission. He does this for the good of the World, using his best judgment, which is through the filter of his humanitarian superhero perspective.

Magneto is his best friend turned evil, but more misunderstood than completely good or bad. He helped Xavier build Cerebro, the aforementioned technology that allows Xavier to tune into others more deeply than the average psychic. Magneto invented a helmet to shield himself from Xavier’s advanced, amplified psychic ability.

This helmet that Goddess Isis gave me gives me permission to make my own choices regardless of advice given to me by other spiritual teachers, and it gives me the protection I need to fulfill my mission without revealing what a spiritual teacher or peer cannot understand. It gives me free reign to make my own choices under the most intense circumstances so that I may allow for a clearer path to be made for other Lightworkers to easily follow in my footsteps without nearly as much intensity.

One thing I can say is this…

There are so many people walking the path who don’t get things… and are nearly as sheltered as much as people who have chosen not to awaken (or people who are awakened but have chosen not to act). Right now I am humoring a lot of people by participating in already established spirituality movements, while knowing that my expectations have still not been met by certain teachers I serve, and they may never be. Some teachers I have benefit more from me than I do from them. Goddess Isis’s helmet allows me to move into the big leagues with the big guns as soon as I feel ready. What we are doing right now in PTE goes above and beyond anything I could have ever expected.

I’m am so lucky to have Isis’s protection during these trying times. Months after the course, I am now ready to move forward in faith and use that protection fully.

Reply to M:

Thank you for this amazing and beautiful story. As Divine Mother and the Masters always say, just intending to participate in a course will bring you the shower of their blessings. You had the vision after the first lesson; your vision was fully explained and confirmed by the time you got to the fourth lesson. At subconscious levels, you had already recieved the blessing. It was confirmed consciously by the end of the course. How wonderful. Blessings and love, Nas

Regarding the course, Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase 1:

I had the most amazing visions during my first lesson of the course, affirming all that was revealed to us in the later lessons.

I had a vision of Amma Chi’s feet, with her toe nails painted with red nail polish. It was incredible. Amma Chi is a renunciate, a Vedic Saint, and is said to be a reincarnation of the Divine Mother in form as Kali. She never really shows herself as the goddess Lalita, as she always seems to have too much work to do. To see Kali as a Lalita was so fascinating to me. It was like I was finally able to understand that even a warrior goddess was allowed to celebrate her own inner prosperity by nurturing herself with artistic adornments like nail polish, which really has no practical use. Maybe, in a dimension where the resources were vast and the perception of the multitudes and masses were not so vulnerable to perceiving judgmentally, Amma Chi may like to wear red nail polish on her toe nails one day. Who am I to say I know?

I loved that. It was like the Masters were saying that even in Kali Yuga there is no reason not to want and allow yourself to have abundance. I am ready for it.

This vision was particularly special to me because of the discourse about the importance of a Lightworkers’ feet at this time, which wasn’t discussed until Lesson 4. I also liked the warrior goddess references later on, which also brought the significance of my vision to the surface.

Many blessings,

Happy to hear from you today. Something was happening here this morning. I was so full of energy my heart was pounding in my solar plexus for some time as I wrote down and I drew pictures of my visions. I think I was also busy with lessons last night in my dreams.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t feel alone any more. I am so honored to have the opportunity to work with/for Divine Mother. I am a talented artist, a skilled writer, a compassionate teacher and a devoted student. My guides have been working with me for many years. I am eager to do the work I have been trained to do. Although I am still discovering what that is exactly.

In the 11-11-11 channeling, you asked about our hearts expanding. I want to share my “heart” story which began in Oct 2009. While receiving energy healing I discovered I had a thick skin around my heart. The pericardium around my heart was tight and fibrous like a moth’s cocoon. With healing and visions from my angelic guides along with human healing guidance, I was able to face my anger and pain and find a way out of the vicious cycle in Dec 2009. In the process, I was able to free my heart from its cocoon and release the beautiful butterfly within.

Sincerely, K

Beloved Nasrin and Jim,

Thank you both, Nasrin and Jim, so much for your beautiful reaction. That will be a great help for Earth!!

Stabilizing the 5-Body System of Earth with Divine Mother and Goddess Victory is a very beautiful course and so helpful in these days for Earth and humankind.

I hope that a lot of our group members will take this course and will focus on stabilizing and strengthening our planet from the Earth’s crust down to the Amber Crystal Core and mixing it with Amber Cosmic Life Force.

Beautiful are the Newletters of October of St. Germain and the Lords of Light and of November of Divine Mother’s Stabilizing Meditation with Amber Light.

I still focus on these meditations every day and will do it to the end of this year.

Much Love from my heart and Divine Mother’s Blessings to you!

Thank you for your comments about our site, Waves Of Bliss. Thank you for your work, for your light and for your service. Welcome to our spiritual family and thank you for your kind words.

Blessing of Divine Mother and all her Divine Aspects be upon you and your mission.

Peace, Nasrin

Comment: I indirectly came into the knowledge of your work, that was posted on another website.

My mission on earth is to help my people get back in touch with their divinity, here (in the US) and in Africa.
You are a god send!!! I don’t know where to begin to thank you. My Ancestors, Angels, Children, Grand Children and I thank you from the bottom of our hears.

Peace and love,

Correspondent’s questions with Nasrin’s answers in ALL CAPITALS.


I hope you enjoyed 11-11-11 wave.

1.) I’ve done different Nasrin grids already, and I wonder about the grounding meditations. Is there one I should do everyday?


Is the one from the last audio the best? After the Antakarana is built, Jim says to go to Divine Mother (Pool of Creation). I can feel to stay in my heart chakra, or high above, up to the tree.


I wonder what is good to do?

2.) When JIm says “beam blue light to earth”, should I see it out of my heart? YES

3.) And do I need to do a mudra during the meditation?

4.) Is there a grid that takes care of all the bodies, not just the first five?


Dear Nas,

The work we did for the 11-11-11 was wonderful! Divine Mother is correct about the eye pressure and headaches. Hmm…. Thank you, Nas, for all of your beautiful work! I’m looking forward to the upcoming courses. You’ve had a very busy week with so many channels, so I hope that you’ll have some time to relax a little — we have Thanksgiving coming up!

Take good care, dearest Nas. Sending lots of good energy your way. :-) Much love, C


Yes, yes, yes!! I just tuned into the upcoming Alchemy of Divine Power course, and it’s exactly what we need. I thank Divine Mother and you for bringing this forward. I can feel the energies working within me already, and I know it’s a point of attaining Mastery in this area.. for me, certainly, and perhaps for many of us. I just wanted to respond since the Power aspect of the trinity of Love, Wisdom and Power is where Lightworkers stumble the most. To create magnificent change, we do need to be in our power in a clear, steady manner, and Divine Mother is the perfect Being to help us clear that pathway and apply power to its highest and greatest effect for the good of All. Once we have mastered this aspect, we can work wonders.

Much love, C

Just writing to confirm at Divine Mother’s request that I definitely felt the pulsations in my chest all throughout the week, leading up to 11-11-11. That night, while sleeping, I released much of that tension, pressure, and discomfort I was feeling and felt refreshed, rejuvenated and integrated.


To J.Y.:

Absolutely! You can hear it by going back to the page for Gateway Portal Channelings. It is posted. We even transcribe each session and post the transcript, too.

I am in the process of taking the important excerpts from Divine Mother’s Grid with the Goddesses to become the December Newsletter. You may subscribe to our newsletter. It is free, and we have important meditations all transcribed and turned into guided meditations via text plus important info on all planetary events and courses.

Thank you for joining us and for your lovely feedback. Welcome to our Spiritual Family. We are glad to have you shine your light upon our group energy.

Much love, Nasrin

Re: the 11-11-11 Portal Day call with Divine Mother:

Nasrin, I was there and you were amazing! Thank you for all your connections. Do we have the option of hearing the message again somehow?

Thank you, J.Y.

C reply to Nasrin:

This is a wonderful, eloquent reply, and I will read it over with more focus soon, though I agree with everything that you said. I appreciate, too, that all of this is being posted so that others can grasp the true scope of what we’re doing in collaboration with Divine Mother and the Masters. I feel very truly as you do that we are caretakers for all souls, especially the unawakened ones, and that the best possible scenario is available to us as we work with these timelines, energies, Beings and present junctures/events consciously and with love. We can create the ultimate reality for All of Creation!

I plan to work with timelines more since the channeling from Isis resonated with me very deeply. You’ve given me a lot of food for thought! Spirit usually impresses me with more ideas. I believe that we work in a similar manner, Nas. It’s great to work with you!

Nasrin’s reply to C:

I just read the article you sent me — the channeling from Goddess Isis by Petra, and thank you for posting it for the benefit of everyone else. Yes, she does clearly speak of the time lines, and you are absolutely right to feel that it is possible to pull all the beneficial time lines back into our lives and benefit from their cumulative impact. You and other special Indigo souls, such as you, are hear to help the rest of the world dream up the BIG Dream for our world and the future we create for ourselves and the generations who follow us.

This is exactly why Divine Mother tells us to always ask her for what we want, but to add the sentence, “I ask for this or better, as Divine Mother chooses for me.” Asking for better from Divine Mother frees her hand to choose what is best for us from other possible time lines — or stated differently, from an alternate reality. We can only see the reality in which we reside and even then, at best, we can only make deductions and calculations as to what can be the best choices within our reality. Divine Mother, the Goddesses and Cosmic Beings can look into and choose from our reality as well as all parallel, probable and alternate realities, which we have no conscious access to. When we say to them, “This or better, your will be done, you choose the best for me,” then Divine Mother pulls the best events from all available time lines into our reality. That is the significance of pulling from various timelines at a personal level to benfit each of us individually.

The same can be executed at global levels to benefit the Human Race at important junctures in earth’s history. To do so requires using specific junctures in time and space where the energies are in alignment and the gateways are open. 11-11-11 as a Stargate Gateway Portal opening was one such juncture. This was referred to by Divine Mother in our 11-11-11 Gateway Free Public Group Channeling and by others, including the article you refer to. Our 12-12-2011, the last Free Public Gateway Group Channeling for the year 2011, will be another important Gateway opening. And of course 12-12-2012 and 12-21-2012, as prophesied by the Mayans and registered in the Haab of the Tzolkin, the core principles of the Mayan Calander. This is why the prophesy that the time ends at 12-21-2012 shoud not be taken as the End of Time, but as the end of time as we know time in 3D.

By 12-21-2012, we are set to enter a new time line from a planetary perspective, which is in alignment with Higher Light as light shines in the 5D octaves and the folding up of 3D time measure. This means that whether humankind likes it or not, believes it or not, is awake spiritually to witness it, or not, we are destined to enter into a different timeline not measureable, or comparable with the old timelines of the past. Is it therefore possible to begin to prepare for this new timeline? Yes it is. This is exactly what we are all doing in our various groups across the Globe. We do it through the courses at PTE Mystery school and Waves of Bliss Gateway Public Channeling events and others do at their gatherings. We are all calling upon the best case scenario, through the grace and blessings of Divine Mother and the entourage of the Cosmic beings, who are available to assist us. Divine Mother is calling upon Great Beings from the four corners of the Cosmos to come to our aid so that all the best case events can be collected from the four corners of our Cosmos and brought into manifest form to become our ULTIMATE REALITY, the reality we will ultimately experience individually and collectively.

Those of us who are consciously aware of these events are the most fortunate. We are empowered to not only participate in the process, but also to choose specifically from everything, everywhere — in all realities — that can be brought together to become the best case scenario for all of us, even for those who remain unawake. We are in the position of caretakers for all. We can help the process by setting intention and consciously gathering all best case scenarios to become our future reality. Understanding the significance of what is happening helps us become focused on making a difference. Guidance and assistance is availalbe to us. We only need to keep calling on Divine Mother and ask for the best case scenario to be implemented on behalf of each of us individually and for the human race collectively. Divine Mother and the entourage of Great Beings will show us and guide us through the event. They will blaze the trail for us. The rest will be history some day, but rest assured, we are the ones who make this history; the history which shapes our future for many multitudes of thousands of years yet to come. We shall witness it and participate in it from both ends of the spectrum and from both sides of the Veil. This is our destiny. This is what we have been waiting and working for thousands of life times!

Hello Nas!

Thank you so much for your reply and for filling in some of the blanks for me with timelines and work to be done. This area does intrigue me. I have to tell you that it ties in with work I did recently with the crystals, following the 11-11-11. There was another level of planetary crystal activation that I was a part of earlier this week. A very powerful “Angel” came in to facilitate. I could sense her, and I knew that she was of cosmic origin. It was a polishing of the work done on the 11-11-11, yet also taking it a step further.

So much is coming together, Nas, and the timeline we’re currently in is sped up. I’m exploring this more and feel we are on right on track for something very, very grand to unfold! I know that we’re tapping more regularly into the expanded aspects of ourselves, and so also the “advanced” information that we possess in the higher dimensions. It’s condensing time as we know it, and it’s enabling us to do more as we utilize this knowledge in our 3rd dimensional reality.

It seems, too, that in tapping energetically into the “super” aspects of ourselves, we can pull these timelines together, working multidimensionally. We’ve been doing this all along, yet having a conscious awareness of this process takes it to a whole new level and potential! Connecting with that Being — Keeper of the Crystals — was a tremendous experience.

I appreciate your thoughts, too! Thanks so much, Nas. All that you do and offer is so deeply appreciated.

Love, C

Dear C,

Thank you! These are very important points, especially as we move to 2012 and the completion of Mayan Prophesies. Furthermore, your questions are definitely thought provoking, valid and worthy of deep ponderance.

The skulls are indeed important for collective memory and the Mayan prophesy is that there are 13 power crystals, all natural – in other words not Man-made/carved, but possibly planted in earth by a higher civilization — Isis/ Sirian perhaps or from our own descendants from our own future.

The prophesy about the Skulls and the Mayans states that when all 13 are unearthed and successfully read/decoded, all time lines will be linked and the memories will be restored, the wisdom derived and contacted from the skulls to humankind. Also, the Mayan’s prophecy that by the end of the 12/21/2012 we reach no-time has to do exactly with your question about pulling all time lines into a cohesive unity, which can then be used by extracting the wisdom and expanding it into the entire time line — not just past, present and future, but also into Parallel realities and alternate realities. Still more food for thought. I like where you are going with these thought-threads.

Love, Nas

Hi Nas,

I’m attaching a channeling that resonated with me, and it may also be of interrest to you and what we’re doing with Divine Mother. I’d like to know if there is something we can do with Divine Mother and perhaps Isis about bringing all timelines back into integrity, clarity and unity, as per the information in this channel from Isis. This affects all major timelines, epochs and civilizations. Is there a way to reconfigure time to be of the highest reality and then consecutive for Mother Earth and also for each one of us individually? Would this make a difference going forward? Also, clearly the crystal kingdom holds the “memories” of ALL time in ALL directions — so the crystals (the crystal skulls are mentioned in the text) may be intrinsic to this work. Please let me know if this is relevant. It rang quite a few bells for me.

Much love,

The 11-11-11 portal, new consciousness and the Crystal SkullsThrough Petra Margolis
October 29, 2011

With the ending of the Mayan cycle of descending and ascending within the human consciousness and spiritual realities, we are coming to a point where we can find completion of this cycle within the human consciousness reality. There is a time shift happening between this ending of the cycle and the 11-11-11 doorway that is opening. Some have already found out that the doorway is to bring in the realities that were sent into other timelines, as this is what happened with the energies of Lemuria and Atlantis and more civilizations that seem to be lost.

Some are talking about a new coding system that will come in for those that are ready to start on a new path. The 11-11-11 doorway and the time between the completion of the Mayan cycle and the 11-11-11 doorway will be important for those that are moving into a new or maybe more expanded mission as I would like to call it.

Many new teachers, channels, healers will start on this path, as many of the older ones will expand their teachings even more as the need to bring in the information and knowledge that is available through this doorway will be an expansion of what is already known at this time. This is where the information that was lost through destruction and splitting of time lines is to be found. This is also where different stories about your history were implemented and the confusion has become greater amongst you as much of what was implemented is simply just that. Part of it really happened, part of it was added.

Memories were erased, whole parts of the time lines were removed and either new parts were brought in or there is just an empty space. This is one of the reasons you have civilizations that seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. They were taken out of the time line, put into another time line or are just being held within another dimensional frequency. Remember we are talking about a timeline a bit longer than what is known at this point.

When you look at the Egyptian civilization at this time you can already see the conflicts within what is known or is said that they know, and the reality that is there. They only release information they want to release and much of that information is only partly true as many already know.

This has been happening over billions of years and yes some if it has knowledge that could be of great help at this time.
So the opening of the 11-11-11 doorway will be of great help for those that can go through it to retrieve this information and bring it back into the physical reality you live in right now.

For many this is and still will be science fiction so to speak, although many will resonate with it. This is why we are putting again such great importance on releasing attachments, beliefs and thought systems. And of course bringing in your own spiritual being into the physical world as change is starting not only from above but also from below.

Once you become a channel of your own being so to speak, once you are able to translate within the human reality the knowledge that your being has within it , it is also time to find those missing pieces that are out there. As these missing pieces are needed to complete the mission of many that are here to complete this cycle.

From this we move to the crystal skulls as their knowledge is contained within their energy and even though they are connected in many ways, there are differences between them. The Mayan history goes further back than many of the other civilizations and they have worked very hard on keeping their teachings alive.

Many of them were descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria and the original skulls were created in the time of Atlantis.
They each carry specific information about that time, they also carry within them the future possibilities as they were seen through the eyes of the atlanteans. These coding’s, or energy systems within them are very old and are within a completely different language then you are using at this time. Much of it is within the original light language, but this language also contains sounds and frequencies that cannot be heard with the physical ears. You can however connect with the skulls and start receiving their energies. As they are available at this time and have been for some time.

Do not focus on the ones that are within your physical reality as some of them are just decoys and the original skulls are hidden still. Their information runs through many different dimensions and frequencies of light. This is where it is of importance to be able to reach those dimensions or frequencies in a more conscious way and have your awareness expand through them.

The 13th skull, is not and will never become available in a physical form, this simply because the 13th skull was never intended to be present in physical form. The 13th skull was created within the higher realms at the time of the creation of the 12 crystal skulls. Just like the crystal of Atlantis, it will be there when the earth ascends as their energy and information is needed at this time. Not before and not after.


To L.C.:

Thank you very much, my darling. It is very encouraging to hear these loving words from you and from other members of our group. Your feedback means a lot to me. You have been involved in every course and event since the day you joined us. That too takes courage and dedication. I am proud and grateful for your Light and for your immense service. As you well know, in all the work you have done with us, sometimes it is beneficial to dream big, and it is the only way and if that is egotistical, you are right – so be it.

Thank you for your support and for your service. We are in this together and already positive changes in our world are accelerating.

Much love and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Nas

Beloved Nasrin and Beloved Jim,

There are no words to Thank You enough for all you do. I will do my best every day, every moment to add to the powerful energies you send on behalf of Divine Mother and all the Great Cosmic Beings who we are now working with at this time.

Nasrin if it is your ego, so be it, as it is backed by the power of all the Divine Beings. It is no doubt part of the Divine plan for earth as well as for all of us individually. May you be Blessed a million times for your courage to assert what Divine Mother asks of You to deliver to us!!! Please, Please continue to do what you do!!! You do it beautifully with such grace and love, and I back you up with all my being!!!

Love and Light,

Dear C,
Thank you for being you and for all your foresight!

Wow! I could not agree more. I am so very proud of you and what you have done with these teachings. How long is it since you joined us? If I remember correctly since 2009 or so. What you have stated is so very true. What an amazing time to witness and to be pioneering these events. I feel that in many future lifetimes we will pat ourselves in the back for what we have created together in this and previous lifetimes. The fruits are brginning to show — slowly but surely in so many ways. Our personal and collective Group egos’ decision to think big and Free Will ourselves to bigger cosmic events, and new ultimate realities in the company of Divine Mother and all manner of Great Cosmic Beings, will accelerate us and all others to an amazing future, no doubt.

Thank you for your presence, support and your vision of our future.
Peace and love, Nas

Hi Nas,

Our Hear Thy Soul call was very important indeed. I wanted to respond to your question, though certainly Divine Mother already has by agreeing to come forward and create the special grid with her signature energy. I know absolutely that you are on track. What I would like to relate of my own understanding is that everything is up for grabs right now. What we choose, how large we envision the outcome — the new reality that we wish to create — is precisely what we’ll get.

The fact that you are thinking big is perfect… and I do as well and have, and I keep pushing the envelop in ways that sometimes even scares myself. That is to say that the very question you asked yourself, I’ve asked myself many times. But this IS the time to dream big and to create with the Masters, with Divine Mother, with all of the Great Cosmic Beings the Ultimate Reality that we can dream and envision and invoke.

For a long while, I have seen ALL Beings upon Mother Earth (and in the astral, etc.) ascending into the upper 5th dimension — and some higher. Recently, a powerful insight had me revise that vision to encompass far, far, far greater. I want you to know that you are not in your ego… you are following your higher guidance in alignment with the true potential that is available right now, if we choose it. NO higher level Being will choose for us. In fact, they wait for us to make the decision as to how much we can handle, the scope of our vision, what we truly wish to have happen and to ACTION. WE put Heaven into action; it’s not the other way around now because free will choice means that we get to decide, ultimately, how we want this Great Shift to look… how far out we want to take it. And truly, it only takes a handful of people to hold the vision or the blueprint for the New Reality. Why? Because those people end up being the “spokespeople” and the “architects” for that New Reality, and also we are talking about the Quantum Effect. That changes the entire dynamic of what is actually needed to create that new reality.

The New Reality as I currently envision it is the New Reality for All of Creation. I’ve had some astonishing insights recently about all that is truly unfolding now and the potentials available to ALL of Creation. The order of magnitude is on a cosmic scale. It blew me away!

I can only say to keep going…. don’t doubt what you’re receiving and ABSOLUTELY think BIG, think GRAND! It is the time to do it! It’s a pivot point… a change-point in all of Creation that will not come back around anytime soon. We need make the most of what is the most fertile ground ever, to understand the potentials through resonance and reverberation, and to take our grandest visions and run with them… put them out there… enlist all of Heaven… and back our visions 100 percent. I’ve been doing a lot of work with this. I’m glad that we think similarly in choosing to go for the Ultimate and doing all that we can to create it for the benefit of ALL.

Much love,

Dear K.,

Thank you very much for your amazing story. I am very interested in your 11/11/11 experience with our Free Gateway Portal Group channeling and other events. It means a great deal to me to hear the impact of these experiences. You are absolutely right about the carry-over of the ancestral memories in the DNA, and the clearing of the entire lineage which does in turn affect our individual lives. I congratulate you for that break through as well as other epiphanies you have had in the course of this time.

Meantime, you are in my prayers, and I wish you a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving and a beautiful new Spiritual year in the company of Divine Mother, the Goddesses and Masters AND AS A MEMBER OF OUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY.


Dear Nasrin,

I wish to thank you, but I don’t think I can thank you enough. Words cannot describe the miraculous changes that have occurred in my life since I discovered your website and began doing your meditations. I was very ill physically and emotionally and had been searching for the next thing to try on my healing journey. I found you last summer, just in time to participate every day in the 33 day meditation for the holy days in August. I have loyally continued the monthly meditations, for which I am very grateful as they prepared me for 11-11-11.

I did receive enlightenment on that special day, and now understand that I have been training for this all of my life. I went to college and learned to be an elementary teacher (plus Art and special Ed), while also educating myself off-campus. I was trained in Reiki in 1989 at age 27 and in 1994 I expanded to Reiki level 2, and then earned the Master level in 1995. A near death experience at the end of 2003 was also very enlightening.

I have had a difficult life from the beginning and am aware that I have always had protection and guidance. I was unable to keep up with my life and had to accept failure in my teaching career and in my second career choice, massage therapist. I went on disability for chronic pain due to tendonitis, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Although I believe I was granted disability after only 3 months and the first time I applied because of my post-traumatic stress disorder.

I understand now that taking disability was the best thing for me. For the last 3 years I have been able to focus on healing myself and my family — past, present and future. I have felt the pain, suffering and anger of my ancestors, and I carry their burden. They want to heal also. I have been very determined to heal all of myself and believe when the healing happens completely it will affect my very DNA. And when my DNA is healed all of those who share my DNA will also be healed. My first goal is to remove all inherited diseases and illness from my family line. I understand my descendants may acquire illness if that is what they need, but I don’t want them to begin life with it. The second goal is to heal my ancestors because I believe I was my ancestors in past lives.

Please, I also need to thank you for offering free meditations. At this time in my life I would not have been able to participate otherwise. I would like to volunteer, do you think you have a place for me? I am very good at channeling energy and love meditation but I am also good at doing mundane tasks.

This is a time of great change and I have to wonder, what is next? I would love to share the visions I have had during your guided meditations and my 11-11-11 experience, plus the many amazing things that have happened in my every-day life. Thank you again!

Sincerely, K.G.

Thank you. It means a lot to me to share these unprecedented moments of history making with our spiritual family and our core group. Much love, Nas

Thank you for yesterday’s event. I appreciate your request to Divine Mother. I thought it was a wonderful request, and I’m glad Divine Mother is taking the steps to make it happen. I am so proud of you. Many blessings


I enjoy your work and classes immensely. I don’t want to miss any of them. I am extremely grateful for what Divine Mother always provides, and I am very grateful. It would be nice to be visual, but all comes in divine right time. I have to learn to focus more deeply into it. I have learnt so much from you, and I can’t thank you enough. It brings tears to my eyes for all that you provide. You are doing an extremely wonderful job. May Divine mother and Lord Metatron bless you a thousand times over, and I thank you a thousand plus times, Nasrin. J.B.

Happy 11-11-11, Nas! This day is so precious, and I look forward to what Divine Mother will bring forward. I enjoyed the Silent Watcher course so much, though yesterday I wasn’t able to make the live call, so I will complete the series as soon as the recording is posted. The first session, then, reminded me of some of our early courses when we were opening up the Thrones, etc. I always like laying the groundwork like that, even when we’re talking about laying groundwork in the 109th and 110th dimensions and so forth! It’s still a “ground” for the higher dimensional Beings. :-)

I saw a beautiful rainbow sphere around the sun the other day (there was a thin cloud layer throughout the sky and the effect from the sun created a perihelion). It made me think of our Ascension Gateway, and how all of the work we’ve done is coming together. I hope that you’re also receiving signs and blessings for all of the wonderful work that you’ve done.

I love you, and will “see” you tonight for our 11-11-11 portal day event!
Love, C

How lovely.
Thank you, my dear, for this lovely prose. It is a joy and pleasure to serve the Divine Feminine together and change the old paradigm. See you in the realms. Happy 11/11/11 and Happy Thanksgiving.

Love and peace to you my darling, Nas

Thought the Light of the Great Silent Watcher being anchored would surround me with Bliss…
chaos…discord…anger…isolation…frustration…tears swirls

“It brings great Light…As a fire consumes dead wood…refuse from a cleared field, so does the Light of Our Beloved Great Silent Watcher…It transmutes.
Releasing from your 5-Body System, your relationships and the Earth’s 5-Body system…and that’s just what is happening at the lowest level.
First it gathers…..then it reveals…then it takes onto itself…accepts all…then it transforms it.
Like a tornado…the eye is quiet…yet the force is felt on the edge…
Nasrin’s group is the container…the edge…the frontier…the “spearheads”
We draw you to our hearts…from the core of Mother Earth…to the Core of the Cosmos.
Breathe and Bathe….Align and Anchor”

Thank you Nasrin for all you offer and do for us.
Love and Light. See you tonight

Hi Nasrin,

I came across your website the first time almost four years ago, and since then there has never been a full stop. I learned a lot from your courses and the live session that I took. Suddenly, over a year ago, I was lost in my self. I found myself completely lost and changed. I only know that many realizations came to me, which made quiet within. Suddenly, I was reminded by the Masters about you, and first thing I received was your mail about the November 13th live session. I registered for that, and here I am writing to you, though I have never met you physically, but feel very close to you. I live in India — Goa to be precise. Your guidance would mean a lot to me.


Dear One,

The fact that you stumbled upon our site tells me that you are well protected and guided. There are no coincidences with regard to being led to our site. We are moving through some hard times.

Please go back to our site and listen to the 10/10 Gateway Portal Channelings which are free of charge. Also Mother Mary is one of your Guides and you may read her section on our home page under Masters/Goddesses drop down menu. This feeling of emptiness is only a temporary period which happens during everyone’s spiritual journey as we change and grow and as our angellic guides change and grow with us. Think of it as a changing of the guard. Around the time of Halloween/Samhen the energies do shift and there is a period of mixed energies which aggravates this changing of the angelic guards when they coincide together. Please call upon Divine Mother and Goddess of Victory to help you, and it will be lifted. Peace and joy will follow.

Welcome to our site and to our spiritual family. Thanks for your trust in the process and bless your soul’s ability to guide you to us.

Much love and light to you,

Dear Nasrin,

Over the past two weeks, I had a very unusual and scary experience and
I wonder if you can help me in some way. It seems to me as though my
divine contract as well as the secrets of my heart, which were golden
and full of deep faith, have deliberately been removed. I now feel
empty and cold inside. I live in the Netherlands and happened to stumble
upon your website. I am quite lost as you can imagine and in need of
guidance as to how I can come back. I hope for guidance and advice.

Thank you, Nas, for all that you do! And my gratitude goes out to the entire Waves of Bliss team. This time is one of such great light. Happy All Saints Day to you!! Many blessings and much love, C

Dear A,

Thank you for your interest in our Light Grids. They are powerful empowerment tools. As long as you do them mornings before you resume your day and evenings anytime before you fall asleep, it works. You can also state the intention “this Grid of light is active for the next 24 hours.” In this way, they will remain active and reinforced when you do them more than once a day.

There are no dangers in doing these grids as the consciousness of the angels, Masters and Great Beings will protect you from any danger. In fact, they are called to protect you from all dangers.

Good luck and blessings,

I’m getting into your mp3 grids. I understand that with protections, I have to activate those each morning and evening. Is it someting that must be done as soon as I open my eyes and I close to sleep? What about the danger factor and the solutions?

Thank you.


Thank You Beloved Nasrin and Beloved Jim,
We just completed the Lakshmi – Festival of Lights and at the end I was compelled to start 9 days of this beautiful hymn to our Beloved Lakshmi.

I feel such love and gratitude to Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe and Mother of the Cosmos for all they have done for all of us on Earth. May my intentions be alined with theirs!! So Be It, So It is!!!

With all my Light and Love,

Thank you dear J for your heartfelt blessing and likewise to you and yours.
You are a precious keeper of the Light,

Thanks J,
Thank you for all you do.
May your new year be filled with only joy and bliss.

Blessings to you,


Dear Nasrin, Jim, Adora, Office Staff, and all at Waves of Bliss/PTE,

May the joyful lights of Diwali be the start of a New Year of Divine Prosperity, Wisdom, Love, Joy and good health for you. Shubha Diwali is my wish for you and your families, filled with the happiness and joy of being with those you love.



This is so wonderful, C. It is also one of my favorite colors. It has become so vivid and briliant since Divine Mother started bringing this Light to us.

Thank you for your enthusiasm.
Much love,

About the course, “Stabilizing the 5 Body System of Earth with Divine Mother & Victory”:

Dear Nasrin,

Yesterday, after I finished the first audio and read the first transcript, I felt urged to buy cobalt blue colored clothes and to wear them every day as long as I am following this splendid course of Divine Mother.

Everyday I will light a candle in my house in cobalt blue colored glass to visualize and anchor more effectively these precious energies of Mercy for the physical body of Mother Earth and humankind.

It’s unimaginable being invited to serve our Divine Mother with this unprecendented Divine Course!!

I am grateful without end!

In response to the course, “Stabilizing the 5 Body System of Earth with Divine Mother & Victory”:

From my heart, I am very happy to say: I am convinced that this is really Reality! So it is!!

Much Love, C

Thank you for a very beautiful rendition of your story. It is lovely to know that the manifestation process is in place. Thank you for all that you do in service for all your loved ones and for the benefit to all.


Re: the course, “Alchemy of Instant Manifestation with St. Germain, Phase I”, a participant wrote:

Dear Nasrin,

I love this meditation, and I feel so at One with St. Germain and the Cobalt Blue and Aquamarine Lights. It is such a freeing feeling–like going home and feeling the comfort of being where I am supposed to be. That’s not exactly it, but I cannot seem to find a better way to describe it. Its better than ‘being comfortable in your own skin’–its being comfortable in your own Light Body.’
I do this meditation over and over, and have been for two weeks. Now, tonight I feel its time to move to the next meditation.

Things I am thinking about and praying for with the highest intention are starting to just appear–my daughter getting a big raise today, when I was praying money would come to her because I couldn’t help her with her health insurance, as I usually do. –And, a dear friend who has taught me many mantras, and whom I’ve been so concerned was alone going into the Fall/Holidays; I have been praying that he wouldn’t be lonely and depressed as it begins to snow in the mountains–two days ago his ex-wife unexpectedly asked to move back in with him for several months; they are good friends.
I hurt my back, first time in years, and the healing was much more rapid than I had anticipated.
Maybe coincidence–maybe my thoughts are manifesting in this 3rd Dimension, even at this point.

I wake up feeling a great Peace, realizing that all this awareness and ability has always been in me–not outside of me. I feel that I’ve been enlightened for quite a while, but this adds power to the love.

Thank you St. Germain, Sanat Kumara, Jim and Nasrin

Hi H,

So good to hear from you. Yes, it is funny. Sometimes reading scientific papers makes me frustrated. I wonder if there is a way to help out with the science. There are so many things that we understand perfectly because of our inner sight that we take for granted. Then reading a laborious scientific paper, or an entire book on the subject, while they are trying to examine and prove something which just is! And that we take for granted.

Science and philosophy need to come together for the good of all humankind and for the progression of both.

Thank you for your feedback and thank you for your contributions and your wisdom.

Much love, Nas

Re: The 10-10-2011 Portal Day call:


Thank you for this wonderful meditation. What a gift!

I was even more surprised when you (or Divine Mother) mentioned about traveling faster than the speed of light. I was thinking of sending you an email last week when those scientists were indeed scratching their heads after shattering the paradigm that particles can travel faster than the speed of light. I was not thinking specifically about thought, but I was thinking about us “traveling” or intending (I guess that is thought) to “be” in Zurich, Australia or Venus. How that was traveling faster than the speed of light and, yes, it is being done. That was so second-nature to me that I chucked. I am so glad that you mentioned it in the meditation. We are all so wise! :)

Thanks again to you, Jim and all the support for all of your services.

Love always,

Hello P,

Thank you very much for being anxious to hear and for your immense interest. I believe the team is working on it now. If not by today’s end it will be up tomorrow. We have had a back log of work to catch up. These usually go up by the next day. Thanks again.

When will the audio from 10/10/11 be available? I was unable to listen on the call and was anxious to hear it. Please let me know when it will be available.

Thank you,

Man! It is like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book on it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is good blog. A wonderful read. I will definitely be back.


I am feeling that we are entering a new phase, the timing for the course with St. Germain: ” Alchemy of instant manifestation” is uncanny.

Since about 3-4 months I have been getting this thought form off and on that that the “AIR” around me IS NOT JUST AIR as in “NOTHING BUT AIR” but rather a MEDUIM FILLED WITH POTENTIALS. A meduim from which one can “PULL OUT” all kinds of magic and wonders and manifest.

So it was uncanny that PTE mystery school is offering this. I signed up and will start soon. I am so enthralled by this synchronicity. In time I would also love to know if goddess Isis would be open to telling us about bird magic. C.B.

Re: the 9/9 2011 Portal Day call:

Dear Jim,

Thank you for the moving and valuable session on 9/9/2011. Last evening, I added a specific prayer for you for your complete healing. I am very grateful that you shared your personal experience of 9/11 with us, and most grateful for your work in teaching me to set up Grids of Light, how to ground myself properly. (Grounding has always been my problem.)
Now, I hear your voice guiding me, as I ground myself every day on my own; this has allowed me to move rapidly toward the work I am here to accomplish.

There are certainly many of us who feel the same, in our Waves of Bliss group.
Thank you.

Hello Nasrin,
The Harmonic Convergence (August 2011) was incredible… Thank you Christ Maitreya & Thank You Nasrin & Jim! & Us.

Re: the course “Silent Watchers – Cosmic Guardian Angels of Earth and Humankind”:

Wow!!! It is amazing to feel the energy of these wonderful and almighty Beings of Light. I felt like a long-time due reunion.

The love that I felt when I merged with each one of them has no comparison… their love for us is immeasureable.

Thank you Metatron for everything that you do for us. I love you, Father!!!

Re: the 8/8 Portal Gateway call:


Thank you, Jim and Divine Mother, of course, for our beautiful Gateway Portal Channeling. I love the new grid! My only prompting – so strong that I’ll mention it – was to have the Archangels of the four directions standing paired with their Divine Complements. I was having an impact in my energy when only the male aspects were mentioned. They seemed to want both masculine and feminine presence in the four directions.

This is an exceptional grid with the Violet energies and Goddess Victory’s Legions, and the Great Silent Watcher. I am very glad that Sanat Kumara stepped forward. He is always in my heart.

Love to you Nas… Thanks so much!!

Dear G,

I am so glad you received all your pieces safely. The fragrance in the Emerald is from the aromatherapy oil, Divine Mother’s Template of Purity. I have been immersing the stones in Divine Mother’s oils. Thank you for your feedback on the energy of the stones. They are indeed high energy and Divine Mother and St. Germain have filled them with their own love. Thanks for your gift. Much love and blessings to you my dearest. Enjoy wearing them.

Blessings, Nasrin

Dearest Nasrin,

It is with a great joy and pleasure that I found today your package. Your card is so kind, so adorable ! I smiled when I saw the “two eyes with the smile” and the two hearts because I do like you !!!. The boxes are very beautiful, and all is wonderful (silk paper, cotton,…).
I have never “seen” such high level of energy for stones: the amethyst and the emerald have a level of energy – unlimited!
I am wearing the amethyst heart with bliss.
It is amazing, but the emerald has a smell. It is difficult to describe (herb, soil, metal,..?!), but it is nice.

D is out of her home these days, but I hope that the next week I can give her heart amethyst with the message of benediction you sent me.

A lot of Love and blessings to you Nasrin,

P.S : in enclosure is a small gift for you

Dearest Nasrin,

I would like to thank you for recommending and supporting me to take the Alchemy of Abundance with Mother Gaia course.

When I was doing the part 2 meditation, right before Divine Mother said, “Now the veil is lifted and your elementals will come to you,” I felt so many beings were entering my room, and they kept coming and buzzing in my ear. I couldn’t see them; I don’t have the visual yet, but I’m working on it:) It was a memorable moment and so beautiful.:))

Dear Nasrin, when I signed up for this course all I had in my mind was to be able to manifest cash flow so I can sign up for all the courses that I am iching to take at your website, but this course over-exceeded my expectations. Landing in front of a million cosmic beings and being a showcase for what we have done, as well as approval from Divine Mother and Cosmic Mother of Universe’s dispensations!!!! It was a historic moment in my life. Through the entire meditation, tears of joy and gratitude were running down my face. I listened to part 3 more than 15 times so far, and each time I try to comprehend the magnitude of unrepresented dispensation being offered and accepted. My financial problem seems so miniscule in comparison to the enormity of what needs to be done on a universal scale, and the task we have ahead of us!!!! I thought this burning desire that I want to help is for the Earth and humanity. I had no idea that we are able to work closely with Divine Mother to clean up the solar system and beyond!!! I can’t even describe my feelings of joy and gratitude. I am dazzled. It is like Divine Mother has given me wings to fly and there are no limits. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Eternally in service to Light and Love,

Dear J,
Many blessings to you. Glad you found us. Welcome to our Spiritual family.
Waves of Bliss team support

Thank you! I happened across your website and found great interest in reading about Archangel Michael. Bless in love and light. I would like to extend the invitation to remain pen pals as I am seeking to broaden my horizon of friendships globally now.

Okay, that is what I will do.

Thank you for your kindness, guidance and your generosity. There will come a day that I will be able to do the same for others.

I take your prayers with my utmost gratitude and open arms and heart.

With love and gratitude,

Absolutely, you go places during your sleep and do things for your soul with the Masters.

I support you in starting with the Alchemy with Gaia course first. I would not recommend that you do more than one course at a time with Gaia and the Isis courses. Do them one at a time, and do each exercise for 3 days. These are all advanced courses and will accelerate you. So you want to be gentle to your body. The only course you can take simultaneously with these are the Chakra system and 5 body System, which you would want to do for a good while because there are breathing exercises and Yoga Postures that should be done daily to open and strengthen the chakras and energy bodies.

I suggest you wait on the Dolphin Magic because it will go on sale by end of year also at half-price. The other Isis courses which you have not taken will keep you busy and by the time you finish those, this one will be half off.

Feel free to keep me posted with your progress, my sweet darling. You are in my prayers. Abundance will come for all of us who do Divine Mother’s work. We all have to be patient and persevere with our service to the light.

Much love to you. Nasrin

Dearest Nasrin,

Thank you for all your help and support. Now I understand why most of the time I get up in the mornings drained, exhausted and my stomach is so bloated looks like a pregnant lady, and gradually it goes away! My soul is so beside herself. I am sure she goes to amazing places and works with Divine Mother and the Masters at night while I sleep, absolutely loving it. Such a surreal state to be in.

I pondered on your e-mail last night and asked Divine Mother to give me some guidance. So far, it is clear to me that
I would like/need to take all the courses you recommended. Even though it seems like opening up the five body system and chakra system should come first, I need to “clean up the decks”, as Divine Mother says, to manifest some cash flow before I can fulfill my desire of having clear vision during the meditations!

It makes sense to me to take the “Alchemy of Abundance with Gaia” and all of the Sacred Magic courses with Isis first to speed up the process in that regard. Then I will be able to purchase the other courses. Thank you so much for offering them to me at half-price. I will forward this e-mail to Adora.

1. Can I listen to these courses at the same time?
2. Will the course Golden Dolphins with Isis help me to achieve this goal? Or should I purchase the other Isis courses you recommend first?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My Darling N,

Imagining it with such impact that you go into an altered state of consciousness is absolutely wonderful. My suggestion is that you take the preliminary courses which are meant to open your chakras while you continue to attend the graduate courses. This way you will accelerate at both levels, and Divine Mother and the Masters can benefit from your signature energy, anchoring these graduate courses. At the same time, you will gain greater merits for doing the work at both ends of the spectrum.

Now we will have our summer sale, which will offer the courses you need at half-price in our June Newsletter. I therefore recommend you take them when they go down in price. If you want to start immidiately, we can can arrange for you to get the half price right away. Just forward this email to and she will arrange it for you.

As for where to start, begin with the following:

Chakra System Phase I and II
Five Body System phase I and II
Innersight, InnerLight
extended version (26 week course). You won’t need the short version if you take the long one, so don’t spend money on both.
Sacred Geometry Phase I and II

Each of the above courses addresses an aspect of your physical and five body system to accelerate you.

Finally, my dear, you are not impatient. Your soul is beside herself because finally you have found your spiritual family with Divine Mother and the Masters, and she wants to get you to open up faster so that you can catch up. You are a very highly evolved being of Light, and your soul has been ready and waiting for this day. Now you have arrived at the destination and are realizing that we are about to take off. And while you are good with it all, you want to go back and do your homework.

Besides the above courses, if you want to be more ambitious and to nourish you soul, you can also consider taking anything with Goddess Isis. You can save these for a later time, or do these courses simultaneously.

You may start up with:

1) Isis reveals the Mysteries of Egypt because that is your heritage and,
2) all the Sacred magic courses with Isis because Isis can open you up real fast.

My most favorite course of this year is the Alchemy of Abundance with Gaia. The gifts that Divine Mother gives in this course are phenomenal, and I keep going back for more!!!!!! This one will connect you to Gaia and ground you to open your higher chakras faster. That is in addition to all the gifts and tools which are awesome!

I hope I have not overwhelmed you. I get so excited when souls like you finally arrive, my dearest.

Please do as your body allows you. Ask Diviene Mother to direct you, and she will make it clear to you. She is so good, yet so subtle in that way.

Feel free to contact me directly. I am very excited for you. Happy to help you walk this path and guide you further.

Good Luck and blessings,

Re: the course “Great Silent Watchers: Cosmic Guardian Angels of Earth & Humankind” and the exchange between a participant and Nasrin.

Dear Nasrin,

Two weeks before i received this invitation, I had a vision during a meditation. There was a door 1/3 open (bright yellow, golden light was shining through), and a big beautiful brown eye on the door. The eye was as big as the height of the door! I didn’t know the interpretation of it till I got this invitation, and I knew I was blessed with an invitation from the Great Silent Watcher to be part of such an unpresetended event.

During the sessions, I was imagining the colors and what was taking place without an actual vision! And also, I am almost at the end of the 33 day gestation period with “CHRIST MAITREYA & ANGELS OF WISDOM” course. I can imagine sitting upon Divne Mother’s Throne inside the Angle of Wisdom, but have no visual! But I get this euphoric sensation throughout my body and feel so light that can’t feel my bed I am sitting on! I know I am a newly awakened soul — less that a year, but it is my utmost, burning desire to actually see Divine Mother and hear Her voice. I have only had a handful of amazing visions since the start of my spiritual journey.

My question to you is: Is there any course I can take to accelerate my ability to see? It seems like I am in first grade and asking to graduate from college! But I know that we are in the acceleration time and in a short period of time, magic has happened to me. I have been blessed to be in service to Divine Mother, the Ascended Masters, Mother Earth and Humanity. I am deeply and eternally gratful for that.

Am I being impatient or is there a way for me be blessed with visions during these meditations and courses I am taking? Please advise.

Thank you for all you do for Divine Mother, for Mother Earth and Humanity. N

Hi Nas,

I know you will love the tenors singing. It is amazing. For some reason, it really made me start thinking tremendously about Sai Baba, and when one of them started later in the song, I just couldn’t stop the tears. I burned a candle for three days, burned his Nag Champa incense (my favorite) and played my Sai Baba Gayatri tape. That was my way of honoring him and made me feel a little better. I was very sad that I didn’t get to see him and spend time with him before he left earth.

Much love, H

To view the Amazing Grace video sung by four tenors, Il Divo, inside the Coliseum in Rome goto the following link:

This is wonderful. A moth is a magical totem, too, especially in the Egyptian times. Google “Moth Magic” or what is “Moth Medicine”? See what comes up. You might be surprised. You have a very close conection with the bird kingdom. Many of your omens come through birds. Moth is to be added to the rest. Good luck at Amherst College. It is a beautiful place. m

Much love, Nas

Hello Nasrin,

This is in reference to the course: “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”. A beautiful journey. Thank you.

This is a delayed comment, but I felt compelled to share anyway. I did sessions I, II, III several times before, but kept falling asleep. I could not remember anything. So this morning, I decided to repeat session I. I did stay awake and love this journey into the multi-dimensional world

The seed crystal given to me is a large Moth (?). It’s not what I expected. I expected a crystal. It’s a clear moth but not a crystal. I am still happy and grateful, but I don’t know what to make of it. But I will cherish it and use it as asked by our Mother Isis.

I am presently in the the town of Amherst in Massachussetts. My son was accepted at Amherst College and was invited to come for the last 2 days, as were the parents of students. This morning, sitting in my hotel room the thought came that this is a College town and to send the vibration light of the Magic Crystal and awaken these Crystal children.

And so, I did. I invoked all the angels in the grid and asked Goddess Gaia, Goddess Isis, Divine Mother and Cosmic Divine Mother and all the Angels to help me spread this light Crystal vibration from the Crystal Magic Course. After all, these college students are of that Crystal generation.

Hope this is ok.
Thanks again,


Re: A book order from Australia:

To Nasrin and team,
Thank you so much for the extra book in my order. The books are amazing and I am looking forward to reading, intergrating and practising all the information. Have a great day. Many thanks. xxx J

A participant wrote about the course, “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Hello Nasrin and thank you for everything you do for all of us.

My comments part s1:
1.While Godess Isis was describing the beach of Bermuda I felt it was a familiary place to me and I would like to stay there forever to clean all the dross and get purified.
2.A foggy picture appeared to me with something white at the center. As the fog dissipates it became an aureole, with Mother Meere at the center,smiling at us. Her teeth were that “white thing at the center of the picture.” ( She seemed to want me to pay attention to Her mouth. The mouth of Atlantis?)

s2 My inner Testimony was observing my personality aspect that was surrended to that amount of Light given by godess Isis.He was doubting if he(personality) was strong enough to bear those high levels of teaching. He asked for help to recieve a upgrade of consciousness. Then cames a alterated state of consciousness. The Higher Self appeared and said(fluidly),some thing like-”Stand still, I AM here”. A great peace cames next. And Confidence,too.

s3 At the final Isis request, our opinion about how difficult things were to be understood. And I say to Her- “Yes Ma Isis, it was hard, sometimes, to digest your lessons,with full clarity. I had to fight to keep myself “Awake”. I know I can do it, by repeating the reading of your teachings, but I came for a short cut, to open my mind and my heart. It will be good for all of us to keep and deal with Your Energy, Light and Beauty. With easy and Grace.

Thank you Ma. And I love all of you.

This is wonderful. Remember how Divine Mother wanted you to participate in this course. She had plans for you. This is one of the ways Mother makes her presence felt and brings greater hope and joy into our lives. Enjoy the fun.

Remember also to set intentions for your own abundance, your own gold and diamonds to begin manifesting in multitudes. you desreve them.
Very happy for you. Much love, Nas

A comment about the course, “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Beloved Nasrin, Jim, Goddess Isis,

As requested, I’m sending you my feedback on the Crystal Magic with the Goddess Isis course.

The energies were beautiful, glistening and gossamer light to hold. I was able to “get up and walk away” whereas in the past I have often been drained with very tender circuits. The meditations were just so beautiful and powerful. . .

But what was REALLY amazing was what just happened. Yesterday I finished replaying all of the audio files, by 4:00pm. Last night, 5 hours later, I received a surprise email from a colleague requesting that I assist her in designing a diamond and gold ring. She had diamonds from her grandmother’s brooch, and wanted to create a new piece of jewelry. She said this would be for compensation, and that she valued my input and ideas. I am not a jewelry designer, either!!

So I am so thrilled to be called into service so quickly to create sacred, healing energies with such high vibration materials of diamonds and gold. I can’t wait to work with Isis as well as connect with sacred geometries to fully empower this piece in accordance with the highest levels of Light.

I am so excited to have this miraculous tool to assist in personal and planetary healing and transformation. It feels like Christmas, I have these beautiful new dolls to play with and I am so mesmerized, I care not to do anything else!!

So many, many thanks for these magnified and multiplied opportunities to serve Light, Divine Mother, Goddess Gaia, Goddess isis, Earth, and the infinite levels of hierarchies, thrones, angels, planets, galaxies, constellations, etc.

I bow in Gratitude, Love, Service, and Devotion to all who have blessed me with the merits to do this work, and I offer all good I receive for the healing of Earth and Humankind.

Much Love,

About the course “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Goddess Isis/Nasrin/Jim,

Thank you for another wonderful workshop. It was a great honor to participate in this workshop. To my surprise and joy, my inner child also participated with me. She helped wash off the crystal in Sessions1+2. In Session3, she selected the sand for the Isis seed crystal cluster and instilled her energy into it. LOL…she also hid behind me and watched when the Isis crystal was presented to Goddess Isis for further activation.

To answer Goddess Isis’ question…My grids were very close to being fried in Sessions1+2. Session2 was the hardest, because my body couldn’t sustain the energy level after 100 mins. I had the luxury of sleeping 12 hrs after both sessions, which helped greatly. After sufficient rest, lots of water, and a sea salt bath, I felt fine. I’ve learned to be gentle with myself after these workshops.

I look forward to working with my new crystals and participating in future workshops with Goddess Isis.
I AM a crystal keeper!

Love and light,

Re: Experience with the course “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

This was a very intense meditation for me. Before I even had signed up, there was a tall Selenite crystal lamp that wanted to be with me at a store I go to frequently. I haven’t bought it yet but will. Anyway that is the seed crystal that was in the meditation. I never saw my Angel just felt their presence as they handed me the crystal. I thought if this is a seed crystal than it must be huge when it grows up as it was already over a foot tall.

I slept fine but very deeply that Friday night just a bit tired when I woke in the morning, After taking some Oxygen drops in water and my Macha green tea with a load of essential greens in water I was fine. I buzzed around all day getting boxes of books moved into my new place.

But the second meditation is what kicked my butt. The energy was so intense that it was hard to go to sleep on Saturday night and when I did I slept really hard waking up on Sunday feeling very tired like I had been pulling elephants around the world. In this meditation I saw more things , like the Angels and the overhead crystal in the temple “lobby” and felt the water on the beach lapping on my feet.

By Sunday, I packed up more books into boxes and loaded up my vehicle full of boxes and things to take to the new place after the meditation. I was OK for the meditation at noon PDT. On Sunday I saw more things like the unusual shape of my Isis crystal- It had two green tulip leaves and a single smooth opaque crystal grew up in between the leaves. First I saw the pale gold swirling in the pot the Angel was stirring and out of a vortex in the center of the swirling liquid the leaves came out first and than a single crystal ( looked like Selenite) grew up between the leaves. The tip of the crystal cracked a bit and light of a pale magenta came out of the tip than it closed and the whole crystal and leaves grew up taller in the pot and than the Angel handed it to me. That part was amazing. I wish I could see all the things you describe but I normally just feel the things. But this was a soft vision not as clear as some I’ve had but still vivid and amazing.

After the meditation I had to leave and take my packed vehicle over to the new place and unload it. I was tired the whole time without my usual energy levels even after taking all the things I take to improve my energy. I went to bed on Sunday night and fell asleep and it was hard to wake up. Everything still feels heavy and tired in my body today even after taking all the things I normally take to give me more energy. I feel like I have been physically moving mountains in my sleep. Today I sat in the sun for 20 minutes and felt some energy come back into my body so I guess I’m going to really have to rest up this next few weeks as I have to move out completely from my old place on April 23rd and into my new place.

These are amazing tools that Isis has given to us and I love working with the crystals. In one lifetime that I saw in a meditation years ago, I was a Keeper of the crystals and out in a field of crystals tending to them by singing them into growing. There were miles and miles of clear quartz crystals in this field and they all sparkled when I sang to them. It was more like humming or toning to them than an actual song. But it was a very peaceful feeling and I had a strong love for these crystals.

I probably took on too much with trying to get a new house in shape every waking moment and packing to move leaving myself very little rest time working 5 days a week for the past month and a half. I asked if I should take this class when I was doings so many other things and Sanat Kumara said it would be beneficial for me to do so. So I guess the tired feeling will go away in time for my big move on the 23rd of this month.

Much love, light and Joy to you,

A comment about “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis” course:

Yesterday, when we were sending crystal healing energy to people, places, and things, I immediately began sending it to avatars and other spiritual teachers. I started with Sai Baba, Srimad Rajarajeshwari, Ammachi, Karunamayi, other avatars, and then went to Mirabai Devi and some other spiritual teachers, and went on and on until I had reached everyone out there in physical body doing the highest vibrational work I am aware of. Then I moved onto places, and family members, and animals, and things, as well as our PTE and WOB faculty, staff, and support team. After all of that, we heard the channeled instruction to remember our avatars and other spiritual teachers. It felt good to know to do that already, before the spoken instruction, just as a spiritual instinct.

Today, before joining the group channeling my other instinct was to put on a gold medallion with an Om on one side and Hanuman on the other. I put it on in the dark so as to be surprised as to which side faced inward and which side faced outward. Hanuman faces inward, as I still wear it right now, and the Om emanates outward. I was recently given this medallion by an avatar of Lakshmi who toured Massachusetts recently in order to be present for the teaching of a mantra workshop by one of her students. About one month ago, I asked my guidance to show me the avatar of Lakshmi. I then was guided to attend the recently departed Namadeva’s workshop about Lakshmi mantras, and I said, “Hm… this will have to do.” His wife taught the workshop, as Namadeva is no longer in the body, along with his living female guru, Satguru Rama Mata, and her son. His male guru Satguru Sant Keshavadas, husband to Satguru Rama Mata, is said to be an avatar of Vishnu and his wife is said to be an avatar of Lakshmi. I was pleased to find all this out at the workshop. I had no idea that Rama Mata might be an avatar until she blessed me with a surprise darshan that weekend while I wasn’t paying attention and while no one else was around. I later found out she was an avatar, said to be the avatar of Lakshmi, and she gave me the gold medallion I wore today during our channeling session, which I still wear now. I felt guided to put that medallion on, and it went along very well with the channeled teaching today!


Comment about “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Dear Nasrin, Jim and the team,

My beloved goddess Isis,goddess Gaia and Divine Mother, Thank you for everything and for making me understand me a 40 year old Crystal child.

First I had the energy of Isis and Gaia lightly felt in my hands, I had a lot of abdominal pain and headaches. Then I replay and I’m listening from my heart. I have washed with salt and I have some lavender oil before I went to sleep … then I slept very little, I first transformed energy than I was waking every few hours because a lot of energy came through my crown chakra.
That energy gave me a happy feeling, but this also happens during the day at work. (I do not want it to end)

I have not even listened to the 2nd and 3rd part. I did have to replay the first part from my divine heart full of love and joy an rainbow to yours.


Additional comment about the course, “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

I was very excited to take this class and when I realized that we were in Bermuda and that it was full made of crystal something very profound resonated for me. I had only been there once, after the death of my father. I went there exhausted and depressed, but felt that lift as soon as I was on Island. Now I understand why I was so drawn to this place.

To hear, once again that the pain that we were feeling personally had to do with the dross that the earth was experiencing was extremely helpful. As we got further into this it was easy to slide into a giant crystal and feel the coolness and see the light as it changed colors around us.

For me the most powerful part was at the end when we could us our crystals to help heal earth. My first instinct was to send light to Japan. When I felt that had been done, then I sent light to the people that I know that are ill. Coming out of this guided meditation I felt light and free of pain myself. It was a glorious experience.

Thank you. Love to each of you that make these meditations possible.

Re: the course “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Dear Goddess Isis, Divine Mother, Nas, Jim,

During our second journey, after creating the Arc of Light, I found I spent most of the journey…present I am sure, but my conscious mind unaware until after receiving the diamond. I look forward to listening to the audio and traveling again.
I did request to spend my dreamtime in the Pool of Creation with my seed crystal and diamond nestled on my chest.
Good Morning to all my Spiritual Family. Look forward to today’s journey.

Love and Light,

Comment about “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Dear Nasrin and Jim,

WOW! Another glorious course. Getting the seed crystal was unreal it was like the crystal was part of me. It attached itself to my heart. It was like a part I had lost had returned!!! There is a lot of heat!!! lots of blue light with stars. I am extremely grateful for Goddes ISIS—-and Divine Mother for the blessing of being a part of this course.

Thank You so much,

About the course, “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

-Holding hands with the group members and raising our arms above our heads …pure joy and gratitude for each other…and faith in my brothers and sisters.
-On the “crystal horeshoe beach” with each deep breath the waves of the sunset’s lights were pulsing through my body to the crystals…ahhhh…to feel unrestricted breathing…no pollen….no pollution…
-When greeted by the crystalline beings, the one before me touched temple to temple and briefly merged
-once in the chamber, the phone connection had alot of interference…but pulsing
-I found myself Oming with my hand on my personal/cosmic heart chakras just prior to our 7 group Omings
-my crystal was in the urn at 11 o’clock…a cluster of fine points facing many directions
-when we returned to the group I enjoyed seeing the variety of forms and sizes of the other group members crystals
-bathed myself and my crystal in both waters
-stayed on the beach in Burmuda with several group members until after the sunset…the crystals as a group made a beautiful bonfire

Thank you Goddess Isis, Nasrin, Divine Mother, my Spiritual Family
Love and Light
See you tonight,


Re: the course, “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Beloved Isis, Beloved Nasrin, Beloved Jim,

First thank you Nasrin and Jim for all that you do for the Masters and Divine Mother in all her forms. There are no words to give enough thanks or recognition for your service to the planet and it’s people. My prayer is that you will be rewarded a millionfold and even then some…..

My my experience last night was beyond amazing and It took me to such a high state that I am still not quite back from it all. I feel blessed to have been given the crystal and will use it with and in love and light. For months I have held Isis and Gaia’s hands and they never leave my side. Yet last night I felt the power of Isis beyond what I have ever felt before.. When the singing started I was taken to a place of such bliss, love and light that I lost connection with space and time and and I am just starting to arrive back in the 3rd dimension yet I am forever changed and even more dedicated to this process of the Truth.

Your Dedicated General,

Comment about the course, “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Dear Mother Isis, Nas and Jim,

These are my first experiences after session 1:

I experience body heat and feeling a bit dizzy. I have a tingling sensation in hands and feet.

The vibration is kept high. I am very much awake although it’s in the middle of the night.

Thoughts of recent past experiences surface to the mind.

In general I am peaceful and tranquil.

Lot’s of love,

Commenting on the course “Crystal Magic with Goddess Isis”:

Dear Goddess Isis, Nasrin and Jim,

Such a joy and an honour to be able to participate. I could Feel the energies of the godesses and celestial beings coming in.
My hands were tingling and throbbing almost immediately and I felt a sense of excitement and privelege. I saw many beautiful colours, my third eye was throbbing and I could feel the light coming down and entering through my crown. I felt slightly nauseous just before nasrin mentioned it , which soon passed and I felt the ground beneath me rumble slightly in a gentle way as if we were experiencing a slight earth tremor. I felt safe and protected. I knew which was my crystal without hesitation and I instantly walked towards the angel who greeted me with open arms , smiled at me and gave me my crystal.
I listened to the recording again today and I am pleased I did as I heard more information which I hadn’t heard consciously last night in my theta state.

Thank you so much, It is an honour to serve.
Love and Blessings,


Thank you, Nas, for the beautiful 4/4 Portal Day call. It was very heartfelt, and I’m so glad that the focus was so much upon Mother Earth. She does need our support, healing, light and love more than ever now. I could sense Lady Gaia really soaking in all of the beautiful rays and forces of Light.

We are privileged to have this time upon her body, even if we feel weary sometimes. It all came together quite wonderfully. Much love, C

My Dear A,
It was the winged Isis who came to visit you. Her signature colors are red, blue and white. Remember when she showed me to create the Isis necklace she had me use Red Corals for red, Lapis for blue and white pearls. How wonderful. So happy for you. Well done. Your offerings have been accepted.

My dear Nas,

Last night I set up the grid. This morning when I walked Lucas an incredible regal and majestic bird crossed my path. It was the size of a pigeon but slender and very proportionate. It was royal blue with white and red rectangles all over the lower border of the wings. I’ve never seen such a beautiful bird in my life. It seemed that it was decorated. The paintings were very similar to my Goddess Isis statue.

Love you and thank you so much for your unconditional help.

News from Sendai Japan. From a teacher in Sendai, Japan where she has lived for the past decade teaching English. Very moving!!

Hello My Lovely Family and Friends,

First I want to thank you so very much for your concern for me. I am very touched. I also wish to apologize for a generic message to you all. But it seems the best way at the moment to get my message to you.

Things here in Sendai have been rather surreal. But I am very blessed to have wonderful friends who are helping me a lot. Since my shack is even more worthy of that name, I am now staying at a friend’s home. We share supplies like water, food and a kerosene heater. We sleep lined up in one room, eat by candlelight, share stories. It is warm, friendly and beautiful.

During the day we help each other clean up the mess in our homes. People sit in their cars, looking at news on their navigation screens, or line up to get drinking water when a source is open. If someone has water running in their home, they put out sign so people can come to fill up their jugs and buckets.

Utterly amazingly where I am there has been no looting, no pushing in lines. People leave their front door open, as it is safer when an earthquake strikes. People keep saying, “Oh, this is how it used to be in the old days when everyone helped one another.”

Quakes keep coming. Last night they struck about every 15 minutes. Sirens are constant and helicopters pass overhead often. We got water for a few hours in our homes last night, and now it is for half a day. Electricity came on this afternoon. Gas has not yet come on. But all of this is by area. Some people have these things, others do not. No one has washed for several days. We feel grubby, but there are so much more important concerns than that for us now. I love this peeling away of non-essentials. Living fully on the level of instinct, of intuition, of caring, of what is needed for survival, not just of me, but of the entire group.

There are strange parallel universes happening. Houses a mess in some places, yet then a house with futons or laundry out drying in the sun. People lining up for water and food, and yet a few people out walking their dogs. All happening at the same time.

Other unexpected touches of beauty are first, the silence at night. No cars. No one out on the streets. And the heavens at night are scattered with stars. I usually can see about two, but now the whole sky is filled. The mountains are Sendai are solid and with the crisp air we can see them silhouetted against the sky magnificently.

And the Japanese themselves are so wonderful. I come back to my shack to check on it each day, now to send this e-mail since the electricity is on, and I find food and water left in my entranceway. I have no idea from whom, but it is there. Old men in green hats go from door to door checking to see if everyone is OK. People talk to complete strangers asking if they need help. I see no signs of fear. Resignation, yes, but fear or panic, no.

They tell us we can expect aftershocks, and even other major quakes, for another month or more. And we are getting constant tremors, rolls, shaking, rumbling. I am blessed in that I live in a part of Sendai that is a bit elevated, a bit more solid than other parts. So, so far this area is better off than others. Last night my friend’s husband came in from the country, bringing food and water. Blessed again.

Somehow at this time I realize from direct experience that there is indeed an enormous Cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all over the world right at this moment. And somehow as I experience the events happening now in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide. My brother asked me if I felt so small because of all that is happening. I don’t. Rather, I feel as part of something happening that much larger than myself. This wave of birthing (worldwide) is hard, and yet magnificent.

Thank you again for your care and Love of me.

With Love in return, to you all,

Hi M,

This is exactly what Divine Mother wants us to feel and experience from these Courses. The encounter with the energies of these newly appointed and fully illuminated Guardian Angels are specifically to help us go to these heightened states of consciousness and to embody greater light while we gather momentum in helping Earth to transmute her dross and help anchor higher light and divine energies from the celestial realms back on earth.

Thank you for your feedback,

Comment on “Meet Your Guardian Angel” Home Study Course from Waves of Bliss and Path to Enlightenment Mystery School. For listing, please go to homepage and look under drop down menu under Curriculum.

It is an amazing course!

I have never experienced a connection with the angels so completely as I do right now. The energy of Divine Light that I bathed in lasted around me for days after my participation in the course, culminating in a state of rapture that took previous attainments of samadhi to a whole new level of consciousness for me. I see and feel and know Divine Mother in all.

I also feel life force emanating so strongly from within, giving me lasting hope and faith that our spiritual endeavors will continue to take us to new heights.

I have great thanks for the group for making this experience a reality.

In Light,

Comment about “Hear Thy Soul, Listen to its Guidance” Home Study program:

When it came time for the soul and the conscious self to meet with Divine Mother and sit on either side of her, I could see it, I could visualize it, and I could feel the healing impact of Divine Mother’s energy. She said there is no need for us to hear every word that is spoken during the conversation, and I liked that because I don’t know what was being said or if anything was said, but I did see a vision. The vision was of me as my conscious self unified with my soul, embodying the energy of Divine Mother and speaking to two children who just finished a dispute with one another, but were very happy to see me and then ran up to me. I asked them, “You forgive each other, don’t you?” And they said, “Yeah.” And I said, “Thank you so much.” And they could feel that I was genuine, and I saw the healing and the raising of all our consciousnesses toward unity.

I thought that is what Divine Mother must be doing for me right now, helping me to raise my consciousness, helping my conscious self and my soul to work together so they can be more like Divine Mother in all her Oneness. In order to do that they would forgive each other, and they didn’t even have to know what they were forgiving each other for because in the presence of Divine Mother nothing else matters but the unity of all things. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know why you’re angry, jaded, or upset, as long as you can forgive it and let it go, bless it and give it away. Lots of letting go of childhood memories followed after that.

In reference to the Special Project Awakening on March 19, 2011:

Dear Nas,

Thank you and Jim for the most healing and important session last nite. I just loved the metaphor of the frogs in the pond — it was so powerful yet so pure and innocent. I also loved the sense of equanimity and calm you imparted while giving us the facts to respond to our fear-based brothers and sisters!

So I thank both of you from the core of my being. I am sending both of you Light and rejuvenation for today’s Spring Equinox ceremony. We’re all so, so grateful for this ongoing and continual series of healings that require so much of you energetically.

Love and Blessings,

What our members are saying about the Home Study Courses:

“Dear Nasrin, Thank you once again for channeling this awesome energy and information for us. I am truly grateful. As most of the messages that come through you usually resonate so strongly with me, tonight’s message and blessing was sooo impactful. As I rested and reflected on the messages from my soul, I saw magnificent rainbow colored lights flowing back and forth between my soul and body consciousness carrying information from past events both from this life and other lives, bringing back the soul pieces that left. So now, all of my fragments are back and i am ready to merge in to the wholeness that I Am. Thank you. Also during and for hours after the second session my entire brain, especially the crown and the area behind my eyes was filled with so much transformative energy and bliss I could barely move. This was a very beautiful and profound experience for me as I usually get such limited perceptions. I truly enjoyed the magnificent space that Spirit blessed us with. Thank you again for being the conduit.” – G

Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed the report. I’ve already bookmarked this article.


yesterday night in the set-up meditation for 5/5 [i choose ‘randomly’]

1. I had a great image of the chakras as a column .. all the way up out of sight..
and a magic carpet that was moving up through them
[where each chakra would pass through the centre of the carpet]
all in flawlessly rich and vibrant colours – outstanding

after-this, another blessed experience
2. I see the masters, life-size, hovering over me beaming their energies
[as I lay in bed, as they cycled through one after the other]

Thank you Clasine,
It brings me so much joy to know that you are practicing these wonderful meditations. Your energy and your presence feels so good. We are all blessed!
Much love,

Dearest Nasrin,

What a splendid message in the June Newsletter from Lord Metatron!! Unbelievable!!
Thank you soo much, sweet Nasrin, that you are our Metatron’s most purest conduit and will give all of us the ability to serve Earth and the Universe in this way….

I like to read this most beautiful message every day a few times, and every night before sleeping I ask Metatron to take me with Him to anchor and ground these energies through me, these very, very important 5th dim. energies from Uluru to the Crystal Core of Earth and further to the surface of Earth and all humankind…. what is going to happen…..? it will be wonderful…..
With all Love and Light,

Dearest Nasrin,..
SoulSista Helen in Sydney here,…

Inspired by Metatron’s meditation for June,..
I would love to share with All at Waves of Bliss
my photos from my 2 visits to Uluru during 2008.

Click here for Photo 1.
Click here for Photo 2.
The first photo was taken on my first visit
to honour the Dark Moon in Capricorn, January 2008

You will notice in photo 1 & 2
-the “Orb of Light” over Uluru,..
when it was a Dark Moon,..

I meditated at the rock
& was taken on a journey to the diamond heart of Gaia
& received the inspirations for the “Wheel of Wisdoms”,..
which I spent rest of 2008 & into 2009 creating,..

I took it as a sign
to return for the Full Moon in Capricorn in July,..and I did,..
where 3rd photo shows my MerKaBa crystal
aligned with Uluru & rising Moon,…
Click here for Photo 3.

Seeya on the ethereal rainbows,..
Lotsa Lov & Laughter,..

Thank you so much!

This is absolutely lovely. It means a great deal to me since I foresaw this in mediation and sketched a depiction of the great rock and the blissful dance as we merged and went down into the crystal core of Mother Earth.

I affirm I am Home, that all I have experienced to get me here is in perfection, releasing anything that is not Bliss.

I affirm all of the Love that expands and elevates the dimensions knowing that the 5th will become our home.

Many Many blessings and so much Love to you for being a vessel for our continued re-member-ing, upliftment, and Joyful service to our Illumination,

Susan and Ian

Living with Divine Mother Home Study Course:

Dear Nasrin,

I love working with Divine Mother and the Goddesses, I know it is right for me. I feel so honored to be a participant, and so blessed to be receiving their gifts, blessings and their guidance. Divine Mother and Lord Metatron guided me to be on this path and I am ever so grateful and humbled.

I thank you and the whole company of light with all my love.

Janet Bailey

Dearest Nasrin,…
As a receiver of your
monthly Ascended Masters meditations,..
I am guided
to “send” for You to “receive”,…
from my humble & grateful heart
my painting for December’s”Mother” -Hecate
from the calendar I drew thru 2000…

on the eve of the new millenium-1999,…
I gave a reading for the year ahead,…
as I drew a card for each of the coming 12 months
from the Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky
I “heard”,..”felt”,..the lightning flash of Divine Guidance & Inspiration
that I was to draw
a calendar for the Monthly “Mothers” thru 2000,..
since then the Monthly “Mothers” guide creative sessions
I teach in my studio here by the sea in Sydney,.. Australia,..

They have developed into 14 monthly cycles of creative experiences
known as the “Inner Diamond”
As I type I am guided (I am claiaudient)
to include the cover to the Handbook

Your December message & meditation
from the Ascended Masters with Hecate included
has gobsmacked me with Divine syncronicity…

If I may also add
your 1st of Jan-2009 meditation that began this year
has illuminated my year,..
raising my frequency,..
as well as the monthly meditations,…
have raised my energy
even by just reading,…
as some months the “distractions”
of family, & ,..well ,..Life
have seen me miss “doing” them,…

and the finding of my Moss Agate
the guiding crystal for 2009
was an adventure in itself,…

I now have a MerKaBa moss agate,…
and a ring with the shape of a teardrop in Moss agate
that I call my “Shazam” ring,…
just Love it,..
and days I wear it (nearly every day)are magical,…
I am wondering & in anticipation
of which will be the guiding crystal for 2010,..

Many,..many thanks for your Monthly messages,…
Lotsa Lov & blessings of Laughter,..
Your Soul SiSta in Sydney,…Helen

Helen Black-McCahon
H.B.Education Services
-Creative Literacy for Heart & Soul

Dearest Nasrin,

Just wanted you to know that I’m enjoying every one of our calls! I am with you and Metatron and our wonderful group the whole way. These sessions have been amazingly profound. What strikes me especially as we do our work is the joy that emanates from the Spiritual Realm for all that we’ve done together. I can feel the Masters’ excitement every time we meet for all of the energy that we’ve shifted and all that we’ve opened up.

I want to wish you and your team a tremendous and Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you, Nas, for being such a beautiful Light. I’m so happy to share our times together, and I look forward to even more!!!!

Love You!

Hi Alexandra,

You may listen to and download the 10/10 audio file on our Portal Channeling Page at

If you would like to learn more about the chakras of the body, their colors and how they impact you, I recommend taking our online homestudy course Chakra System I. You may read more about this and register at:

Good luck,
Waves of Bliss Support

Hi I did the 10/10 channeling last night and I wanted to know were I can find a recording of it.. I was not sure what colors went in some chakras? can I find them on you’re my space?

Dear Nasrin,

tonight channelling was so beautiful and amazing thank u very much, i am so thankful to univarse for fiving me this beautiful opportunity for healing wisdom, growth and be at the service of light. god bless u for what u are doing, what u are doing is brnging light , love and information.
thank you so much

D i v i n e W i l l

Father, Mother, look at me now;
look at where I am.

Father, Mother, look at me now;
look at where I need to be.

Father, Mother, look at me now;
look at my will.

Is it aligned with yours,
or am I fading still.


I am happy to have found your web site, Nasrin. I was excited with the information was given through Archangel Metatron. I thank God for directing me to this but somehow i have not been able to listen to the full channeling yet, it stopped working. God bless you

Hi Nicole,
Yes, it is wild and wonderful. The sages say that when the Masters are pleased they send the rain and to clear the energies which are released they send thunder. It is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Nasrin,
Just a short note.
During the channeling tonight, when Hecate started calling upon the angels and archangels for us, some heavy drops of water started a little before she began calling upon them, and when she started mentioning names, a flash of lightning and soon afterward, thunder followed. A low rumbled of thunder and lightning continued until it all stopped when she retired. Well, I just heard a little one…. but still, isn’t it wild ? Am I making too much of this. Remember the thunder the other month ?

Love… Nicole

My Dear Connie,
Enjoy and you are welcome with all my love,

Hi Nasrin,

I send you a Big love filled message to say Thank-you for the lovely sacred jewelry and the Bed-Grid.

We love the aquamarine pendant.

We are enjoying all of the many gifts you offer so generously.

I just love listening to Mother Mary’s journey with the Celestial Angels. I receive it differently every time.

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!

Love and Blessings,


Thank you my dear Helen. This is a beautiful picture and also a great testimonial. We will share the beautiful painting with our readers.

Much love and great blessings,

Dearest Nasrin
& family at Waves of Bliss,…

This is your Soul SiSta in Sydney,…Helen,…

I am a grateful and appreciative receiver of
Nasrin’s channellings & newsletters,..
and open participant in the meditations on Portal days,…

The Synchronicity of Divine Validation,…
sees me Guided to humbly offer my painting of
April’s “Mother” -Lakshmi,…
from my calendar
I drew thru 2000 and painted thru 2001,..
and now the “Monthly Mothers”
guide my Monthly creative sessions
I offer here in my studio, by the sea, here in Sydney,…

I sat with “truth bumps” as I read April’s meditation
and with such Divine synchronicity,…

I send my painting,
to share & for you to Enjoy,…
a humble offering with heart-felt Gratitude,
for the Illumination you share Nasrin,….

Lotsa Lov & Laughter,…Helen
See ya on the ethereal rainbows,…

Just a small P.S….
Calendar & April -Lakshmi -Background

My birthday is New Year’s Eve,…
My 42nd in 1999,…
I gave myself a “birthday reading”,…
using the “Goddess Oracle”
by Amy Sophia Marashinsky,…
clock style for the 12 month’s ahead,…
and the message came thru ,…
(respectfully referred to as “Dept of Upstairs”)
(I am clairaudient)
that the guiding Goddess selected were to
“mother” & nurture their Months
for the next Millennium begun
with the “mother’s” Number,…2….
( It was further “explained”-
we have just finished a millenium of the Male Number ,…One)
& on the last day of that thousand years beginning with a One,…
I was excited,…
I had also “discovered” that 2000
was destined to be my “Key Year”
You add your day + month to Birth Year and you get your “Key Year”
31+12=43 added to 1957,….gave me the year 2000,…
I wasn’t worried about the Y2K bug,…
I just wanted to be Alert & Aware!!!

and at 4 oclock(April) Lakshmi was turned over,…
and here we are,…9 years later ,…
and in April’s newsletter,…
Lakshmi is invited and present,…

WoW,..I call this,..

“Things to make you go hhhmmm & smile like the Mona Lisa”,…
lotsa smiles,….


The Aquarian Alignment – 14th February 2009

We measure our global sense of both space (latitude and longitude) and time (universal time – UT or GMT) from the prime meridian located at Greenwich, England. So we can perceive the collective influence of this momentous astrological event by looking at the alignment from this globally ‘centered’ perspective.

When we do something extraordinary and exquisite emerges

At dawn on 14th February the day dedicated to St Valentine, the patron saint of Love, the Moon in Libra enters the seventh house of relationships. And Jupiter and Mars are aligned in Aquarius in the twelfth house of spiritual transformation.

Forty years ago, the intuitive words of a song called Aquarius, brought the dawning of the new age into our collective awareness:

When the Moon is in the seventh house
and Jupiter aligns with Mars.
Then peace will guide the planets
and love will steer the stars.

At dawn on 14th February the Cosmos actually embodies this perfect alignment to support our collective manifestation of love and peace and dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The Aquarian chart of 14th February reveals an incredible concentration of cosmic influences blending with the energies of Aquarius in the twelfth house. Expansive Jupiter and energetic Mars are aligned with the higher purpose of the North Node. The presence of Chiron the wounded healer offers us the opportunity to heal the schisms that have separated us for so long. Neptune emphasizes collective humanitarian movements and the co-creation of social justice. And the presence of the radiant Sun enlightens the entire alignment.

Mercury also in the twelfth house but just beyond the cusp in Capricorn, allies with transformational Pluto to communicate and anchor the Shift throughout our global structures and institutions.

The Moon in Libra in the seventh house emphasizes harmonious real-ationships.

Venus in Aries in the first house energizes and empowers dynamic co-creativity.

And whilst Saturn the great task master in opposition to Uranus the unexpected awakener is suggesting an ongoing confrontation as the dregs of the unsustainable old paradigm reluctantly give way to the untested hope of the new, their placements in Virgo and Pisces brings practical altruism and visionary inspiration to the transition.

At 7.25am on 14th February – and for the 18 minutes of the alignment, I invite you, in the universal heart, to add your own intention for love and peace and to co-create the dawning of the Age of Aquarius to that of the Cosmos. In whatever way feels appropriate for you, you may choose to align with7.25am (UT) or 7.25am your own local time energizing a wave of intention that will surge around the Earth.

The passages above was reprinted from Dr Jude Currivan. Click here to visit her website.

Thank you Helen,

I did follow the Tzolkin Calendar of the Mayans for a few years. In Fact a dear friend of mine set that calendar
into a software program and offered it to the big guys who are teaching the Hub of Tzolkin. I used to channel the Deity of the Hub who also called himself Tzolkin while the friend was developing the software program. He never claimed it as his own as he believed that the Masters had given it to him and it was their energy. Those were good times. It is a shame that I have lost touch, as I do agree that the energy is the true heartbeat of Mother Earth and connecting with it puts us on a completely different vibrational frequency. I wish great success and pray for you. you are offering a service by using the natural Earth’s Cycle and Anchoring its truth on Earth on behalf of Light and the Enlightened ones.

Yes, The love is there. It is easy to love those who fill us with their Light such as yourself.

Blessings to you and yours,

Hello Nasrin,

Although this is the calendar the world follows at the present time. I myself are trying to live by the 13 moon calendar the Mayans lived by. In my opinion this is more natural and in time with Mother Earth than the present Gregorian calendar. And especially in time with Grandmother Moon. She loves this way!
I haven’t spoken to Reverend Ann yet. Our circle is tomorrow night, I would like to tell her about you and your generous offer. Also to tell her of the wonderful offer of a group channeling. I can feel the love from you through the email you sent to me. Thank you Nasrin and to the Masters who are watching over us.

In Lakesh, and thank you again,
Helen Ellis

This is such a perfect story. I usually look for messages in the Christmas cards too. I take the one that means the most to me and put it on my altar for the rest of the year. Normally an angel holds that position. This year I received a picture of the volcano representing Goddess Pele, a picture of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti and pictures of whales from Hawaiian Islands, my most favorite place in the whole world. I thought that was very significant. They are all on my altar! Thanks Lisa.

Love Nasrin

Hello Nas!… I wanted to tell you about a christmas card I received the day after Christmas. It was from my cousin who i haven’t seen in 20+ yrs. when I looked at her address it said “242 Masters Dr” if you add up ( 242 )it comes to 8 ( which is for abundance). The stamp on the envelope was of Mother mary and baby Jesus. Oh! I forgot to tell you my cousin’s name, her name is “Faith”. I knew it was a message from the Masters and I’m very grateful for the message. It reminds me and us all that the masters always sends us messages and we need to be open and to pay attention to them and to have “Faith” Thanks! Nas… and to the Masters for their Message.


Thank you. I wish great success.

Much love,

Dear Nas.,

Briefly, I wanted to share with you what I have experienced with the Chakra Crystal Grid you sent me. I placed all crystals on my body as specified in the accompanied instruction. I closed me eyes and relaxed. Gradually I began to feel even more relaxed and I might even say weightless. My thoughts however were not. All sorts of thoughts and events began to come up and I saw them all sort of like scenes from a movie, at which point I would be acknowledging it for what it was, an event, and for each one I would analyze and release it, some with tears rolling down the sides of my face. I guess the best way to describe the experience would be ‘self therapy.’ I was in this state for about 30 minutes at the end of which I felt at ease with it all. I might add that those things which came up were old issues which had been dealt with, but this time they were released at a much deeper level. I am now planning to use the Crystal Grid on a regular basis. Thank you for this and for all that you do.

Much love to you always,

Thank you Sherri. That is what crystal grids do. While they relax you, they are also working on your energy bodies to clear them and on your chakras to open, widen and brighten them. Thanks and good. luck.

Love Nasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I recently used your Full Chakra Set and I wanted to share my experience with you. I placed the 9 crystals on the appropriate chakras and, while lying completely still, meditated for approximately 15 minutes. I came out of this experience with a unique sense of peace, lightness and ease; feeling much lighter and more balanced than I’ve ever experienced following meditation. Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful technique! I will definitely continue to use the chakra set on a daily basis.

Much Love & Gratitude,


Dear Shirley,

Metatron and the Masters keep talking about this. I wrote this piece at the prompting of Metatron in the beginning of November before I left for my travels. Since then Articles are being posted on the Share site. This is all very exciting. We are in for a fantastic year. We all better buckle up! Much is to transpire and there is great joy and excitement in the higher realms!!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours,

Thank you for this. Very little has been said about Maitreya up to now, I dont know why, with the exception of Benjamin Creme in London.


Dear Krishna,

Thank YOU very much for your fed back. It is wonderful that we can all learn the wisdom of the ages from each other! Thanks again.

In Love and Light,

Dear Nasrin,

Thanks for your splendid new year message. As Shiva is the Adi-Guru, all of us also should re-establish our connections with our Guru. Karthika Masa Full moon is very spiritual because KArthika Masa belongs to Lord Karthikeya, the 2nd son of Shiva and Parvati. He is called as Jnana-Guru, as he revealed the meaning of Pranava to Brahma, the creator.

Good to see that you are using Internet as a tool to propagate the message of the Masters. Namaskars to you and the Masters.


My loved Clasine,

What a wonderful story. If we were to tell this to geologists they would tells us that it is impossible to have crystals grow so fast and that it takes millions of years for such growth. However time and time again I have seen this amazing phenomenon happen before my own eyes. It is an indescribable event which happens because our light and or love towards these amazing beings, who have their own conscious awareness of light and love, makes them grow. I am forever in awe of what Love and Light can do.

Much love to you,

Beloved Nasrin,

What an amazing and wonderful gift from you, Nasrin for Thanksgiving! Thank you so much, my dear one!!

In fact, I won’t take your precious time any longer now, but…….I feel the need to tell you about the change in my personal crystal.

I bought this large and for me very personal, precious quartz crystal about 2 years ago from a well known spiritual healer from Belgium.

He cleaned and blessed it especially for me.
This terminated clear quartz crystal has also more than 10 beautiful clear clusters and between it are some stripes of golden pyrites.

This crystal had been laying in front of me for the last 4 months, together with a candle and a 4 years-old-child photo of me, when I am listening to all your beautiful audio’s.

Four months ago I have offered this crystal to the Divine Mother, Metatron and Sanat Kumara and I asked them to clear it again. As it was my prayer to use the crystal for the good of our group and to all humankind during the meditations of the “Nasrin” audio’s.

To my surprise from 6 to 8 weeks ago, I saw how it has been changed. I would often look at it of course. Parts of two of the edges transformed from clear crystal to a white color, it is a beautiful color white. I feel it has absorbed some karma, but I am not 100% sure that I am right.

And on top of all pyrites stripes I saw very, very small new clear crystals were “born”. They have grown up in the meantime to new small clear crystals clusters and they are still growing in size. It is amazing to see the transformation – and to see how divine life is present – in these minerals!

If it is possible I should like to hear from you about it!?

With Love and Light,

Dear Chantal,

Oh what a delightful story! Thank you Chantal, and good luck with the grid.

PS. Wash those crystals under running water and say, ” I ask Goddess Hecate to clear all energies from these crystals and charge them for the Christ Maitreya Grid.” Well done Chantal!

In Love and Light,

Dear Nasrin:

This morning I woke up for no apparent reason and got my lab top and went to your site. Don’t know why. The thought came to check out the blogs comments, I came across the one that I had written to you and noted that your reply was posted at 4:44PM.

I think I am being nudged into doing the November grid. I don’t who is nudging me, but the thought keeps popping up. I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed with life, work, kids etc… and so I like to go under my bedcovers and hide. I know this is not worthy of a soul on the path to enlightenment but I can’t help it. Don’t think I am depressed, no way, I am a very happy person (usually). I just like to hide under the covers once in a while. Anyway, this morning when I woke up, the idea was also to go to your site and read about the November grid which I have been politely avoiding. So when I came upon the date of 11/11 and 11/12 I thought, well it’s too late, I can’t get that kit on time. And then a clear thought came to me: your son used to be an avid collector of stones, look in his room for hematite, he has the stone, and then look in your desk drawers, you have at least 2 crystals. Guess what? I found everything. It looks like I will be doing this, what is more baffling, is part of me is actually happy. I put my covers away and decided to start this day with the intention that who ever is nudging me, will guide me to the 3 wick candle and black poster board ( my daughter has a gold marker somewhere). My one question is how often should the grid be done? Is once a day okay?

Nasrin, it is an honor to be part of your family, and I thank you for the book that you sent us. I get the sense that the time to rest is not now. I will keep my bedcovers on standby just in case.


Hi Myan,

I loved all your wonderful stories! How appropriate, how easy and how joyful. Thank you for your light and your presence.

Much Love and Light,

Aloha darling Nas,

I am so incredibly ecstatic to be “asked” to be in service to Christ Maitreya, The World Teacher! And by none other than Hecate!…I just Love that Goddess! What a wonderful opportunity!

I knew this was BIG MEDICINE (as the indigenous medicine people say) when a series of events immediately expedited my participation in this grid.
I received the newsletter, then shortly thereafter I was printing the ebook that we were gifted from the group sessions. My printer stopped on page 134 so I started reading while fixing the printer and the page before me read, “VOW TO BE IN THE DISCIPLESHIP OF CHRIST MAITREYA”….which was a very excellent and pertinent read.

Then I met a client on the other side of the Island (an hour away)and swung into Pier 1 where they were unpacking 6″ diameter, 3 wick, red Christmas candles! This was HUGE for me because specialty candles have to be made and shipped from Oahu, and I often have to do this to complete your grids! When I finally arrived home, your package of crystals was in the mailbox! This too, was almost shocking because the Hawaiian Islands “coined” the phrase “snailmail” due to the Polynesian paralysis of most government workers! The U.S. mail is dependable everywhere in the U.S. except Hawaii!

Mahalo nui loa, thank you from my heart Nas for sharing so generously of your precious self and making all of this possible for all of us. I have already fired up this grid (much sooner than I expected) and it “feels” so incredibly much like the path that I have been looking for.

Ho’ohanohano, in distinction and service to others,
I AM Myan

Thank you dear heart for your effective contribution.

In Love and Light,

Hello everyone,
This is for all of you who plan on starting your Hecate Candle Grid given in this month’s newsletter but are still trying to find that perfect 3-wick red candle. I found the perfect one at Target and it comes in a beautiful round, red jar. The candle itself looks rasberry red, but once lit it darkens to a gorgeous, vibrant royal red. I started my grid yesterday and I’m already feeling the effects of it. Good luck and Happy November!

My beloved Clasine,

Thank you with all of my heart for your light and your participation in the group and for your ceremonies and pujas on behalf of Light. It is my great joy and the Master’s great pleasure that you and our group channeling members be the first to receive the book.

I wish you a happy Diwali year in the arms of the Divine Mother. I will contact other European group members to inform them of Ammachi’s visit to Holland.

Much Love and Light to you,

Beloved Nasrin,

I would like to express my deep gratitude to you, dear Nasrin, your staff and all the Masters for receiving this magnificent gift, book part 1 of Enlightenment!! And I already received so much the last months!! I am reborn again!!

I am so glad with this book and it all feels so familiar to me. I indeed feel being at home now!!

On 29/10 Depavali, I felt deeply urged to buy clear crystals, red candles and black carton for the Hecate Candle Grid. A good friend gave me a new hematite stone. I cleaned the crystals in salted water.
In the evening hours I put the crystals on my altar for cleaning them still more intensively, while I was celebrating Depavali in my home, burning 7 lights on my altar and singing Bhajans of Light and the Divine Mother during 2 hours.After this puja I made the Candle Grid and the same evening at 23.55 I light the Candle Grid for the first time!! And, of course, I am intending to do this twice a day for 6 months.

I feel being in my elements! Thank you, Nasrin. Thanks again, to all Masters and Avatars and Beings of Light!

On 6/11 Divine Mother Amma is visiting the Netherlands (20 minutes from my home) and I am going to welcome Her!

Wishing you some rest and lots of Blessings!!

In the Light of the Lords,
I AM Clasine

First of all According to the Masters, as a point of reference, in any situation, you can go to the person’s Higher Self and ask permission to offer prayers, protection, or healing for them. In all situations whenever the intentions are for the highest good and not from personal interest or bias, we are allowed to pray for the good of a person, a country, a place, or an event. To call the highest potential you may do the following:

Visualize the person, place or thing immersed in Pure White Light at all times. Keep reinforcing this visualization repeatedly. With each repetition it becomes stronger.

Call upon the Angelic Forces of Light and the Masters of Light and Wisdom to create a permanent bubble of protection around them.

Call upon the Seven Lords of Light, The Angelic Forces of Light, the Brotherhoods of the White Lodge, the Melchizedek Brotherhood, The Kumaras, the Elohim, Christ Maitreya, The twenty four Elders around the throne of Grace, and all the Thrones of God. Ask these beings to hold their Scepters of Power above their heads over the person, place or thing and to protect them in The Power of Light, free from all harm and immersed in the Light of Truth and Service.

Call upon the Angelic Forces of the Legions of Michael to stand shoulder to shoulder holding their Swords of Mercy and Protection above their heads as a sign that all harm and harmful actions be annihilated at contact with their swords without penetrating into the Bubble of Protection.

Finally call upon the Angelic forces of the Violet Ray and Flame to spread a tornado of Violet Flame over and above the entire formation, transmuting all dross at all times from the environment around the person place or thing.

The above can be used to rid the Earth from dross especially at this present time.

I thank you for your desire to serve. May you receive a thousand folds in merits for what you do in pursuit of Light.

Much Love and Light to you,

Dear Nasrin,

I had written to Michael who urged me to forward my question to you.

Over the many months of Barak Obama’s campaign, many of us lightworkers (and
countless others) have felt concern for his safety and well-being. I certainly do not
want to create a thought form of fear, but especially in light of recent events that
directly threatened his safety, I would like to know:

Is it appropriate/in order/allowable to enclose Barak in the Divine Mother’s Protection Grid of Light without his consent or knowledge? I most certainly do not want to violate ethical and spiritual law – and if this is not acceptable, what do you suggest one may do, aside from heartfelt prayer and intention, to energetically protect him from harm?

God Bless You, and I so appreciate hearing from you and all of the miraculous
work you do.

In gratitude and love,

Nasrin jan,

thank you so much for bringing light, also, i am thanking all those masters who chose me to be part of this beautiful spiritual family, God bless you all, i love you from my heart, i love you nasrin jan

This is beautiful. thank you

Harmony, peace, love

These are three gifts of god

Candle, roses, light

They are coming from my heart

Smile, generosity, forgiveness

These are the fruits of the universe

Light, magic, miracle

They are coming from the other side

Beauty, abundance, greatness

These are the nature of the universe

Sky, star, sun

I love you guys

Anahita Ghassemi

nasrin jan, thank u so much

love and light

Beloved Nasrin,

This new combined grid is too much!!! I was one of those who stopped doing the Goddess candles after the 8-8-8. Although I still did the ceremony at least once a day internally. And after listening to your wonderful audio explaining that we should continue, I set up 2 grids in a corner. The new combination, with the 2 stages of imploding into Laxmi, and then expanding out to include the other 9 goddess is such a wonderful crystalization of this energy.

Also, after my first few repetitions of the original Goddess Grid, I added Lady NESARA. St. Germaine and Michael and Ashtar through Susan Leland always have her side by side with Lady Liberty. She, especially in her new role as Lady GESARA, will be directly involved in delivering prosperity to the masses and the multitudes through the shifting global economic paradigm.

Gratitude and Blessings from my heart to your heart, and that of Metatron, and all the wonderful ones in 3D and not, who support you to deliver these gems to us. ahmo

Hi Katleen,

Welcome to our spiritual family and thank you for making your candle grid.The first time you make your grid, go through the entire process of charging then lighting your candles. Then sit with your grid for a few minutes, close your eyes and pray over everything you want to manifest. the candles can remain lit for as long as you like, 5 minutes to many hours, as long as you can watch over them. The longer they continue to be lit, the more potent the energy becomes.

After the first setting up, charging and lighting your grid, you only need to say the invocations and light the grid. you can sit for a minute or longer while you read the intentions but you don’t need to charge the grid all over again. Sitting and meditating with the candle grid is great, when you have the time. It brings you healing, it accelerates the outcome and it makes you feel good. But if you only have time,some days, to light the grid, make your intentions, read the invocation and turn it off, that too is fine.

If you have already made your grid and have missed some of these steps don’t worry. Just go back to it and sit with the masters and say” I have done what I thought was the correct sequence. I now ask you all to help imbue this grid with your energies and accelerate the manifestation process. I leave the outcome in your hands. Your will be it is.” in this way you will call the highest potential for manifestation to yourself with their help.
Do what you can when you can do it. All our efforts are appreciated by the masters. Divine Mother says that it is more important to say your invocations and make your intentions every day, than it is to light your candle grid and sit to meditate. You can print a copy of the invocation and write your intentions and carry it around with you to read when you can. The more you focus on the intention and the more you say the invocations the faster the results and the greater the healing which you receive from it.

Hope this is helpful. Good Luck and blessings to you.

I am a new member of your newsletter and I have a question concerning the ceremony of lighting the combined candle grid. Do I understand it right that I have to do the ceremony of lighting and charging the candles, then blow out all the candles and do the same again each day for the first 22 days (or the whole month) of September?

Thanks for your answer.



Thank you Michelle,
Your account of the video was wonderful and informative. Your story about the coming forth of the abundance exhilarating.

Much love to you

Hi Nasrin,

The video is wonderful! It is an 80-minute documentary-style movie with researchers and psychic sensitives as well as some of the farmers giving their comments and findings. The circles are many, varied and so beautiful. I didn’t realize there have been so many over the years – thousands! (2 even in Ohio!) The majority of them have appeared near the ancient sacred sites in England (Stonehenge and others). There have been several stars of David (I think 5), a perfectly formed-huge-Kabbalah, a Menorah and many other beautiful and meaningful crop circles. And the energy from them is also impactful. People who visit them feel the energy and become euphoric and relaxed. After growing seeds found in the crop circles, the wheat grew twice the size of the non-circle wheat! And the geometric symbols all have meanings which some have been accessed and messages understood. One man laid in the center of one of the circles and his consciousness was pulled from his body and he found himself facing two extra-terrestrial beings. They had very blue eyes–it is believed they are Arcturians. They spoke with him (telepathically) and were very loving. They said they were helping humanity with the evolutionary process. And the researchers believe they are gently helping us expand especially around the idea of the existence of other life forms. Oh-and there was a perfect crop circle of the face on Mars to add to the other life forms notion. It was amazing! I had dreams about crop circles last night and felt particularly wonderful this morning. (I have “known” since childhood that extra-terrestrials exist –even saw a beautiful UFO when I was 19 or 20–very spiritually expansive, making me the “black sheep” of the family–like many others have experienced–this video adds to the feelings of support, right along side of Divine Mother’s support. I’d like to meet the Arcturians too!)

Thank you for your suggestion to combine both candle grids. I was planning to do them separately, but your idea will save a little time. And–I think between my grand fire trine being activated on the New Moon/Eclipse of 8/1 in addition to the candle grid work we did that night (and since), I’ve had a real increase in business opportunities for fall/winter! And opportunities are still coming! All divinely timed to perfection! (of course).

Blessed Be
Blessings to you and yours,
In Gratitude,

Thank you Michelle. Please give us feed back on the video and please do not stop the Divine Mother candle grid either. If you want to combine them all you have to do is to put the black candle across from the white one and set up the goddesses all around. I would personally fire them all up even if you use votives and Tea lights instead of pillars if necessary. The two together will add tremendous momentum to everything. Good Luck and blessings.
Love and Light

Hi Nasrin,

Thank you for your kind comments–I love these photos too! My friend Peggy took them with her digital camera the night we did ritual and sent them across town in email last night. The gold poster board is awesome – I couldn’t take down the grid! Though last night when I did my grid of Metatron’s, I borrowed the pillar candles from the first grid. I just love these ceremonies! I am here to serve the Goddess(es) this lifetime, no doubt about that! (It was so interesting when I went for my Reiki III attunement, Isis showed up to attune me before my turn with the instructor!) I’m so very happy to connect with you and greatly appreciate your service to Spirit and the Divine Feminine.

The owner of the small wellness center where I’ll be teaching soon saw the 8 crop circle I sent to a few friends and when I was at his store yesterday, he loaned me the DVD about crop circles entitled, “Star Dreams – A feature Documentary Exploring the Mystery of Crop Circles.” Though I haven’t visited their website myself yet, the creator company’s URL is The video is from 2004, in case you have interest. I’m looking forward to watching it tonight! (as well as the meteor showers, then the full moon/eclipse on Saturday! So many celestial/energy events again this month!)

I will have to visit your blog/website soon to view our grid! Thanks again,

Love and Divine Feminine Blessings x 8 :)

Thank you for your comment. You have raised a valid and appropriate question and I believe you have given the answer too.

Upon reflection my answer is: with great discernment. We use all that we have learned to discern when it is appropriate to give more, when to stop and when to retrieve and stay hidden, anonymous and unfettered by the world. Of course It is much easier said than done. Learning to find the balance is the key. Staying in compassion, not falling pray to judgment and yet able to fend off for oneself and knowing when to say no and where to stop. It is indeed a juggling act that many have attempted and few have succeeded.

Thank you for taking the time to deeply ponder the words of the masters and for sharing your thoughts with us. It is in these sharings that we grow and gain wisdom. The masters give us the tools, yet while living in this world of duality we sill have o figure out how when and where to use them. We are the ones upon whose shoulders the burden of finding these answers rest. May we gain the wisdom to find the answers through the grace of our Divine Mother who has trusted us with such important responsibility and great honor.

Thank you for your reflections and welcome to our spiritual family.

Much love and light to you.

Dear Nasrin,

The August 8th channeling was beautiful! Filled with inspiration and love. Reflecting on its teaching, I would like to ask a question. In the meditation we ask mother to make us a low bearing tree and humble vs. an upright tree that thinks it is special. In the light, and in the love of the masters I absolutely agree. With the Gods in the realms of unconditional love yes, this is true. On a mundane level though, were there is danger, when you are one filled with unconditional love, and sharing with other people, how do you best provide without damaging yourself? In being humble and low bearing yes plenty will come and have fruit to eat, but in this world some want more than just fruit, suddenly they want to make furniture out of the tree because it was so delicious! How can we be low bearing and humble, yet survive the darkness around? Is everyone ready to partake of divine ecstacy? When the son came he said it loud and clear and got himself killed. Without him around his word was perverted. I would have prefered him in the closet and slow giving clear and accurate information to those who are ready, until slow all raise to that level. Instead of just foolishly handing the word, the power, to those who would corrupt it. How can we learn from the age of the son, to secure the age of the daughter?

Dear Simka,

How wonderful to hear that you have been led to these realms on your own before. the divine Mother is calling her children to come together and our beloved Metatron is making it possible. what a wonderful time we live in. May the blessings we receive be brought to all the Multitudes and masses an Multiplied a thousand folds.

Much love to you,

Thank you so much for that wonderful Meditation. It is rare that I find anyone meditating at the level I find myself at. What a gift you are!! And to bring it to us in writing is an extra bonus. The pool of creation was interesting for me because about a year or so ago I was guided in meditation up to these pools of purification. I always went into the first pool but could see the path leading to 6 other pools, at least. I haven’t done that meditation in a long time, yet there I was at my pool when you took us to the pool of creation. What a pleasant surprise for me and one more connection of the “dots” we create while walking the path. Again, many thanks and blessings to you for the work you allow yourself to participate in!!!

You are welcome Paul. Thank you for joining us. the energies become even more blissful yet intense as you practice the grids and ceremonies.

Much love and light

Thank you Nasrin. It (August 08 ceremony/special newsletter) was a beautiful ceremony.

In love and light,

Dear Barbara,

You are sooooo very welcome. It brings us great joy to share the Light and the ambassadorship of Mother’s creative force. May we all thrive together and prosper abundantly thru her grace.
Much Love and Light to you,


Beloved SiSTAR of Great Light and Love, Thank you beyond measure for being the vehicle for such a Loving and Powerful attunement from Metatron and the Throne of the Radiant Mother Essence. I was thrilled to be present and share in our Adoration and AtONEment.

Thank you again Nasrin sooooo much.





Dear Nasrin,

Do we discard the previous version of the Candle grid of Abundance by Hecate and the goddesses?

Love and Light,

Thank you Lisa
You have kept up the practices and they are paying off now.

Much love, Nas

Dear Nasrin,…….. Thank You for the wonderful group healing on July 6th, I felt so relaxed and protected. I can feel some people in my room and the love was amazing! That was the best group healing so far. I could feel the energy all around me and going through me. You have being such an inspiration to me over the years. “Many thanks” to you, for your love and devotion to the light and “many thanks” to the masters for their love and healing they bestow upon us.

Love Lisa

Dear Nasrin, Again thank you so very much for the beautiful newsletter of March with the meditation of Lord Melchizedek!!!Each time I think: there is nothing more beautiful and nurturing me more than this meditation……..But again this time: it is in the middle of the rose, so in the core of my heart. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, dear Nasrin, AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR STAFF!!!! Clasine

Thank you from my heart once again for the MAJOR time and energy it must have taken to produce such a clearly written newsletter. It took a small book to very “clearly” explain this beautiful meditation that takes us all on a colorful journey with the Masters, and I am so excited to be doing this for the next 9 months! I feel as if I have a whole new group of ethereal friends and family constantly guiding every little thing I do each day, and I LOVE IT!


Dear Nasrin

Thank you so much, again, for this wonderful grid from Melchizedek (March Newsletter). I feel so blessed to be able to be part of this.

Since I subscribed to your Newsletter, I have made such a wonderful journey.

I also still find so much joy in spinning the Grid of Light phase I, II and III from our beloved Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara. It feels so right to be able to help earth and all souls to accelerate on the path of Ascension through this Grid.

I also hope that Maitreya the new World Teacher for Aquarius, will soon be able to make his appearance – the moment humanity accepts him as their World Teacher through the media who represents humanity – so he, together with the Masters of Wisdom, can lead us into the 7th Golden Age.

Bless you and your team for doing such a wonderful work !

Glad to be part of this.

May love and light rule this world now and forever !

With love,

Thank you, Nas, for the beautiful 4/4 Portal Day call. It was very heartfelt, and I’m so glad that the focus was so much upon Mother Earth. She does need our support, healing, light and love more than ever now. I could sense Lady Gaia really soaking in all of the beautiful rays and forces of Light.

We are privileged to have this time upon her body, even if we feel weary sometimes. It all came together quite wonderfully. Much love, C

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