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Mei 2011

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Beste Vrienden, Gelukkige Moederdag voor iedereen. Mei is de maand van Moeder Maria en Heer Boeddha.  Gelieve te noteren dat Moeder Maria zal komen om dit Private Groep Channeling evenement aan te bieden, zie hieronder. April was het keerpunt voor de Aarde en de Mensheid.   Het was een ongelooflijke maand met vele veranderingen en aanpassingen […]

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Return to Purity and Innocence

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As seekers on the Path of Light, we each have a mission to fulfill. Many of us are consciously aware of our particular mission and pursue that mission whenever possible. Then there are those blessed souls who subconsciously fulfill their mission through life, every day. However the majority of the people on Earth are the […]

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Blueprint of Contentment and Perfection

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As seekers on the path to enlightenment, each one of us has felt the pain of loneliness, hardship and sacrifice in many aspects of our lives. With March Equinox just around the corner, let us choose to “be content.” March Equinox 2010 denotes a very important turning point in the history of humankind. It is […]

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New Beginnings

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Some of life’s best decisions are not always the easy ones. Sometimes we are faced with the choice of living in our truth or to continue living in the illusion of truth and lose our emotional or mental wellbeing, health and wholeness. In a lifetime we are bound to begin and oftentimes end many relationships […]

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Metatron’s Grid of Protection

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Have you ever left a shopping mall and felt completely drained of all energy? Being a Light worker and living a mundane life means we have to be diligent in using all resources available to us in order to protect ourselves from environmental dross. During the past couple of years, I have noticed my extreme […]

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Throughout our lives, every one of us is faced with situations or events that require us to either forgive or be forgiven. It is easy to get stuck in a state of stalemate at various phases of our lives due to lack of forgiveness. Nations are in turmoil due to lack of forgiveness.  Many books […]

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Power of Words

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Everyone regardless of their spiritual belief system has heard about the power of words. Words can literally change the world. They can make or break relationships, or even start or end wars.  An author captivates his or her reader by the power of words. Movie scripts carry a lot of power. They bring about laughter, […]

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Emotional Freedom

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As human beings we rely on our family members for emotional and mental support. Those of us blessed with older siblings look up to our siblings for approval. Kay has a brother who is on a permanent emotional roller coaster ride. It was always his way or no way and this put a lot of […]

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Prayer to Divine Mother at Pool of Creation

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Imagine you had the ability to make a positive impact not just on your own destiny, but that of others. Well, you do. Every thought and action that we perform does that. Have you noticed lately that a lot of  happens around you? Do you find yourself witness to major events and changes in the […]

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Not My Will, but Thy Will

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There are moments in life when you just cannot explain some events and you hopelessly wonder, “Why is this happening?”  I have been faced with these situations, and what helped me get through them was life itself. I would remember words of the wise, “When you stand at the edge of a forest, you do […]

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